Is Your Curved Penis
Caused by
Peyronies Disease?

curved penis cure

Is your curved penis making you worry?

Well, here’s the news: A simple curvature is usually nothing to concern yourself with. And, it is usually not the result of Peyronies Disease.

If you only have a small curvature, I want you to stop worrying right now, because, about 50% of the male population has some small amount of curvature during erection. And, it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Those of you who got here that actually have gotten peyronies disease (characterized by a more severe bending), and not just a mildly curved penis, can also fix it safely and easily 99.99% of the time without surgery. And, I will explain how later in this article.

That’s correct. 99.99% of the time, as bad as it looks, you can correct almost any bent or curved penis safely and easily. And, without surgery.

So, you too can stop worrying.

What Caused It?

Let’s first talk about a simple curved penis. Most of us were just born this way (genetics).

About 50% of the male population has some degree of curving in their erection.

And, a curved penis can also develop from masturbation (constantly pulling to one side), tight clothes, or anything that keeps pulling your cock in a certain direction.

If it gets to be too much for you, it is easy enough to straighten almost any curved penis. And, I will be explaining that too.

Now, peyronies disease, on the other hand, is a completely different situation. It is a definite condition caused by a scar that has developed, or hardened, inside of your penile shaft. It can cause a really severe bend.

Normally that scarring is on the corpus cavernosum (the chambers the fill with blood to cause your erection).

corpus cavernosum and peyronies disease

What causes the bending is: the scar can not stretch as well as the rest of the tissue inside there, so the erection bends in the direction of the unstretchable scar.

As the scar continues to thicken and/or harden, the bending increases. It can get very severe and make your erections look L shaped or even worse in a rather short period of time.

This condition can be corrected the same way a curved penis is corrected. But, because it is more severe it takes more time.

Erectile Dysfunction

If the scar is being pulled very hard it can also cause you a lot of pain. This pain can cause psychological impotence, erectile dysfunction, from the pain associated with getting an erection.

Don’t confuse this with other forms of erectile dysfunction.

Once the bending condition is reversed, or even lessened enough, and the pain goes away. The psychologically induced impotence usually disappears also once the erections are straight again and self confidence is regained.

This Is NOT a "Disease"

However, Peyronies disease is not actually a real “disease”.

You can not catch it or spread it. It’s not a virus or pathology. It is simply a developed condition from a scar formation and is easily remedied. Once you know how.

And, that should be making you feel a lot better right now.

It’s Usually a Simple Fix

If your curved penis really bothers you, it is normally very easy to fix if you do it correctly.

However, if you do it wrong you may make it considerably worse.

If you have a curved penis and it is working just fine for sexual intercourse, there is really no reason to do anything about it unless it is truly bothering you emotionally.

Then straightening it can be a very healthy thing to do.

If it is not curving enough to bother you, just forget about it.

Is It a Bent or a Curved Penis?

A curved penis, unlike a peyronies bent penis, usually has no (or very little) scar tissue causing the curvature.

This is why a curved penis is usually much easier and quicker to correct than a full out bent penis caused by an internal scar and/or plaque formation.

Now, a truly bent penis used to be a real scare to a man.

Well, it still is... Until, and unless, we understand what is causing it and what can fix it. Then it is easy to realize what a simple (though personally horrifying) problem it is.

These bent ones usually develop in mid life and can bend into a complete L shape during erection. And, they can be painful for you and your partner.

Now, Let’s Talk About a Very Bent Penis

The actual cause of the bent penis condition caused by internal scarring is called peyronies disease was discovered by Francoise de la Peyronie way back in 1743.

the man who discovered peyronies disease

Back then, and for decades to follow, when you discovered anything in medicine it had a good chance of being named after you.

That is what happened here. So, this condition (it’s really not a disease) was named: “Peyronie’s Disease”.

Well, that was really unfortunate. Because, now men with this simple developed condition go to their doctor and are told they have a “Disease”.

Most of us never even knew this existed!

So, now we think we have a “Horrible, ugly, disfiguring rare disease of unknown origin.” That’s traumatic!!

If that is what it is feeling like to you (and it did to me),  stop worrying. Really.

There is often a lot of fear and stigma associated with the word “disease”, and that title is totally unjustified here.

As bad as it may look to you, it’s usually no big deal. And, it is easy to straighten 99.99% of the time. Even if it is very bent.

A Simple Curved Penis is Nothing to be Concerned About

a curved penis will not interefere with sex

"As long as your curved penis (erection) is capable of sexual intercourse
without pain for either you OR your partner,
it is nothing to worry about or concern yourself with."

Like I said, about 50% of men have a curved penis.

If the curvature is quite large of if your curved penis is truly upsetting you, it is easy enough for you to correct. Without surgery. By yourself.

And, straightening your curved penis may be very beneficial for your emotional well being. If that is the case, straightening it is very much worth doing.

Because of today’s technology, straightening a curved penis is now quite safe and simple if you do it correctly. It just takes a little time and patience.

What If It Is Peyronies Disease?

If you are in mid life (40+ years old) and you suddenly notice a curved penis developing, and you see it is getting worse, this could be (and most likely is) the beginning of Peyronies Disease.

Treating peyronies disease early on with correct penis traction makes it much easier to correct. And, it can be done more quickly if you start early.

Once a progressing curvature has gotten to a major bend, it can still be corrected. Just as simply. It will, however, take a lot more time. This is why it’s better if you start correcting it as soon as it becomes evident.

However, by the time most men get to this website, they are pretty far along.

If that is your situation, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’re going to learn everything you need to know about straightening almost any bent or curved penis back out again.

And, you’re most likely going to be just fine before too long. So, take a deep relaxing breath or two, and then keep reading.

When to See Your Doctor

Go see him as soon as you can. It will probably put your mind at ease. Pathology that makes an erection curve or bend is extremely rare.

Then, study the options. I will be writing about all of them on this website.

AND REMEMBER: penis surgery is almost never necessary to correct a bent or curved penis condition. So don’t be talked right into that by anyone.

"That is correct.

A curved penis, or even a severely bent one
(even with a 90 degree L shaped bend),
almost never needs surgery."

The Disease Myth

Now, let’s get this whole “disease” myth out of our minds right now.

As I told you, Peyronies Disease is not really a “disease” at all. It is simply a developed condition. And, I am going to explain why.

I know the bend can seem absolutely hideous if this is happening to your cock (That was the way I felt.) But, 99.99% of the time it need not be a real big problem or concern.

As I told you, normally, it is simple and easy to correct. If you do it right.  Even if your erections seem too grotesque to you right now.

The process just requires some time and dedication to the process.

WHY This is NOT a "Disease"

It’s easy enough to understand why a slightly curved penis is not a disease. Normally men are just born with that.

But, when a man sees his erections bending terribly, more and more as months go by, in mid life, it can be incredibly and horribly shocking. Especially because it seems to happen so quickly.

Personally, I was mortified! That is how I felt. I was horrified. I could not believe it.

That is why we often first think there is some horrible pathology at play here.

Pathologies like this is super rare.

As you have now learned: There is simply a developing hardening scar inside that becomes less and less able to stretch during erection. The less it stretches the more your erections bend.

And that is ALL there is to it. That’s it! Plain and simple. Is that a "disease"?

Still, I know, it is personally horrifying.

However, normally, like I said this is very easy to correct. Yes, very easy.

Why They Say "It's a Mystery"

With Peyronies disease, a scar can be found and it is usually easy to identify. You can often feel it through your skin.

But, many professionals seem to dismiss the fact that the scar was caused by something. Even a trauma 20 or more years ago may have caused this scar, and, it is simply hardening now.

This is why it is often called a mystery. There is no mystery. It’s a very cause and effect situation.

Medical Intervention

With a larger curve, or bend, a medical doctor may offer to do some work on you or prescribe various treatments.

Here’s where you start to have a lot of choices. If medical intervention is appealing to you, then you might want to try these “remedies”.

Unfortunately, if you study the clinical results from most of these remedies, you will see almost every single one proves to be not very effective.  And, these “remedies” can be expensive.

And, after you waste a lot of time and money on them you will wind up here again. So, let’s get right to what works.

"There are only two methods of treatment

that have been clinically proven to work effectively:

 Penile Surgery, and

  Correct Penile Traction."

The Horrible Possible Side Effects of Penile Surgery

Let’s talk about penis surgery first. And, why I think it is an insane option for most men.

Unfortunately, outside of surgery and traction, the other medical remedies rarely prove more than 20% effective. This is what the clinical results show.

A curved penis surgery of this type is usually reserved for extreme bending. And, even then:

" most cases
correct traction has been clinically proven
superior to surgery."


Because penile surgery is still surgery. And, this type of surgery comes with the possibility of some very grave side effects (beside the usual surgical risks) including but not limited to:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Impotence
  • Loss of Sensation
  • Inability to Orgasm
  • Inability to Maintain an Erection

Nice, yes?!

You no longer have a bent or curved penis, BUT: It no longer works!

None of these possible side effects are associated when correct traction is used. That is why I think surgery for this condition is an insane choice. Would you agree?

Fixing a Curved Penis
Safely and Effectively

fixing a curved penis

Now let’s talk about what you probably came here to learn in the first place: “How can I straighten my bent or curved penis effectively and safely without the risks of surgery?”

The answer is very simple.

It’s the method called traction.

Traction is simply pulling. Traction has been used for thousands of years to make men’s dicks bigger.

It has also been found to be the safest and most effective way to make a bent or curved penis straight again when done correctly.

It is so good that it is now medically recommended and endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.

Done incorrectly, you may get no results or cause your erections to bend in yet another direction or multiple directions. So you want to do it right!

How the Traction Method Works

curved penis cure?

A ballet dancer can lift a straight leg high off the ground. You and I can not.

Why? Well, most of us know it is because they stretch a LOT.

Apply the same kind of stretching to the scar in your penis and it will stretch the same way.

You’ve probably seen African tribes that do that to place large saucers in their lips.

Or, some young men and women today who do that in their ear lobes.

That is what correctly applied traction will do for the short side of your curved penis. And, the same holds true for the scar(s) inside a penis that are causing it to bend.

When the tissue lengths are stretched to where they are even, your erections will be straight again.

Perfectly straight? Maybe not. But very nicely straight.

BUT REMEMBER: You must do it correctly and systematically or you can make your situation worse. Or, get no results at all.

How The Traction Device Was Invented

Let me tell you a little about correct penile traction and where it started.

The modern penile traction device was developed in 1994 by a Penis Surgery Specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D.. Dr. Siana is a director and founder of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Germany and Denmark.

Dr. Siana first developed this device to keep a penis straight while it was healing after penile surgery.

He later found it could correct a bending or curved penis. And, then later he found it was so effective it could even enlarge a man’s cock with continual proper use.

It Has Proven to be Extremely Effective

The concept and actual use is so simple, once you see how it is done it makes perfect sense.

The big problem and danger is with some of the units themselves.

There are now 23 different units on the market (my last count). I have researched them all. Most are poorly made.

Why? Simple: It’s cheaper to make a poor one than a really good one. So there is more profit for the manufacturer.

And, because traction can actually enlarge a penis, young men buy these units a lot. Actually, about 20 to 1 for enlarging a shaft rather than straightening a curved penis.

And, that is why these units are more often marketed and sold as "enlargers".

But, make no mistake. The good ones are the best penis straightening devices in the world.

As you learned: They are so good that they are medically recommended and endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.

Which Ones I Think Are Best,
Why I Think So...

There are only 2 companies that make these units that in a way that meet all of my personal requirements for safety and effectiveness.

They are the only ones I have used, and would use personally.

These two companies are Quick Extender Pro and X4Labs.

Quick Extender Pro has a wonderful simple package.

They are simply a top quality unit with a fine tensioning mechanism, super smooth construction, and high quality parts. You can tell this as soon as you open the box and handle them. They have a superior memory foam padded double noose system and a strong tension ability.

curved penis straightening with quick extender proQuick Extender Pro

Now, Pro Extender has what I think is the very best kit.

The spring gives the perfect tension. The attachment was the most comfortable for me. And, the mechanism moves smoothly. That may be why the Pro Extender is the only penis traction device used in over 60 hospitals in Spain alone.

Definitely my own personal first choice.

curved penis straightening that really works, medically endorsed and recommendedThe Pro Extender

Please take the time to click on those links above and read all about the devices from both of these companies. You decided which you think is best. My personal choice was the Pro Extender. If you budget is a little tight, the Quick Extender Pro will give excellent results. I would not hesitate to use this devcie.

Either company will give excellent results. You don't need both.

They both come with a 6 month money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose by trying one of them.

Having Straight Hard Erections Again

Now that you know what the best answer to your curved penis problem is, I want you to take a few minutes to relax and realize that as bad as things look to you right  now:

"If you are like 99.99% of men,

your bent or curved penis problem can be reversed

Safely and Easily."

Be Well.....

~ William

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