Penis Enlargement Surgery
Will Never Make You Longer


It May Destroy Your Sex Life

Penis enlargement surgery is not just a dream of younger guys in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

There are lots of older men in big business who go after this “dream”.

Then, a lot of them wish they never had....

penis enlargement surgery gone wrong
possible penis enlargement surgery side effects

penis enlargement surgery

Obviously no one ever told them how dangerous it can be and how horrible it might turn out.

What Is An Average Normal Size Penis?

Before I get into the dangers of penis enlargement surgery, let me ask you:

How big do you need to be??

Or, want to be??

Did you know: If you have about 5 inches erect you are normal. Yeah. Normal. A little more or less is still going to work just fine. Penis enlargement surgery would be insane for you.

I’m not saying having a bigger cock is crazy.  No, not at all.

If it makes you happy, it’s a good thing! And, doing it safely is easy and very inexpensive. If you know how.

What I’m saying here is: Using penis enlargement surgery for your desired size increase, on a perfectly normal, healthy, well function penis, is crazy. OK, stupid!  And, I will explain why.

Surgery, from all the research, is for very special cases of abnormal penises.

Yes, A LOT of Men Lie!


We’ve all heard those guys talking about their 8 inch cock. Right!! Sure... We believe you guys!.. Wink, wink.

Yes, of course, some men do have 8 inches. Not many though. If I had a dollar for every guy that lied about this, I’d be a multimillionaire!

Some guys even have 12 inches.  And, I feel sorry for them because they never get to put the whole thing in anyone. It’s just too darn big! Do you know how frustrating that’s got to be?

But, if you are of normal size you have nothing to worry about except your own sensual abilities.

Still, if you really want a bigger dick, just because it would make you happy, there’s nothing wrong with that.

You can add some good size.


And, the increase will be Permanent.

 Even better: You don’t need penis enlargement surgery to do it!

Unnecessary, Expensive, Dangerous... Stupidity

Penis enlargement surgery, in my opinion, is a HUGE mistake. When you’re done reading this page, I think you’ll agree.

Even the the most highly respected medical authorities seem to agree with this.

Unnecessary, Dangerous Penis Surgery

Just look at that! Good God!

In medical terminology it is called: phalloplasty.

“No major medical organization approves of these surgeries.”   - webmd

“Although some surgeons offer cosmetic penis enlargement using various techniques, it's controversial and considered by many to be unnecessary and potentially harmful”.   - Mayo Clinic

Dr. Larry I. Lipshultz, M.D, professor and chief of the Division of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery says: "Increasing the size of a penis is not the standard of care by the American urological society."  He believes that patients should only do the surgery when it's absolutely medically necessary.

Cut Your Nerves, Lose your Sensation
and Possibly Your Erections!

You know we have a lot of super talented plastic and reconstructive surgeons out there these days.

But, performing penis enlargement surgery on a man’s shaft is always going to cause some kind of problem. Just like with a Peyronies Disease surgery.


Because it is impossible to cut any soft tissue without cutting nerves.

And, what do you think it is that gives your penis all it’s incredible sensations and enables you to have an orgasm?

Correct: Your nerves.

Our nerves are responsible for everything we physically feel. When you cut them, yes, often they heal. But, before sensation returns it can be a year.

Before regaining the normal sensation you felt before cutting them, it may be 5 or even 10 years.

Just ask anyone who has had a face lift. Everyday they feel like they just came back from getting novocaine at the dentist’s office.

In your face it’s annoying, but not a real problem

In your penis, it can be tragic!

It is the same warning I give to men who are considering a surgical procedure for straightening their bent penis caused by Peyronies disease.

Avoid any kind of cutting of your shaft!

Especially when it is not necessary to get the results you want.

The Possible Hideous Side Effects
Penis Enlargement Surgery

Let me tell you about the possible side effects of a phalloplasty.

The possible side effects of penis enlargement surgery include, but are not limited to:

  • Nerve Damage
  • Reduced Sensitivity
  • Inability to Orgasm
  • Difficulty getting and/or maintaining an erection
  • ED (erectile dysfunction)
  • Scarring that can actually shorten your penis later and/or cause future Peyronies Disease (a bent penis)
  • A lumpy bumpy “Monster Penis”

Sound sexy? 

Sound like fun??

Did you know these things were even a possibility with penis enlargement surgery?

Next Question:

Is Phalloplasty Going to Give You a Bigger Erection?
Just Bigger Looking Cock When You Are Flaccid (Soft)?

Different penis enlargement surgery has different results.

Most men who go in for phalloplasty want a bigger dick. A longer more impressive erection. Something to drive their woman’s imagination crazy.

And, we want something we can feel really good about.

At least that is thought. Right?

But then, there are some men also just want to look bigger in jeans or in the shower.

The man interested in sexual performance will want erect size.

The other ones want limp size.

There is an actual effective surgical technique for making a limp penis look longer.

It will not, however, make you erection bigger.

The problem with this surgery is, your erection will lose stability.

That means: Your erection will hang down instead of point up. AND, it will flop around all over the place.


Because they will be cutting the suspensory ligament.

This ligament is responsible for holding your erection pointing upward. The natural position for intercourse.

This procedure separates your shaft from it’s pubic bone attachment. This is what drops the limp shaft to a lower position.

So, when your cock is just hanging there limp, it will appear longer. Maybe even considerably longer. It depends on how you are built.

HOWEVER: Once you get hard, your shaft will be hanging down, and flopping all over the place. And, you will be getting the scrunched up face looks and comments like: “What’s wrong with your penis?”.

Worse: Your erection will be no longer than it was before. It just looks weird and totally unnatural when you are hard and trying to be sexually impressive.

Great, huh??

Who think up this absurd nonsense???

Were Men Satisfied
With This Procedure?

That’s the real question on any penis enlargement surgery. Right?

A few follow up studies have been done on this phalloplasty procedure and the reports are not exciting.

penis enlargement surgery results

In the European Urology Study with 42 men who had this ligament cutting phalloplasty done, only 35% were satisfied with the results. 2 out of 3 were not. And, they were left with erections that hung down and flopped all over the place.

Half of these men were so upset they went on to get further surgery.

The Newest Twist On Getting
A Bigger Looking Limp Dick

Now, for some men whose scrotum attaches high up on their shaft, partially disconnecting their scrotum can show more of their shaft. This will make their limp cock look longer.

This is a newer totally cosmetic procedure, with lower risk, that will work for some men.

It only takes about 30 minutes and can be done with an office visit. And, a couple thousand dollars.

But, how stupid is this???

Again, who thinks up these horrible things???

Especially when you can make your erections truly physically bigger.  Permanently longer and wider, without doing all this dangerous nonsense. And, without cutting anything!

You Just Can Not Lengthen A Man’s Erections
With Penis Enlargement Surgery

The kicker here is:

"You can not lengthen erections with

penis enlargement surgery.”

It is impossible.

Then, what are they doing?

Penis enlargement surgery can involve a number of techniques to make your erection wider. Fatter. Thicker. Any word you care to choose there.

Not longer.

And, whoever is selling this to you is going to tell you: “It’s width, not length, that makes a woman stimulated.”

There is some truth to that.

But, if you have a small dick, it doesn’t really matter how wide it is. Does it? You want it longer. Right?

How Do They Make It Wider?

Here’s where many penis enlargement surgery nightmares begin.

There are a number of penis enlargement surgery techniques that different plastic surgeons use to fatten a shaft.

The injection of fat or silicone is common. Grafts are also used. And, to add real idiocy to the mix we now have implants available!

Ready for your Frankenstein penis??

Let’s look at each:

Penis Enlargement Surgery with
Fat Injections:

The fat is usually harvested (collected) from your “love handles”. Those fat rolls most men have at their sides right above their hips.

This fat is then injected along the length of their shaft and it creates more width. Both flaccid and erect.

It may look great at first (after the surgical swelling goes away). Oh, William was so wrong.

BUT, then the fat slowly gets reabsorbed into the body. And, almost never evenly.

Up to 90% of it may be gone within just one year.

This may (ok, probably will!) leave you with a very ugly lumpy, bumpy, uneven creepy looking “monster penis”. Especially ugly during erection.

It can also lead to an asymmetrical shaft and even lead to penis curvature.

And, there is no way to get it smoothed out again without another more serious surgery.

Oh no! William was correct....

Penis Enlargement Surgery with
Silicone Injections:

Adding to the “genius” here....

Silicone! Oh yes, like in fake boobs! Same stuff.

And, you have all the problems that fake boobs have. Yes, that’s correct. They do have problems.

Silicone has a mind of it’s own. It will move around. And, never be absorbed by your body.

A permanent lumpy bumpy mess that you’ll never really be able to remove effectively.

Sound good?

Penis Enlargement Surgery Using


“Another technique for increasing width
is grafting tissue onto the shaft of the penis.
None of these procedures
has been proved safe or effective.”  

-  Mayo Clinic

Then you’ll hear about phalloplasy with “grafts”. This is your own tissue grafted inside your shaft for more thickness.

Sounds better, huh? No reabsorbtion..... My own tissues....


This is surgery. You are now getting cut and chopped like crazy.

What do you think is now happening to your nerves. Cut, cut, cut....

Just how much sensation do you think is going to be left there...

Talk about possible erectile problems!

Penis Enlargement Surgery Using

To me, these are the genius of stupidity. They get a gold prize!

We’re now going to insert stuff into our shafts so that they look bigger.

And, they do.

Again, terrible nerve damage.

Of course, lack of sensation.

And, like a woman I knew with fake boobs used to joke: “Yeah, you have to get them replaced every 10 years or 10,000 miles.”

What do you think does to the inside of your shaft?

You’re not an automobile. You’re not made out of steel. These are not replaceable parts.

If you ruin your shaft with phalloplasty,
 with too much nerve damage and scar tissue,
there is no repair.

Please read that again: There is no repair.

You’re stuck with a mess for the rest of your life.

Once It’s Done
There’s No Turning Back

As I heard an Englishman say, “Here’s the rub!” (the problem):

You’re trying for a bigger more massive cock. A bigger harder more fierce incredible erection.

".... you have the possibility of paying huge money

and getting a lumpy, discolored, bruised, painful cock

that no longer is capable of a decent erection.”

Is the extra inch you hope it will give you worth that risk?

And, once it’s done. You can’t undo the damage.

OK. I think I made my point.

Words From
A Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, California, is the cosmetic surgery capitol in the USA. Hollywood. Looks matter. If people want to change anything about their looks, this is where they go.

In this city you can find all the latest most up to date techniques that are available.

So, I decided to have a talk with a well known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon about penis enlargement surgery.

He started bragging to me about a new phalloplasty technique that he developed that did not use fat, that he could do in just 1 hour. And, charge $7,000 for.

It as his new specialty. He was licking his lips in anticipation of making huge money in penis enlargement surgery.

I asked how much longer he could make a man’s shaft.

He said, “Oh no! There is no way to make a penis longer. It’s impossible. You make it fatter. That’s all that really matters in the bedroom. It’s all about width.”

????  To whom ????

Men Want Longer
More Than They Want Wider

Every man I every asked about having a bigger dick expressly wanted to know how much longer his dick would be. Not how much wider.

A big dick, since we were little boys, always meant long!  Right?

No one ever asked about wide.

Did you ever hear one of your friends say: “Did you see how wide that guy’s dick was?”


When I mentioned wider the response is almost always, “Oh yeah... That’s nice too.”

With as much enthusiasm as if I was saying, “Oh yes. We will also give you a cookie when you’re done.”

I personally never heard a man complain about his width. And, only one woman ever told me: “His dick was like a pencil. I couldn’t even feel it.”

Width never really seems to be a problem.

It only seems really important to the guys selling you extra width.

So, let’s get to what men are really looking for when considering penis enlargement surgery: A longer erection!

That is what we call “A bigger dick!”.

And, that is just not possible with penis enlargement surgery.

Making Your Penis Bigger Is Fine
Just, Please Do It Safely

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a bigger dick. Nothing.

If you just would feel really better and sexier with a bigger cock you can have one!

And, there is no shame in creating one.

Phalloplasty is no different than a nose job, a boob job, growing big muscles, tattoos, a mustache, etc....

Go for it!

If it makes you happy, go on and do it!

You can make it longer.

You just won’t make it longer with penis enlargement surgery.

Getting What You Want:
A Longer Wider Penis

YES!  You Can Have A Bigger Penis.


Yes, it is actually quite simple to make erections bigger permanently!

The whole point of this article is to explain that as incredible as surgery can sometimes be for different thing, it is not the best choice for creating a bigger penis.

In fact, penis enlargement surgery is, in my opinion, a terrible choice. And "No major medical organization approves of these surgeries. ("  There are just too many unnecessary risks involved.

You can have a bigger erection. Safely and Easily.

You can avoid all those terrible possible outcomes that come with penis enlargement surgery.

And, you can do all this with medically endorsed and recommended simple correct penis traction.

Best Male Enhancement

The method is proven.

And, it has proven to not only make a penis longer, it can also makes it wider.

Safe Effective Male Enhancement without surgery

You get both!!

Like you just read: Correct penis traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

And, you can even try it out with a Money Back Guarantee!

So forget about any kind of penis enlargement surgery. It’s dangerous, and, it won’t make you longer.

Be Well.....

~ William

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