Fixing a Bent Penis
is Easy!

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by William Zmachinsky

fixing a bent penis is easy. no surgery, no injections. no drugs.
fixing a bent penis

Fixing a bent penis is quite simple 99% of the time.

AND: It does not require: a dangerous surgery, risky injections, or drugs. Just some simple hands on extremely simple stretching.

As bad and as ugly as your erections may now be, just simple correct stretching is truly all that is required 99% of the time.

So, “How Do I Do This Correctly?”

OK. Let’s talk about stretching.

That’s the key question. Because if you do it wrong you could make things worse.

There are a few methods of stretching your penis to straighten it out.

There is what are called “penis exercises”, jelqing, and traction.

Fixing a bent penis with exercises is really a misnomer. There are no real “exercises” for this because you have no muscles in your shaft.

Penis exercises are actually pulling (stretching) motions that you do by hand.

Using these “exercises” is a very long time consuming process that can be effective if you have the stamina to stay with it. But, it gets really long, is very time consuming and boring.

Jelqing is a dangerous technique that can cause you more harm than good. It’s done with a double roller contraption that you continuously pull over your shaft.

You can see some here.

For fixing a bent penis, correct traction is the king of all methods. And, the only method you can count on for reliable results.

The Method
Clinically Proven
Safest and Most Effective

Correct traction is simple, easy, requires very little attention and has actually proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method for fixing a bent penis.

“Correct penis traction is
 medically endorsed and recommended
 in 29 countries worldwide.”

fixing a bent penis using a traction device

That’s right, it’s medically endorsed and recommended.

Fixing a Bent Penis
Safely, Effectively, and Inexpensively

Correct traction is also extremely inexpensive.

The very best traction units in the world only cost about $400.

Compare that to a $16,000 surgery that may leave you impotent.

Or, $6,000 - $30,000 for a series of injections that don’t really straighten you out and may make your erection bend even worse later on.

Or, $5,000 for a year supply of some orally taken substance that has proven only 30% effective at best.

Making The Right Choice

There is a time and place for surgery, injections, and drugs.

But, 99% of the time, a bent penis is not the place.

Why? Because a bent penis, caused by Peyronies Disease or anything else, is almost never a disease.

That’s right. Peyronies is simply a scar and/or plaque formation that needs to be stretched out. It is NOT a “disease”.

Some benders are genetic.

Others are accidents.

A very small number may be caused by a rare genetic disorder called Dupuytren's contracture.

But, for fixing a bent penis of any kind, 99% of the time, no other method is as safe and effective as some good old fashioned hands on treatment with correct traction.

Your One Big Problem

Now, here’s the one big problem most of us first encounter when fixing a bent penis with traction.

We get all excited about using it. We go looking to buy our traction device. And then: we see more than 20 different ones!

Worse, they all look pretty much alike.

Did looking for one confuse you as much as it did me?

Are all the units the same?

Do they all work as well as each other?

The answer to both those last two questions is definitely:  NO!

The Good, The Bad, and The Terrible

Just like with most any popular product you have really good ones, so so ones, and really bad and even dangerous ones.

When you are fixing a bent penis, namely yours, do you want to make a mistake, save $100, and buy a unit that may cause you harm?

This can happen.

All units work on the same basic principle. They attach to your shaft and pull it.

Although most units look alike at first, on closer inspection they can differ a lot! In both quality and safety.

Here’s What Can Happen

An inferior unit can break and puncture your shaft, causing permanent damage. Was that worth the $100 savings?

An inferior unit may squeeze the tip of your penis so hard that the blood vessels break and your crown is permanently discolored purple or red. Sound good??

Because of cheap materials and/or workmanship, an inferior unit may seize up and require you to buy another one or two before you get the results you want. Was that good buy?

An inferior unit may have a weak spring and give you no satisfactory results even after months of use.

So you want a good, proven, reliable, high quality unit that will do the job as safely as possible.

You Can Have The Best There Is

I have researched them all. At least every one I could find.

Only 2 companies make the units that meet all of my own personal requirements for effectiveness and safety.

These are made by X4Labs and Quick Extender Pro.

X4 Labs best ones cost under $300 and these were my own personal choice. Both companies also make a decent one for under $180 if you are really short on funds.

Either company will give you the best possible unit you can get. Look at them both and see which appeals most to you.

It’s Guaranteed to Work for YOU!

Both companies give you a six month guarantee. It if doesn’t work for you, you can send it back and get your money back.

I have yet to see one go back for not giving the desired result.

I bought them both. That is not necessary.

Either one is all you need. Either of these is as good as the other for fixing a bent penis.

Pick the one you like and see the great results you get!

It’s Almost Too Simple

Fixing a bent penis Safely and Easily is really just this simple.

It seems too simple, right?

fixing a bent penis successfully is easy

So, if you want to spend a lot of money and time trying other methods of fixing a bent penis first, because you think expensive is better, please be my guest. Have a great time.

I’d rather spend all that money going to Hawaii for a week and laying on the beach and swimming with my wife. But, we all have our own preferences.

However, if you are fixing a bent penis and want the best and safest clinically proven results possible, you now know what to do.

Be Well.....

~ William

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