Treatment For Peyronies Disease

That Really Works

the best treatment for peyronies disease

what is the best treatment for peyronies disease?

"I need treatment for Peyronies disease???"

You developed a bent penis.

The bend got worse and is now quite terrible. Right?

You went to your doctor, you got a diagnosis of: “Peyronies Disease”. He started talking about treatments.....

Your heart started to race. That name is horribly frightening. And, it falsely tells you you now have a hideous “disease”.

You began to panic. Right again? Did you break out in a sweat like most of us did?

You got home, anxious and depressed, and jumped on the internet and tried to learn all you could about the treatment for Peyronies disease..

Sound familiar?

There Is A HUGE Amount Of Mis-Understanding
About This Condition

You probably read a lot of horrible misinformation from normally reliable sources like: 

  >  The Cause is Unknown

  >  It Requires Surgery

  >  The injections That Work Will Cost Over $25,000

  >  It's a Mystery Disease

On, and on, and on.....  Right?

A horrible, horrible experience. The bending was bad enough.

Was all that information on the treatment for Peyronies disease even more depressing and confusing?

What If You Make The Wrong Decision?

Now, which of all the Peyronies disease treatments your read about is the best treatment for Peyronies Disease?

What if you make a mistake


choose a treatment for Peyronies

that makes your condition worse later on?

Yes, that's very possible.

Some treatments, may make your bending worse years later. Especially if they involved chopping up the scar tissue.

It’s a nightmare for ALL of us who wind up developing this condition. ALL of us.

You are not alone. Every single one of us who ever developed Peyronies went through this same awful, terrible, humiliating, depressing scenario.

Every single one of us.

You Are Not Alone

There was never a guy who said: “Wow! How cool! Look how my cock seems like it got slammed in a car door! Fantastic. You know intercourse is impossible. Nice, huh!? And, the pain.. man, I can’t even get a decent erection anymore. This is so utterly wonderful. My sex life is ruined. I feel like a freak. I’m embarrassed as hell. This is just the best thing ever!!”........

Of course not!

It’s a nightmare! And, we never learn about this simple condition as we are growing up. So it’s especially shocking and frightening when it happens. And, the often recommended treatment for Peyronies disease often seems even worse.

The good news is: 99.99% of the time, no matter how awful and ugly and painful your erections have become from this “Non-Disease”:

“You can easily straighten yourself out,
without any
surgery, injections, drugs, or dangerous treatment, 99.99% of the time.”

Yes, I know. You think your bend is so awful and extreme that you are in the 0.01% right?

Super highly unlikely.

You Can Straighten Your Erections Out
By Yourself
For Under $400

99.99% of the time, that statement will prove true. Those are fantastic odds.

The best proven treatment for Peyronies disease is something you do all by yourself, for a cost less than $400.

This treatment for Peyronies Disease is also medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Sound interesting?

What Is This New Treatment For Peyronies Disease?

This clinically proven
Safest and Most Effective
Treatment for Peyronies disease
is called

Correct Penis Traction.

In Fact:  The ONLY two kinds of treatment for Peyronies disease that are proven to actually straighten a man’s cock successfully are correct traction and surgery.

The Possible Horrible Side Effects
Penis Surgery

Now let’s talk a little about surgery as a treatment for Peyronies disease. Yes, you can get straightened out this way.

HOWEVER: Penile surgery comes with these possible side effects (to name a partial list):

  • Impotence

  • Urinary Infection

  • Inability to Attain or Maintain an Erection

  • Loss of Sensation

  • Inability to Orgasm

Wow! How exciting is that? Fantastic for the man who loves going from bad to worse.

Your cock is no longer bending, but, you can’t get an erection! The treatment sounds worse than the problem!

No, not everyone has a bad outcome. Some of these surgeries work out very well. But, the risks are always there.

And, surgery, as your treatment for Peyronies disease, will cost you between $9,000 and $16,000.

Do you want to gamble that you won’t be one of the unlucky ones?

Especially when those risks are absolutely unnecessary 99.99% of the time?

Correct Traction Has
Of Those Possible Surgical Side Effects

The things is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or face the possible surgical risks 99.99% of the time.

You just don’t have to.

Now, what about the doctor recommended and endorsed method of treatment for Peyronies disease called correct traction?

For under $400?

"Correct penis traction
has none of the possible horrible and hideous
side effects of a surgery."

ANDCorrect penis traction has been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective penis straightening treatment for Peyronies disease available anywhere in the world.

This Horrible Bending Condition
 Is Not Nearly As Serious
 As It Seems To You Right Now

Honestly. It is not.

You know why the whole situation has been blown out of proportion?

I think it is because the cause is so simple and the resulting bend and sexual complications are so horrifying, that many people just refuse to see it for what it is.

And, so many men seem to think they need a terribly complex, expensive treatment for Peyronies disease. Like that will be better than something simple that has already been clinically proven to be safest and most effective.

In today’s society, sadly, so many of us seem to like having an affliction, with an official name, that we can talk about. And, a very expensive complex treatment.

It’s become kind of the thing to have.

That's nonsense.

Don’t let this become that for you.

The Reason It’s Not As Bad As You Imagine

The reason your Peyronies bent penis is not as horrible as it seems to you right at this moment, is because it is not a “disease”. It’s a simple, easily correctable condition 99.99% of the time.

Nope. It’s not a disease at all.

It is a condition.

Please understand that. You're not looking for a "cure".

It is simply a scar and/or plaque formation inside you shaft on one or more of you erectile chambers that needs stretching out.

That’s what’s causing this whole nightmare.

treatment for peyronies disease that really works

non surgical treatment for peyronies disease can be safe and effective

Where The Scarring Comes From

The scar(s) inside your shaft usually came from a tear you probably never even knew you got many years ago when you were having some very exciting or rough sex and you bent your erection just slightly.

That’s all there is to it. You probably didn’t even realize it bent at all.

For 95% of men this never causes a problem

But, for about 5% of us, these scars harden. The hardened tissue won’t let that portion of your erectile chamber stretch out enough during erection.

This makes your erection bend in the direction of the un-stretching hard tissue. The harder the scar becomes the worse the bend.

That is all there is to this bending.

A Real Mid-Life Crisis

This scar hardening happens usually in a man’s mid life. Usually between the ages of 40 - 60.

So, even though the tearing occurred even 20 or 30 years prior, the scarring is just hardening now.
Can you understand why so many think it’s cause is a mystery?

It is no mystery at all. And, happily, no tragedy either. Especially now that there is correct penis traction as a treatment for Peyronies disease.

It’s Not A Disease
It’s Not A Mystery

So, you see it’s no mystery at all.

And, it is no more a disease than a scar on your hand, or your forehead, or your lip are.

Does that make sense?

These hard scars only cause a problem because your cock needs to stretch out so much during erection.

Your hand, forehead and lip never need to do that. So even though all your scars are getting harder (an actual genetic advantage because they get stronger) only the ones inside your shaft are causing you a problem. You don’t even notice the others.

The Straightening Is Almost Always
 Super Simple

Yes, really. It is.

So, let’s look at how simple, yes simple, it is to get rid of the problem.

Here’s all you need to do:

Stretch out the short hardened tissue enough and your erection will be straight again.


That’s it!

That’s all there is to it.

I can’t understand why anyone wants to make it so complicated. Well, I can. But, to me, making things unnecessarily difficult is just plain stupidity.

Finding The Best Proven
Doctor Recommended Method

The only thing you really need to know is: What the best proven method is to do the necessary straightening.

To me (and hundreds of thousands of other men) that method of treatment for Peyronies disease would be correct traction.

Do you agree?

And, if doctors recommend and endorse this drugless, non-surgical method for treatment of Peyronies disease in 29 countries world-wide, it must be pretty darn good.

Do you agree?

Don’t get me wrong: I think some surgeries are just wonderful. They can be life saving in certain circumstances. Everybody knows that.

But, doesn’t it make sense to try correct penis traction first, and save risky surgeries for  the times when they are necessary, and not go through all the surgical risks (not to mention the expense) if you don't have to?

The One Thing To Be Careful Of

Correct penis traction is so simple and yet so powerful.

There is just one thing I must warn you about when choosing a penis traction device for treatment of Peyronies disease:

Don’t buy a cheap imitation device.

You could wind up regretting that forever.

I can only call them imitations because: In the advertisements they look just like the excellent ones.  But, they are not the same. And, they can be super dangerous. And should never be used as a treatment for Peyronies disease.

When a penis traction device is not made of the best and strongest materials, in the best way, you risk breakage.

If the device breaks in the package, it would be no real problem. But, that’s not where they tend to break.

If the device snaps and breaks while you are wearing it, you can possibly suffer severe permanent penile damage. By that I mean it can puncture your shaft. Yes, cut a hole in it. If it happens to cut your urethra (the tube you pee through) you can be in big trouble.

"If the poorly made device punctures one of you erectile chambers,
you can wind up with erectile dysfunction
a Peyronies condition
far worse than what you have now."

No one wants that risk when they choose their treatment for Peyronies disease. Unfortunately, you are rarely told that possibility even exists.

Is all that risk worth saving $100 - $150?

Of course not. 

Especially when one of the very best units in the world can be purchased for under $400. The very best.

The poorly made and the dangerous devices are only about $100 - $200 less.

PLEASE:  When you are using traction as treatment for Peyronies disease: Don’t buy a piece of dangerous junk.

Getting The Best Treatment
Peyronies Disease

As you learned: The safest and most effective treatment for Peyronies has proven to be correct traction 99.99% of the time.


Mostly because correct traction is one of the only two methods that really work. AND, more importantly: because correct penis traction has proven to be the safest effective method of treatment for Peyronies disease .

successful treatment for peyronies disease
successful non-surgical treatment for peyronies disease

Be Well.....

~ William

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