Temporary Impotence
Peyronies Disease

Temporary impotence can become very much a part of your life if you get Peyronies disease.

When your erections are causing you embarrassment and/or pain, you just might not be able to perform.

“False Impotence”

temporary impotence and peyronies disease

It’s not a double whammy, like: “Oh no. First I got Peyronies. Now I’m becoming impotent.”

That kind of thinking is only natural. But, it is usually not true. And, this way of thinking can really make you suffer unnecessarily.

That’s why I am writing this page for you.

Temporary impotence from Peyronies does not mean there is anything physically wrong with your sexual ability.

This type of erectile dysfunction is also called  “false impotence” or psychological impotence.

Getting Rid of Your Temporary Impotence

The erectile dysfunction from Peyronies that you may be experiencing is usually only temporary.

And, it almost always goes away, by itself, when your bent penis problem is corrected.

There are thousands of us who have been where you are now. And, we are all enjoying a normal sex life again.

If you don’t correct the bending problem, however, your temporary impotence may be a long one! It can go on for years.

But, if you correct take action now to straighten your bent penis, you will most likely be back in the game before too long.

How likely? 99%+

Good enough?

PLEASE:  Stay Away From Erectile Drugs

Please! Erectile drugs can be a very big mistake for you at this point.

About the biggest mistake you can make when you get this type of temporary impotence is to start taking “boner pills”. We all know what they are.

Your bent penis has caused you some very upsetting problems. Your penis won’t get hard.

And, you’re out of the game right now.

It’s OK!

Really. It’s OK. You can fix it 99% of the time. And, without a dangerous surgery.

Let’s talk some sense here:

If you just sprained your ankle, would it be absolutely positively necessary to go running, or play tennis right now, and every day from now on, no matter what?

Of course not!

You would rest, take it easy and wait until your ankle healed up. Then you’d get back to your sport.

Give your penis the same chance. And, the same respect.

99% of the time you can straighten it out  easily and safely, without surgery or erectile drugs.

Once you do, your temporary impotence will probably disappear “like magic”. And, like I told you: It’s happened for thousands of us already.

The Clinically Proven Best Method

OK. I said “Once you straighten your bent penis your temporary impotence will probably go away ‘like magic’.” Right?

So how do you straighten it? Safely? And, Effectively

Surgery is usually the worst possible choice. The possible side effects from this type of surgery are terrible and include impotence.

Penis surgery should be reserved only for those who have absolutely no other choice. Well, all surgery should be saved for those times, in my opinion.

But, let’s get back to our matter at hand here....

What is the best clinically proven way to straighten a bent penis?

Correct penis traction.

Correct penis traction has been clinically proven to be the

  • Safest
  • Most Effective Method

for straightening a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease.

It is so good, in fact, that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

This Is Psychological, NOT Biological

Your temporary impotence here is also known as “false impotence”.

Your mind is not having this situation.
Or, the pain from a severely bending penis is shutting you down.

It is not a biological problem. It’s psychological.

Once you straighten your erection, your mind quickly learns that it is ok with sex again. And, there is no pain to shut off your erotic desires either.

That’s all the “magic” there is to this.

And, a bent penis is so easy to fix!

Straightening Takes a Little Time

As I told you earlier, you’re going to be out of the game for a little while.

Even tough this is a very easy problem to fix 99% of the time, it takes a little while to correct it.

You’re not going to wake up tomorrow and be back to normal.

Yes, it’s just temporary impotence. But, not that temporary.

Correct penis traction works slowly. Like when you learn to stretch your muscles in Yoga (for those of you who have tried this).

How Correct Penis Traction Works

Correct traction works like this:

There is a bit of tissue inside your shaft that has become harder and harder. It just will not stretch properly any more.

So, the hard unstretchable tissue pulls your erection in it’s direction.

That is why your erection may bend up, down, sideways or in more than one direction.

Wherever you have enough of this hardened tissue, you’ll get bending in that direction.

Correct penis traction will gradually stretch this hardened tissue out. When it is stretched enough, you’ll have a nice looking, decently straight erection that can work normally.

Little by little you can watch your erections getting straighter. It’s a wonderful thing to see!

It’s that simple.

Will your erection be perfectly straight again?

Maybe. Maybe not. But, it can be real nice. Nice enough that no one notices.

The Hard Part

The hard part is working your way through all the terrible traction devices out there to find the best traction device available.

Then it's just a matter of being diligent and persistent.

If you are, it’s almost impossible not to see results.

And, believe me, watching your cock straighten will inspire you, like nothing else can, to keep going on with your traction program.

Doing It Right

temporary impotence and peyronies

If you have temporary impotence caused by Peyronies disease, you now know how to make it disappear Safely and Easily.

Be Well.....

~ William

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