Psychological Impotence
Very Common With Peyronies Disease

Psychological impotence is when you have erectile dysfunction but there is nothing physically wrong with you, or, with the physical functions of your body.

It is also called: “False Impotence.”

This is a very common situation with Peyronies Disease.

Let me explain why.

You’re Not Alone

psychological impotence from peyronies disease

Psychological impotence is a very real problem for a lot of men with Peyronies.

Your erections are now bending like crazy, right? And, they are horrifying you too. Right? Of course they are! And, rightly so.

The first things we all experience with this new bending of ours is shock and fear.

We mostly fear our sex life is ruined forever!

Then, usually, we wind up with a terrible humiliated depression.

This is a normal reaction. You are not alone here.

And, even worse, for some of you, your erections are so bent that they are painful too.

All, or even any one, of these factors can create psychological impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Why You Can’t Get Hard

Here’s a simple comparative example of creating psychological impotence:

If someone was chasing you down the street with a gun in his hand, shooting in your direction, you’d be really scared, right?

How much of a chance do you think you would have of getting an erection at that moment?

Even if every girl from the Victoria’s Secret catalogue suddenly started smiling at you and was running naked right next to you?

It would still be impossible.

That is psychological impotence also.

It’s a bit of an extreme example, I know, but it makes a very valid point:

You can’t get effectively stimulated sexually if your emotions are working against you.

You Can’t Get Erections
When You Are Mis-Emotional

Psychological impotence is caused by strong mis-emotions (negative emotions) and pain.

When you are scared, upset, fearful, humiliated, embarrassed, or suffering from any other strong negative emotion, your body is creating certain chemical substances.

It is sending them to your brain to help you deal with the crisis.

The same is true with getting erections.

When you are in a certain mental state and feeling aroused, your body is creating chemical substances that make you “horny” and give you your erection.

And, unless you have some very perverse and off beat sexual leanings:

Your Body does not create both of these kinds of chemicals at the same time.

Psychological Impotence
Emotions That Destroy Erections

As you know, developing a severely bent penis makes us very:

  • Worried
  • Fearful
  • Embarrassed
  • Humiliated
  • Depressed...

Those kinds of emotions are what can cause our erectile dysfunction.

And, if our bending is extreme, the actual physical associated pain can have the same effect.

If your body learns that getting hard causes a lot of pain, it stops your penis from getting hard. Simple.

The added depression and fear makes us feel even worse. This increases our psychological impotence.

All of these negative, or mis-emotions, as well as actual physical pain, shut down our ability to get an erection.

Do you see why you are now experiencing erectile dysfunction?

DO NOT  Start Taking
 Unnecessary Dangerous Erectile Drugs

If you were OK sexually until your bent penis problem started, there is nothing really wrong with your sexual ability. It is simply being blocked.

Psychological impotence is most likely the cause.

Please, DO NOT start taking taking drugs for erectile dysfunction if this sounds like what has happened to you.

If you think you need erectile drugs, wait until your penis is straight again. Then decide if you want to use them. You will, no doubt, change your mind.

Erectile drugs can have severe side effects including: heart attack, stroke, and blindness. This is not a joke.

99% Of The Time, It’s An Easy Fix

It is bad enough that you erections are bent. And, you can’t perform in bed either.

That is depressing!!

BUT, Here is the Good News:

 “99% of the time:
It’s Easy to straighten a bent penis!”

So, right now, just relax. Weather the storm.

Yes, you’re going to be out of commission for a while. It’s not the end of the world, or the end of your sex life.

Straightening your erections out again, is normally quite simple.

That is what this entire site is about.

“If you are like 99% of men
 with psychological impotence caused by Peyronies disease,
 you will be able to get rid of it,
 simply and easily.”

Welcome to The Club!

Yes, right now you’re a mess. Admit it. It’s OK.

And, a LOT of us have been in this exact same situation before you.

You have an ugly, embarrassingly bent penis that you can’t use properly.

It is most likely the cause of your psychological impotence.

Welcome to the club!

But, almost all of us who have been where you are now, and who learned how to straighten our bent penis, now have a normal happy sex life again.

Peyronies is NOT a “Disease”

What you have is not a disease.

But, if you treat it like a disease you can make your whole situation a lot worse.

It’s just like if you broke your leg. That is not a disease either.

Both problems are mechanical. Not biological.

You wouldn’t start taking all kinds of drugs for a broken leg (other than maybe pain meds) to try to fix it.

You would get the bone set and then let nature take her course.

Before long you would be walking, running, and doing whatever you did before.

The same is true with a bent penis, the erectile dysfunction, and temporary impotence it can cause.

99% Of The Time
 Surgery is NOT Necessary

Understanding exactly what is happening inside of your shaft and taking the necessary corrective steps is all that is necessary.

99% of the time no surgery is necessary or even a good idea.

You have some hardened tissue inside your shaft that is prohibiting a portion of your erectile chambers from lengthening during erection.

You erection bends in the direction of the hard tissue.

That’s all there is to this condition. Nothing else.

But, this bending is the cause of psychological impotence for many men.

Correctly applied traction, not surgery, has been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method for straightening a bent penis.

And, if this bending is what is causing your sexual dysfunction, a straightened, normally functioning penis is what will correct it.

Don’t Be Mislead

This is not a difficult situation, although it may seem impossible to you at the moment.

“Peyronies is one of the most misunderstood conditions.

 And, at the same time, it is one of the simplest conditions to correct
99% of the time.”

You Can Have a
Normal Sex Life Again!

There are thousands of men all over the world who have learned how to correct this condition safely and easily with correct traction.

And, this traction method is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries world wide.

overcoming psychological impotence

So,.. take a deep breath,.. relax,.. and know this:

If you are like almost every man who has ever suffered from Peyronies, and the psychological impotence that can come with it, you can have a normal sex life back again.

Be Well.....

~ William

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