Is My Banana Penis
A Disease?

Having a banana penis is no big deal.

And, it’s nothing to worry about unless it is interfering with your sex life and sexual intercourse.

When To Take Action

It's called a banana because the bending is slight. It’s an upward curvature. It is shaped like one!

the banana penis

Some women find this curve very appealing.

If it is very bent, however, and causing pain to your partner or yourself, that is when you will want to straighten it out.

Or, if your banana penis is causing you terrible embarrassment and unhappiness, you may want to straighten it also.

Effective straightening of a simple banana penis, or, even a severe bending, is very easy if you do it right.

And, I want to caution you to just be sure to do it safely. In a few moments, I will explain more about how that can be done.

How Did I Get A Banana Penis?

That’s usually the first question I hear about a banana penis or any type of penile curvature.

what causes a banana penis?

A banana penis can be caused by a number of things.

First of all:

 “About 50% of the male population
 has some degree of bending
in their erections.”

It’s not just you.

And, if you recently developed the bend, you’re not alone either.

The reason erections bend is that part of the shaft does not stretch as far as the rest of the shaft during erection. Simple. No big mystery.

  >  You could have a banana penis simply from genetics.

  >  You could have developed Peyronies Disease (not really a disease).

  >  You could be wearing so much tight clothing so often down there that your shaft got a bit stretched out on one side and now bends during erection.

  >  Maybe you fractured your shaft and that’s the way it healed.

  >  Masturbating too hard with one hand and pulling sideways over and over again can do it.

Anything that noticeably stretches or shrinks part of your shaft will make your shaft bend during erection and might have cause your banana penis.

And, what's causing your banana penis or curvature of any kind is usually happening inside. So, when you are soft, you cock looks totally normal.

Does this sound like you?

The Different Kinds Of Bending

There are really just two classifications of bending. And, it only depends on how much you are bending.

If you have a banana penis, you are considered to have only a slightly curved penis. Men with this type of curvature usually leave it alone because it causes no problem during sexual activity.

If you have severe bending (like 90 degrees), you have what is called a bent penis.

A bent penis can really interfere with your sex life and sexual ability.

If this bend just developed over the last year or two, you probably developed Peyronies Disease. Something most of us didn’t even know existed until it happened to us.

If that is you, and you’re new to this website, you will be learning that Peyronies is not really a “disease”. It’s just a simple condition (as horrible as it might look to you right now) that can be corrected Safely and Easily 99% of the time.

So don’t let the name scare you.

Don’t let the bend scare you.

Don’t let anyone tell you it is a disease and no one really knows what causes it. That’s nonsense. The cause is definite and easy to understand.

The Banana Penis Is Unique

OK, the lightly curved penis that bends upward is called a banana penis.

But, an erection can wind up bending in any direction. Up, down, sideways, or even multiple ways. I bet you didn’t know that!

It depend where the shortening is.

If it bends up, your banana penis may be a plus for you. Some women say they prefer that to a straight one because it stimulates their G spot even more. This type of bend has even been called a “porn star penis”.  Funny, right?

But, if your banana penis works well, that’s all that matters. And, if your partner prefers  a banana penis, consider it a gift from the angels and leave it as it is!

If it bends down, intercourse may be difficult except in doggie position. For this, straightening can be a wonderful thing.

If it bends sideways, it may just look a little strange and possibly be a topic of conversation.

Why Has It Gotten Worse?

Again, unless the curvature of your banana penis is causing you or your partner a problem, just forget about it. As you now know, about 50% of men have some degree of bending. Some only slight. Some very severe.

If you notice your banana penis is bending a lot more than it used to, then it's probably not a simple banana penis. You most probably have Peyronies Disease.

This increasing bend doesn’t mean you have a disease that is getting worse.

It simply indicates that the internal scar/plaque is getting harder and tougher and not stretching as much as it was. Typical with Peyronies.

The harder the scar/plaque gets, the worse the bend.

And if this is your case, it's important for you to remember:

  • It’s not a disease.

  • You’re not sick

  • It’s not going to kill you

  • It’s not contagious.


"You can fix any bent penis,
 even a severely bent one,
 very easily 99.99% of the time
 without surgery, injections, or drugs."

99.99% Of You Can Stop Worrying Right Now!

Yes, I know. A lot of you reading this think you are in the 0.01% because your erections look so horrible now. And, they are possibly painful. And, maybe you can’t even get a decently hard erection anymore.

Any of that sound like your thoughts?

Scary, right?

RELAX!  With all of that, you are still most likely in the 99.99%.

The Clinically Proven
Safest And Most Effective

Straightening a banana penis or a severely bent one is very easy if you do it correctly. Don’t panic and go crazy!

If you panic and risk an unnecessary surgery, injections, or drugs you might luck out. Or, you might make your whole situation much worse. I think these are all terrible choices. Especially if you only have a banana penis.

However, you don’t need to risk those things 99% of the time for any kind of penile bending. Even the worst most severe cases.


In 1994 a penis surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana developed the penile traction device.

penis traction

This is a really simple device that can stretch out the shorter part of your shaft and give you a straightened erection without any of the risks of surgery, injections or drugs.

Correct traction also is extremely inexpensive, requires no doctor visits and you do it discretely by yourself.

Sound like a useless home remedy?

It’s not.

Correct penile traction is so good
that is now medically endorsed and recommended

 in 29 countries worldwide.

Correct traction has also been clinically proven
to be the

Safest and Most Effective
method for straightening a bent
 or curved penis.

Now, here’s the cherry on top: Unlike:

 -  A penile surgery that will cost you about $16,000 and possibly leave you with erectile dysfunction

 -  Or, $30,000 for a series of the latest penis straightening drug

 -  Or, $15,000 for a series of minimally effective injections that may make your bending even worse later

A top of the line penile traction unit costs only about $400. I’m talking about the best available in the world today. And, these come with a money back guarantee.

Do you feel less bad now? Even hopeful?

I hope so.

This condition is rarely as terrible as it seems. And, it can almost always be corrected with this method.

It’s Not A Difficult Decision

I mean if you have any doubts about what to do if you want to straighten a banana penis or a severely bent one, doesn’t it at least make sense to try correct traction first?

You always have all the other options later.

Let me ask you this:

Do you think you’ll get your money back if any of the other expensive, risky, minimally effective methods don’t work? Ha!!!

And, if doctors around the world are now recommending and endorsing correct traction, which requires no medical assistance, it must tell you two things:

1)  What you have to deal with is not that serious

2)  It must be working

Please Don’t Panic!

First of all, if you simply have a banana penis, you really have nothing to worry about anyway. Nothing. It should cause you no intercourse problems.

Second, if you got to this page by searching for a way to fix your severely bent penis or because your doctor told you you have Peyronies Disease, and, you thought you were doomed, you can most likely fix it easily and safely with correct traction.

straighten a bent penis safely and easily

What does “most likely” mean? It means 99.99% of the time, even a severely bent penis can be straightened very nicely, safely, and easily with correct traction.

Making The Best Choice

A couple of things I must mention about traction and traction devices:

 1)  Don’t try to rush it. Go at a moderate pace. Trying too hard, you can hurt yourself.

 2)  Use only the best equipment available. You have just one penis. There are no replacements for it. So, take good care of it. Don’t buy a piece of junk.

There are about 23 different units out there.

Only two meet all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

To me nothing else mattered.

My Personal Choices

Two manufacturers I find outstanding.

Some of the other manufacturers are just OK. But, cost as much as the really good ones. And, some units out there I found to be downright dangerous.

If one of these devices injures your shaft, or causes your blood vessels to break from strangulation, was saving one or two hundred dollars by buying the cheapest one you could find worth it??

Any man who can afford a computer to read this, can afford one of the best units available. No excuses!

You don’t need both. Either one is a superior choice.

Read write ups in the following two links and choose what you think is best.

My two picks, out of everything currently available today, are Quick Extender Pro and X4 Labs. Personally, I would not use any of the others.


Because getting the results I wanted, safely, was my only concern.

a banana penis is easy to straightenX4 Labs

straightening a banana penisQuick Extender Pro

Are They Penis Enlargers?

You’ll read a lot about these units being sold as penis enlargers. “Male enhancement” devices.

They can that too. In fact they are the only way you can actually make a shaft grow noticeably bigger. Because what they do is stretch the tissue of your shaft and actually cause new cellular growth when used properly. And, those results are permanent.

Now, how many young men do you think would like to have a bigger cock for just $400?

Well, that number is about 10 times as many as men who have a bent penis they are wanting to straighten.

So, the advertising makes sense from a selling point of view.

But, make no mistake. The units I talk about are the best penile straightening devices available in the world.

And Remember: correct traction has been clinically proven to be:

 “the Safest and Most Effective method
straightening out almost any bent penis.”

Stop Worrying!

banana penis is no problem

It’s simpler than it seems. Really.

Help for a banana penis

- If you haven’t read those two links above, go back and read them now.

- Stop worrying.

- Then, get started with your straightening program.

Before you know it, if you’re like 99% of men with a bent penis, you can see results begin to happen in a relatively short time. And, once you do, you’ll be feeling much better about your future and your whole situation.

If you simply have a banana penis? No problem. Enjoy it!

help for my banana penis

Be Well.....

~ William

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