What Is Impotence?

What is impotence?

This word “impotence” scares so many of us men. Especially as we get older and older. And, the threat becomes more real.

What is impotence?

The thought of losing our sexual ability is usually likened to losing all of our manhood and masculinity. All of our strength. All of our appeal.

This is not true at all.

And, becoming impotent is not a necessary outcome of growing older.

So, what is impotence? What is causing it? Can it be corrected without using dangerous drugs?

Let's Look at
The Definition of Impotent

If we look at the Oxford Dictionaries’ Definition of what is impotence, we find this as the first definition:

“Unable to take effective action; helpless or powerless.”

I love that definition the best! Because it does not say there is anything actually physically wrong with you.

It simply implies you are unable to take effective action right now, at this moment. You are powerless at this moment.

It does not mean forever. It means right now.

The word itself comes to us by way of Old French from the Latin and simply means: “powerless”.

To us here, it simply means: “an inability to get or maintain an erection, or the inability to achieve an orgasm right now.”

"There is no good reason for any man to
remain impotent
before his late 90s or later."

Can Peyronies Disease
 Make a Man

Well, that’s our real question for this website.

Peyronies Disease, in advanced stages, can really ruin your sex life. For sure.

Am I impotent?

- You have a severely bent penis.

- It may be painful to even get an erection because of the severe bend.

- The bend may be causing your partner a lot of pain

- You have begun to worry about sex so much that you can’t get a decent erection anymore

- Your new worry about performance is making it impossible to maintain an erection

The list goes on and on.


Any sexual problem
 caused by Peyronies Disease
 usually disappears
once the condition is resolved.

Is that the best news today?

What is Impotence
Right Here and Now?

If you have just recently become unable to perform because of a bent or severely curved penis, “What is impotence really?” is a question that is probably running through your mind.

And, it is probably frightening you just as it did the rest of us who started having erectile problems after our penis decided to take on it’s huge horrible bend.

Again, if you are like most of the rest of us who have suffered through this condition, your problem is probably just temporary impotence.

Yes, temporary.

Temporary here can mean weeks, months or years. It depends on how long it takes you to decide to effectively and safely correct your condition and take the necessary action.

It’s that simple.

When Will It Go Away?

So, you ask:

 What is impotence?

Will it go away?

When will it go away?

If your impotent state was cause by your curving or even severely bending penis, it will most probably disappear when your penis straightens out.

It’s usually just that simple.

But, how do you fix a severely curved penis penis?

Easily! If you do it right.

If you try doing wrong, you can make matters worse and screw yourself up big time and suffer the hideous possible side effects of dangerous methods.

Straightening Your Curved Penis

If you have been reading this site and are on this page because you’re not performing normally any more, the question: What is impotence?, is plaguing you without mercy now. Right?

You’re not the only one.

Our manhood is precious.

That same thing happened to ALL of us who were where you are right now. ALL of us!

And, the good news is: All of those of us who used the traction method to correct our problem, to my knowledge, are back to normal. Yes, normal. Like there was never a problem at all.

It’s no secret. This condition and it’s symptoms are no mystery.

And, as bad as it seems to you right now, Peyronies is easy to correct if you do it right.

Easy! It just takes some time and dedication to the process.

And, for almost all of us, all the problems that our curved penises caused us went away when we got straightened out.

Beware of Boner Pills

You know what I’m talking about.

So, PLEASE: Do not do something foolish now. I know you’re in a panic. That is just a natural response to this condition.

But, don’t be so foolish as to start taking pills to get an erection. An erection that is not of much use anyway.

If you have been wondering if you’re never going to be able to have a normal sex life again because things are not working correctly right now, “just chill out”, as the kids say.

You’re going to be out of commission for a few months or so.

It’s no big deal.

Don’t make things worse for yourself by taking some sexual stimulants that may kill you. Yes, they may possibly kill you. Or, make you go blind. No joke...

Be smart.

Take the necessary time and effort to do things right and you have a better than 99% chance of returning to normal.

It’s An Easy Fix

What is impotence?

It’s what you feel right now.

It’s where you are right now.

It’s not going to last for ever, or, even very long if you do things properly.

So, make it a thing of the past.

If you are like most of us, you can do this Safely and Easily.

overcoming peyronies impotence

Be Well.....

~ William

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