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William Zmachinsky author of peyronies-disease-treatments.com

Hello!  My name is William Zmachinsky. I am the author of "Peyronies Disease Treatments dot com".

Just like you, I used to suffer from Peyronies disease.

And, I do mean suffer.

If you are reading this page, you were probably already reading at least one of my articles on this site.

And, maybe you were wondering, “Who is this guy? And, does he know what he’s talking about?”

Fair questions. So, let me answer them for you.

Who Is This Guy?

Well, first, I’m a guy just like you, who about 7 years ago, noticed his erections were bending and, like you, found out he had Peyronies Disease.

Back then, because of the terribly bent penis this condition caused, I began having  trouble even getting a decent erection.

I was devastated... depressed... then, felt humiliated... and, embarrassed.

Even worse, I’m supposed to be “Mr. Heathy Guy”. Right?

I mean I write all the articles about keeping men healthy and sexually strong with natural methods.

Now, here I am with a “disease” that is deforming my manhood.

How did that happen to ME???

It’s NOT a “Disease”

So I began my research on this “disease” only to discover Peyronies Disease is not a “disease”.


Yes, the name is a misnomer. It is just a simple condition that may look and possibly feel terrible, but, it is NOT a “disease”.

Well, that helped me retain a lot of my pride.

But, what was this bending then?

I wanted to know. And, I wanted my straight penis back.

So, I began to study every available treatment for this problem.

Peyronies  Is
One of The Simplest Physical Conditions
to Correct

Amazingly, I found out that Peyronies “disease” is one of the simplest and easiest conditions to correct.

I know it seems devastating and hideous to you now. But, it is not.

On this page I am going to tell you exactly what it really is.

And, you’ll learn how and why it is so easy to fix a bent penis without dangerous surgeries or drugs of any kind, 99% of the time.

That is what this website is all about.

Does William Know What He Is Talking About?

Yes, I do.

Before I got involved studying and researching Peyronies treatment, I was well established as one of the foremost writers and experts on natural care of the prostate gland.

My research and reporting on men’s health issues is unmatched. And, has given tens of thousands of men natural relief from their sexual problems.

I do not diagnose or prescribe anything for anyone.

I simply do the research that you could do yourself if you had months, or years, of free time to devote to it.

Then, I report the real world results to you. In plain English. Not a lot of technical jargon that confuses more than it helps.

You Will Get: the Real World Results

What does that mean? “Real world results”?

It means I don’t care who is right. I’m not married to any of the remedies or the people who develop them. I’m not interested in opinions.

All I want to know is: What really works best and is safest.

Then I report to you what has been proven by actual results to be the

  • Best
  • Safest and
  • Most Effective

natural treatment(s) for any particular condition.

That is what you will find on this website.

You’ll also learn that:

 "The best natural treatment

 for Peyronies Disease

has been clinically proven

to be superior to any other treatment available.

Including penis surgery."

And, this amazingly simple type of treatment is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

When Natural Health Care is Proven Superior

In my own personal experience, and that of the numerous professionals I have spoken with, there is often a natural solution to most health issues that the majority of people seem to be totally unaware of.

And, often, these natural methods are the Best, Safest, and Most Effective solutions of all.

That has been clinically proven true for correcting a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease.

I Don’t Want to Be Drugged or Sliced Up

We all make our own personal choices. And, you will make your own decision on how to handle your Peyronies bent penis condition.

For myself, I really don’t want to be drugged or sliced up if it is not absolutely necessary to save my life.

And, I don’t want to risk or suffer from unnecessary, uncomfortable, or sometimes even horrible or life threatening side effects.

I like being healthy.

William Zmachinsky

I am currently 62. I dance 3 nights a week. Sometimes over 4 hours at one time. I hike miles at a time with my dog. My digestion and elimination is wonderful. I am basically pain free. And, I have regular wonderful sex with my girlfriend.

I almost never get sick. On the very rare occasion I do get a cold of flu, it is gone in 2 or 3 days.

And, for those men with prostate issues, I also pee normally and sleep through the night with no need for drugs of any kind.*

Not bad for 62. And, that’s the way it should be for all men. Even into their 90s!

But, it’s not....

* You can find that prostate information on my #1 rated prostate massage site: www.prostate-massage-and-health.com

Forget About Penis Surgery

The first thing most of us hear after “you have Peyronies Disease.” is: “With surgery.....”

Didn’t that just make you feel even worse? And, a bit scared? It did that to me!

99% of the time, surgery is not necessary for a bent penis!

I went home and thought about it. Well, it was hard to think of much else at that moment.

After the shock wore off, I didn’t like the sound of the whole program.

Penis surgery somehow just didn’t sound like something I wanted to risk. There were too many possible horrible side effects associated with this kind of surgery.

And, I didn’t feel like spending $16,000 on something that might leave me impotent!

I knew there must be a better answer to my problem.

“My instinct told me there must be a way to
get well naturally.”

And, there is!

What Happened to My Penis?

So what happened to Mr. Healthy’s penis???

At first the entire situation mystified me!

I mean me? Of all people? With a bent penis???

But, as I studied I learned this a very simple and common condition. It is NOT a “disease”. And, it happens to about 4-5% of the male population. That’s a LOT of men.

After some intensive research I learned  what is happening:

This Is What Causes Peyronies Disease

This horrible bending is usually caused by a trauma (injury) during rough sex as a young man. A painful bending of an erection, usually during overly enthusiastic sex, caused a small tear, or tears inside our penis.

These little tears (that we never saw) healed unnoticed with a small scar.

Later in our life these little scars (that we didn’t even know we had) hardened.

These hard scars do not stretch like the normal tissue inside. So, our erections now bend in the direction of the unstretchable scar(s).

It’s that simple.

That is ALL there is to it!

Why It Is Happening Now?

Because this scar hardening (and resultant bending) often manifests 10, 20 or even more years later, the Peyronies bending is often wrongly considered a “mystery disease”.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Peyronies is just a simple and grossly misunderstood condition that is easily correctible 99.99% of the time. Without drugs or dangerous surgeries.

Are you starting to feel a little better now? Yo should be.  Because it’s no big deal. And, it’s NOT some “mystery disease”.

It’s Easy to Fix a Bent Penis

Fixing a bent penis is easy, 99% of the time, if you just know how.

And, that’s the key phrase: “If you just know how.”

We often don’t realize the cause of our new problem(s).

But, one thing I invariably found true in life is: Eliminate the cause of the problem and it will disappear. IF, the problem has not progressed too far already.

A second thing I found was: Most problems have not progressed too far. Even if they feel like they have.

Safe, Effective Peyronies Disease Treatment
That Really Works

Now, what does this have to do with Peyronies disease treatment?


And, how does it help you?

Like this:

There are three things you need to know.

1)  There is no mystery to this penis bending. Many professionals like to say there is. But,  there is not.

2)  Most of the advice you get on Peyronies disease treatment is just plain bad advice.

3)  There is really not that much you need to learn about this condition in order to correct it by yourself.

Peyronies is a very simple, and I mean simple, problem that seems horrendous to you now. However, it is easy to correct over 99% of the time.

Yes, easy. Over 99% of the time.

Without: Dangerous Risky Surgery or Drugs of any kind.

It’s Almost Too Simple

One of the most interesting and calming things I learned is: It’s such a simple condition, and so easy to correct, that most men (because of the horrifying bend) fail to understand how simple the whole situation is.

And, then we panic!

You can relax!

Now that you know what is causing the problem, you may already be figuring the answer out for yourself. Right? 

That is why I have created this website. To enable you to quickly cut through all the nonsense and get yourself straightened out again as quickly and safely as possible.

Learning How to Safely and Effectively
Solve Your Problem

I want you to correct your problem as easily as possible.

Reading this entire site will save you months, or years, of laborious research.
And, it will help enable you to get the results you want.

Even just reading the first few articles I have written for you on Peyronies disease treatment will give you all the information you actually need to fix a bent penis 99% of the time.

This is the information I want to pass on to you!

Be Well.....

~ William

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