Why Peyronies Disease
NOT A “Disease”

You got a Peyronies Disease diagnosis.

“Oh No!!” you think....

It was bad enough that your erections are now bending horribly.

Now you find out it’s a “Disease”.

The Horrible Thoughts
That Race Through Our Minds

“Oh My God!”

“My entire sex life is ruined forever!”

“Will it get even worse?”

“Will Peyronies Disease now deform the rest of my body?

“My face?” 

“My speech?”

“Will it eventually kill me?”

“I will never be normal again. I’m a hideous freak that no woman will ever touch again.....”

The horrible thoughts progress. They go on and on and on....

R E L A X ! ! !

It’s not nearly as bad as you think.

And, Peyronies is not a “Disease”.

Let me clear this up for you right now and explain why this simple curved penis condition is called a “disease”.

peyronies disease was discovered by Francois De La Peyronie in 1743

Peyronies “Disease” was named after the man who, in the year 1743, discovered why men’s erection form these extreme curves (that you are now experiencing) later in life.

His name was Francois De La Peyronie.

The Name
A Misnomer

Back in the 1700s  medicine was not very organized.

In an attempt to codify things, any bodily condition that could be explained by anyone was often named after that person.

For example:

“Smith’s Disease.”

“Farmer’s Disease.”

“Wendleman’s Disease.”...........

“Peyronie’s Disease.”

on and on......

You see?

But, this condition (that now horrifies you) is not a disease.

Peyronies is a simple condition that is easy to fix 99% of the time. By yourself. Without surgery, injections, drugs,.....

Peyronie himself actually proved and explained how this penile curvature was not a “disease”.

He found it was just a simple scar/plaque  formation inside the penis on one or more of the erectile chambers. Usually caused by a trauma (injury) earlier in life. Even 20 or more years earlier.

Still it was named: Peyronie’s Disease because Peyronie discovered what it was.

A Simple Scar
That you Can't See

peyronies is caused by a simple scars you can not see

Yes, that’s correct:  It’s just a simple scar.

Now, let’s get some sanity here:

If you have a scar on your leg, on your arm, on your face, on your toe....  Do you have a “disease”??

Of course not!

And the scar(s) you have that are causing your “Peyronies Disease” are no disease either.

They are scars.

Are scars a "disease"?

That’s All they are. Pure and simple. No matter what anyone is telling you about this being a “disease”, it is not.

There is
No Mystery

There is no mystery to what is happening or why it is happening.

So many professionals will tell you this curved penis condition is a mystery.


Peyronies has a definite cause. That cause may have happened decades ago. But, it happened.

It’s no mystery. It requires no surgery 99% of the time. And. it almost always is easy to correct.

This penile condition will develop in about 4% of the male population. And, not everyone with a penile trauma will develop a curved penis.

Kind of like freckles, or blue eyes. Not everyone gets them.

Why these internal scars advance into a bending penis is mostly genetic. Some men's scars thicken and harden a lot.

For most men this is not the case.

But, if it happened to you, it is easy to correct 99% of the time. Even if the bending is very severe and painful.

Now It's Time to RELAX
Fix Your Bent Penis

Peyronies is easy to fix

Feeling better now?

You should be.

So,.. take a nice deep breath now and relax....

No, really... take.. a.. nice.. deep.. breath.. and relax......

You Have A Condition,
Not A Disease

This is not a disease. It’s a condition. And, rightly it should be named: Peyronies Condition.

But, it’s not. So, when we first hear about this simple easy to correct condition, we normally.... PANIC!

The word “Disease”, the way our bent erections make us feel, and the grave look you get from your doctor can make this seem much more serious than it is.

Forget it! 99% of the time it’s easy to fix a curved penis.

It’s EASY To Fix
99% of the Time

You just have to know what to do.

99% of the time, it is very easy to correct.

99% of the time a man does not need surgery to straighten his erection.

So, the odds are really magnificently in your favor here.

How To Fix
Bent or Curved Penis

If you have a bent or curved penis caused by Peyronies you want to use the best and safest method to fix it. Right?

Of course.

Penile surgery is NOT that method.

Surgery may be suggested to you. But, it is not the best method. It is, however, the most dangerous method.

What has proven best here?

Correct penis traction.

Correct penile traction has been clinically proven to be the:

  • Best

  • Safest

  • Most Effective

for correcting a bent or curved penis caused by Peyronies.

A Word About
Peyronies Surgery

Let’s take one small moment here to talk about surgery for Peyronies.

Penile surgery for bending or severe curvature is a Major Surgery.

Peyronies surgery has many possible unpleasant side effects

It requires anesthesia and the possible consequences can be hideous.

Your erections will wind up 1/2 to 1 inch shorter. And, that’s not even the bad part.

You could wind up impotent because too many nerves were cut in the process that did not heal well.

Great, huh? You no longer have a scar in your shaft. But, it doesn’t work anymore either.....

Here is the link for that information: Peyronies Surgery.

Save surgeries for when they are really necessary. 99% of the time, they are not necessary for this simple condition.

Is Correct Traction Effective?

OK. Now, does traction really work well?

And, is correct traction medically approved?

YES!  To both.

In fact:

correct traction is currently
medically endorsed and recommended

in 29 countries worldwide”

This includes:  USA • Canada • United Kingdom • France • Belgium • Germany • Thailand • Taiwan • Uruguay •  Holland • Denmark • Portugal • Japan • Argentina • Philippines • Serbia • Luxembourg • Venezuela • Italy • Australia • Andorra • Chile • Mexico • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

Pretty good?


Want some more really good news?

An unnecessary surgery for this simple condition will cost you about $16,000.

Correction traction, with the very best traction devices in the world, will cost you only about $400.

That is correct: Not four thousand dollars,..  four hundred dollars.

That’s it.

Are you seeing how simple this is getting?

AND, unlike surgery, you will have no down time from work.

Safest and Most Effective
Medically Endorsed Method

"Even most medical professionals now recognize
that correct traction

has been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method

for correcting a bent or curved penis
caused by a Peyronies condition."

There is, However,
One Major Problem

There is one major problem with penile traction. That problem is: how poorly and dangerous some of the devices are.

There are 21 different devices on the market right now(by my last count). You can get them all on line.

Why so many?

Well, this same device that has proven to be so successful at straightening penises has also been proven to be the only way you can effectively make your erections considerably longer. Permanently.

Yes, it’s called “male enhancement”.

How much advertising do you think goes into that vs Peyronies?

So, many companies make cheaper devices, with inferior materials and workmanship that they can sell at a cheaper price.

Buyers beware.

If you hurt or permanently damage your one and only penis, was it worth saving $100?

Any man can afford the best here.

Problem #2

Here’s the other big problem:

When you start researching these devices you will find most of the pictures look the same.

So, how do you choose a really good high quality device?

I had the same problem. So I researched every one of these units.

Every single one.

Of all these devices only two manufactures make a device that meets ALL of my personal requirement for Effectiveness and Safety.

These are the Quick Extender Pro and the Size Pro Extender devices.

I wanted to get both of them. You do not need both.

From my experience, either one is as good as the other and each will do the best job possible.

It's Up To YOU!

If you have Peyronies you do NOT have a disease.

You have a scar plaque formation that needs to be stretched out so that your erections can form straight and normally again.

That’s ALL there is to Peyronies.

It’s not a mystery.

It’s not a disease.

It’s not some horrible condition you have to have for ever.

99% of the time you just need to take the proper corrective action to straighten yourself out.

99% of the time men do NOT need surgery for this. And, you most likely do not either.

99% of the time you can have a nice erection again.

Peyronies is easy to fix

Now it’s up to you! Pick the kit that you think looks best, and get started right away.

You will never regret it.

Be Well.....

~ William

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