Penis Plastic Surgery
Peyronies Disease

Penis plastic surgery is possibly the worst
decision you could make when it comes to
straightening a bent penis caused by
Peyronies Disease.

penis plastic surgery

Yes, the worst!

There is no treatment available for straightening a bent penis that can cause you more possible problems than penis surgery. None!

Penis plastic surgery should be saved for men whose erections are so deformed that there is no hope of fixing their bent penis any other way.

Most medical professionals would agree on that also.


Because penis plastic surgery has many possible horrible side effects including but not limited to:

  • Possible permanent impotence
  • A shorter penis (this one is guaranteed)
  • Lack of sensation causing an inability to orgasm
  • Future bending from the surgical scarring
  • Utethra damage (the tube that your semen and urine leave your body through)
  • Complications and/or possible death from anesthesia

Does penis plastic surgery still sound like the quick easy answer to your bent penis problem?

When it is not even the method proven best, does it even sound like an acceptable answer?

It’s An Outdated Procedure

At one time, penis plastic surgery was considered the most effective method for straightening curved erections because, medically.

Well, it was the only medically recognized method.

Other methods have also been tried and are sometimes still tried. These include oral and injected drugs which have proven to give only minimal results at best.

Massage can also provide relief. And, it can be far more effective than those medical methods. It’s also a lot safer. But, it’s a very long arduous process.

What Has Been Clinically Proven Safest
Most Effective?

Correct penile traction.

All clinical results confirm this.

Correct traction was only invented in 1994 by a European penile surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

He originally invented his traction device to keep the shaft healing straight after penile surgery.

He soon found the device could do the entire straightening job without surgery, and, far more safely.

The invention of this device has been the greatest medical achievement in the area of penis straightening.

It is so good, if fact, that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Should You Use Penis Plastic Surgery?

For what??

Penis plastic surgery can not make your penis longer (well, not more than 1/4 inch).

Penis plastic surgery can make your penis thicker. But, so can traction. So why risk that surgery?

And: Penis plastic surgery may make you impotent........

As, you learned earlier in this article, unless you are grossly deformed in this area, there is no reason to risk all the possible hideous side effects of penis plastic surgery.

Have I made my point?....

Are You Grossly Deformed?

When those of us who have had Peyronies Disease viewed our own erections and saw them bending at 90 degree angles, I’m sure we all thought it was a gross deformity and would absolutely need penis plastic surgery for correction.

Are you thinking the same thing?

Well, over 99% of us were wrong! And, you most likely are too.

But, when it is our own erection (not some text book example) we consider it much more serious than it actually is.

Especially when it is bending like crazy and for the entire rest of our lives we were having really nice “boners”! Right??

Well, you have an over 99% chance that your bending erection ( even if it is so bent that it causes you pain to get an erection) can be straightened simply and easily with just correct traction.

Yes: Simply and Easily!

A Word of Caution

I think by now, if you have read this far and followed the links I gave you, you know correct traction has been proven to be the best solution for a bent or curved penis.

You also know that “Peyronies” is not a disease.

What you probably don’t know is this:

Most commonly available traction devices are not that good.

Some are very dangerous.

I have researched every single one of them.

The fact is: There are actually only two of these traction devices that meet all my personal requirements for safety and results.

These are the  X4Labs devices and Quick Extender Pro devices.


Let me explain:

Don’t Be Fooled By Cheap Imitators

Here are a few critical points:

1)  A high quality traction device should hold your shaft firmly without squeezing the tip so hard that the blood vessels break.

This is a common problem with inferior devices.

The resultant purple or red discoloration can be permanent.

2)  Many inferior devices are poorly constructed with lower grade materials in order to sell them more cheaply.

These can break while you wear them and puncture you shaft.

Is that kind of permanent damage really worth saving $50 or $100?

Inferior device often seize (the screws get stuck and can not turn). So you have to buy a second, or even third one.

The problems go on and on..... 

So, Why Are There So Many Poor Quality Ones?

They make the manufacturers money.

That’s all there is to it.

The devices all look so similar to the untrained eye, that the bargain hunter is often fooled into purchasing a cheap one, only to find out later that they made a bad choice.

And, here’s why there are so many kinds:

Penis traction can effectively lengthen a man’s shaft permanently!

Are You Ahead of Me Here??

Let’s look at the mathematics.

Only about 4% - 5% of the make population will ever get Peyronies disease.

Only about half of these men will actually desire or need straightening.

Now, about half the population is male.

About 90% of young sexually active males are at least somewhat sexually insecure. (Can you remember back then?? We all were.)

Who do you think the majority of the advertising is aimed at?


Those of us who suffer or suffered from Peyronies disease only account for About 10% of the sales of these devices. Even though we were the ones these devices were originally designed for.

Don’t Be Mislead By The Advertising

A high quality traction device is proven to be the

  • Safest
  • Most Effective 

way to straighten a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease.

All the adds for “male enhancement” (the politically correct term for penis enlargement) are simply money makers.

Even the best units are advertised this way. It’s business, right?

But, the fact is, correct traction can also make your erections bigger. Permanently.

And that’s OK!

All you need to be concerned with is getting a straight erection again. As safely and quickly as possible.

So be sure to get one of the best units available.

penis plastic surgery or correct penis traction?X4 Labs

Getting The Results You Want

successful penis straightening without penis plastic surgery

One more thing:  I can not tell you how incredibly exciting it is to actually see your erections getting straighter and straighter.

It’s an Amazing relief!

You will soon know exactly what I am talking about.

So, forget penis plastic surgery for a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease. And, you can forget all the horrible possible risks that come with it. Almost none of us will ever need it.

Be Well.....

 ~ William

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