Is Penis Surgery Best
Peyronies Disease Treatment?

surgical peyronies disease treatment

penis surgery

“99.99% of the time, penis surgery is not
necessary to correct bent or curved erections
caused by Peyronies Disease.”

That is correct. It’s a fact.

And, I want you to stop worrying right now if you have seen your erections bend more and more over the past year or so.

Even if your erections are so bent now that it is impossible for you to have sexual intercourse without causing pain to your partner or yourself.

The fact is: Unless you have some very unusual circumstances, your bent or curved erections can be straightened safely, easily, AND, without penis surgery.

Why Risk the Possible Horrible Consequences  
Penis Surgery?

Penis surgery, like any major surgical procedure, comes with many possible risks.

That is why you will always be made to sign a long detailed waiver before a surgery.

And, there is the associated general anesthesia.

General anesthesia is known to cause deaths. It usually doesn’t. But, it can, it has, and it does.

If you are in a situation where a life saving surgical procedure is necessary and it requires anesthesia, the risk is easy to justify. And, the benefits can be great.

But, for correcting a simple, or even severely bending erection, possible death is a risk that is not justifiable. Especially when penis surgery is totally unnecessary to correct this condition 99.99% of the time.

Penis surgery comes with all those possible surgical side effects PLUS some other horrible possible consequences unique to this procedure.

  Penis Surgery

Possible permanent impotence.

Yes, possible permanent impotence.

Besides all the other possible terrible possible side effects of any surgical procedure, you get a special bonus package of additional ones with penis surgery:

  • Impotence
  • A Shorter Penis (shortening the longer portion is how the straightening is done)
  • Inability to Attain or Maintain an Erection
  • Lack of Sensation
  • Inability to Have an Orgasm
  • Damage to Your Urethra
  • Scarring
  • Infection

Sound good?

It’s Horrible!

Are all those risks necessary?


Straightening Your Penis With NO Surgical Risks

Well, the truth is, 99.99% of the time, a man with Peyronies disease does not have to face those any of those surgical risks in order to straighten his erections safely and easily.

In fact, the #1, clinically proven method
 in the world,
 which is medically recommended and endorsed
in 29 countries worldwide,
is NOT penis surgery.

The #1 method is correct penis traction.

Are There Other Methods Also?


There are a large number of other methods available that include:

  • Oral Prescription Drugs
  • Topical Creams (prescription)
  • Injections
  • Prescription Vitamins
  • Ultrasound

However: In ALL the published clinical studies none of these other methods have ever proven much more than 35% effective. And, anything above 30% was usually in isolated small groups.

The average was usually 20% improvement at best and possibly reduction of pain for those who were experiencing erectile pain.

Some of the methods produced absolutely no results in the majority of cases.

So why are these methods even used? To avoid a penis surgery. Because there is a possibility for some improvement in the condition. And: They make lots of money!

How Do You Know What to Choose?

Let’s take a look at results and safety only. That’s all that really matters.

“In our lives we have many teachers and mentors
as we go about learning how to be an adult and survive in this society.

One of things I learned early on for my success was this:
Forget what the 'teachers' said
and watch the guys who are having success.
Then do what they’re doing.” 

No matter what anyone is trying to sell you, look at the actual clinical results of all the methods. The results are easy to see. The answer becomes crystal clear.

Just over 20 years ago, a risky surgical procedure was your only medical option when it came to straightening a bent erection.

That is no longer true.

The Wonderful Breakthrough Alternative

Invented By
Penis Surgery Specialist

Correct traction came along only in 1994. And, it came along by accident. As many great things do.

The penile traction device was actually  invented by a penis surgery specialist. His name is Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D.

He developed the first device to keep men’s penises straight while they were recovering from penis surgery.

That’s right. He was doing penis surgeries.

Scarring from the surgeries was causing some deformation (as scars can) after healing.

So, Dr. Siana invented his specialized  traction device to remedy this problem.

He soon found that his traction device could be used all by itself, instead of a risky penis surgery, to correct the curve or bend caused by Peyronies disease.

The risks and dangers associated with a penis surgery
were no longer necessary
to straighten a man’s bending erections.

Even if they were bending severely.

He then found, with continued use, you could even make erections permanently bigger. Longer and wider.

In fact, correct traction is the only way to safely make a shaft grow longer.

Medically Endorsed and Recommended

Since then his device has been clinically proven to be the:

    >  Safest

    >  Most effective

    >  Medically Endorsed and Recommended

method for correcting penile curvature in the world.

Far surpassing all other methods in safety and effectiveness, and, without the possible horrible side effects of penis surgery.

Correct penile traction is so good, in fact, that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.


The Results Are Permanent!

What is the Cost?

What is the Cost?

Surgery:  Typically a penis surgery of this type will cost between $9,000 and $16,000.

Injections:  Injectable drugs run about $175 - $250 per visit. 12-24 visits are usually prescribed. That’s anywhere between $1,800 - $6,000.

Potaba:  A prescription for Potaba will run you about $1,400 - $2,400 for a 6 month supply.

Correct Traction:  One of the best traction device in the world will cost you under $300. Yes, under three hundred dollars for one of the best units in the entire world. You can also get another very fine one here for under $200.

The Two Cautions

I must give you two cautions if you decide to use traction:

  1) For safety, and to avoid possible permanent injury, only use a correctly built, high quality device.

  2) You must use it correctly.

That sounds simple enough, right?

Well, finding a proper device, if you have no experience with them, can be not so easy and a bit of a risky proposition in itself.


They all look pretty much alike to the untrained eye.

And, there are more than 20 different brands out there!

However, there are huge differences in quality and strength.

And, the attachment mechanisms on some are so constricting that they can break the blood vessels in the tip of your shaft.

This can cause permanent discoloration and poor circulation to the crown of your shaft.

And, if one of these is poorly made units  snaps on your penis, it can puncture your shaft and cause permanent damage.

A Male Enhancement Device?

A few men get confused when the link from this page goes into a site for penis enlargers. You came here looking for information on straightening their bent erections. Right?

But, yes, you are going to the right page.

Here's why:

I have to tell you a little about what is called “male enhancement” here. That means creating a larger penis.

I do this only because the same device that can straighten your erection is also the only method for actually making a man’s shaft grow truly larger. Permanently.

So, that is the direction where most of the advertising goes.


Only about 4 - 5% of men will develop Peyronies in their life. For many of these men a small curvature is all that develops and they feel no need to do anything about it.

However: There are millions of men who want bigger dicks. Sexual insecurity is one of the hottest market places for a salesman and sales gimmicks.

Just take a look at all the pills, patches, stretchers, creams, etc... there are available to help men make their dicks bigger. These things can only make an erection harder at best. They do not make penises grow. Ever.

It’s insane to believe they will! Why wouldn’t they make your ears or your breasts grow too??

It’s all nonsense targeted toward young sexually insecure men.

But, traction devices sell like crazy to these men also. Why? Because they work.

Traction devices sell about 20 to 1 for enlargement vs straightening.

But, these are the exact devices used to straighten a bent erection, more Safely and Effectively, than any other method in the world.

Clinically Proven:
Safest AND Most Effective

“Correct penile traction
 has been clinically proven
 to be the Safest
 Most Effective way
 to straighten a bent penis
 caused by Peyronies Disease."

And, with correct traction, you run none of the risks of the possible horrible side effects associated with penis surgery.

Getting Past The Dangerous Junk

The problem is there are now (at my last count) 23 different units out there.

A lot of these units are poorly constructed, with inferior materials and workmanship, and can be very dangerous to use.

I have researched them all. A couple top the list. Some are OK. And, some are pure dangerous junk.

I have found only 2 that meet all of my personal requirements for Effectiveness and Safety.

They are the only two I personally would use, and, that I have used.

They are both made of medical grade components and bear the CE* seal of approval.

These are the Pro Extender units and the Quick Extender Pro.

is penis surgery as good as penis traction?Pro Extender, #1 In The World

penis surgery vs quick extender pro penis tractionQuick Extender Pro

Either one will do the job very well. You don’t need both.

Click on the links and see which one appeals to you most. Get that one and use it.

You’re results are guaranteed by the manufacturers

or your money back.

Plain and simple.

Getting The Results You Want

Penis surgery is not necessary for most peyronies disease conditions

With either of those two units you will get the best results possible.

Remember: Penis Surgery is dangerous. Not only because it is a surgical procedure, but because it may leave you permanently impotent.

You don’t need a straight cock that doesn’t work.

You are simply trying to correct a condition (not a disease) that is causing you problems in the bedroom.


"Correct penile traction has been
clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective way
to straighten bent or curved erections caused by
Peyronies Disease."

With correct traction you’ll get the results you want without a risky penis surgery. And, you’ll never be sorry for it.

Be Well.....

~ William

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