Prostate Problems
Can Be Long Term Torture!

prostate problems

you learn to correct them

Yes, prostate problems can make you simply miserable. As you already know if you are suffering with any of them.

You may be wondering why I’m taking the time to write about them on a site for Peyronies disease treatments. Right?

Probably because: “When it rains it pours.”

By that I mean, you developed a Peyronies penis curvature problem.

And, you may also be wondering why you also developed one or more of these prostate problems:

  • ED (erectile dysfunction)....

  • BPH

  • Prostatitis

  • Weak Erections

  • Prostate Inflammation

  • Weak Flow

  • Low Sperm Count

Are you wondering why your sexual apparatus seems to be falling apart now?

The Real Mid Life Crisis

God bless you if you have none of those prostate problems.

But, when we reach mid life (and beyond) all kinds of sexual health issues seem to begin for most of us men. Not, just Peyronies disease. Prostate problems are epidemic.

So, I thought I would share some of my other research with you here.

Mid Life
and the onslaught

Prostate Problems

Male sexual problems seem to be the front runners of male health issues once we reach mid life. Especially prostate problems.


It’s not age.

Age is not toxic.

It’s all the wrong things we do (knowingly or unknowingly), and right things we don’t do, before we reach middle age that seem to want their revenge about now. And, they can be merciless!

The Good News:

Most prostate problems are reversible.

Until we correct what is causing these troubles, they never really go away! They can be inconvenient, humiliating, frustrating, embarrassing, depressing, and sometimes even horribly painful. Am I right?

And, they can linger and grow worse.

The bad news: They can go on for 20 or more years if you don’t turn things around.

What About Prostatitis?

painful prostate problems

Young men who get prostatitis in their 20s can still have it into their 60s and 70s. Like an unending curse!

I get regular letters from men who say they had suffered from their prostatitis for more than 20 years and nothing they tried before really helped them.

They tell me they now applied the natural protocols (as I personally did) that worked for other men they read about here. And, then after 6 months they became pain free. Pain free!

What About BPH?

prostate problems and BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia

BPH... right? The most  prevalent of all prostate problems in middle age and older men. It makes you feel old immediately. Your peeing has slowed waaaaaay down. Are you running to the bathroom 5 or 6 times a night with this problem?

You’re not alone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get that under some control? Even down to just once or twice a night?

Erectile Dysfunction Anyone?

prostate problems and erectile dysfunction

Weak erections??? No erections?? Not uncommon.

In fact:

“40% of men over 40 are impotent.”

Yes, 40% are impotent!

A lot more can’t get, or maintain, a decent erection.

If you are in this category, you’re not alone here either. And, countless men have reversed this condition without resorting to drugs of any kind.

It’s Not Old Age
It’s Not “Normal”

Why do we develop all these prostate problems?

The key word in that sentence is: “develop”. We develop our prostate problems. Often over many years.

And, they are not some “old age phenomenon.” They don’t happen when you stay sexually healthy.

You see, little by little, over the years, in modern life we do a lot of things, knowingly or unknowingly, that destroy our health in general.

Your prostate gland is one of the most vulnerable parts of your anatomy. It has to filter all the toxins out of your blood when it makes semen or your sperm will die. This filtering is a normal process. It should work easily and effectively your whole life.

In a clean healthy body, the filtering mechanism cleans itself automatically and efficiently.

Getting older in good health is normal. If you’re not poisoning, debilitating, or weakening yourself.

This overwork most men give their gland these days is not what Nature intended for it to handle. But, these days that is considered “normal”.

We Do It To Ourselves

Your male gland can only take so much abuse before it breaks down. Then all kinds of malfunction and disease can develop.

The way we suffer with all these prostate problems

is not “normal”.

Although it seems to be because most men do it. Unnecessarily. It is part of our modern “culture”.

What Causes All These Prostate Problems?

When we:

  • Drink poor quality water all the time

  • Breathe polluted air every day

  • Eat chemically produced foods

  • Consume all kinds of various chemical drugs....

Just how much can one little filter take?

Most men would not treat their car this badly.

On top of that,

  • Most of us stress out too much

Too much stress weakens our immune systems and all of our organs so they can not do their job properly.

  • Lack of sufficient sleep

makes things even worse.

Are you getting the picture?

“Prostate problems are not “Normal”.
They just seem normal because so many of us
develop them by the way we live.”

If we start treating our bodies right, and start giving them what they need, most prostate problems can be reversed.

Yes, most.

What About Prostate Cancer?

Why do you think prostate cancer is the number one cancer in men?

It’s no mystery.

After years of just too many toxins and the resulting long term toxic overload (that the precious gland just couldn’t flush out of itself), it gets poisoned. It starts to suffocate, die and mutate. That’s how cancer develops. The same holds true for women’s breasts.

What Causes BPH?

Want to know why your gland has swollen up and is making it hard for you to pee?

Your prostate gland needs some specific nutrients that are very lacking in modern foods. Without these nutrients it becomes unable to do it’s job effectively.

goiter and BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia

When your gland becomes weakened by this mal-nutrition, it grows larger (just as the thyroid gland develops goiter due to lack of iodine). It does this in an attempt to do its job efficiently enough.

That’s ALL BPH is.

Often a single nutrient from the Saw Palmetto berry, and some correct prostate massage, has proven to be enough to remedy this problem.

And, BPH is normally reversible (and preventable) in most cases if you catch it early enough.

How About Horrible Super Painful Prostatitis?

This was once a most painful chronic personal curse of my own. Right at the height of my active sex life!

Prostatitis can torture young men in their twenties and thirties as well as older men.

Prostatitis can be truly wicked. It can hurt so much you can’t sleep.
It can be caused by bacteria or simply by sexual overindulgence.

It can hurt so much that you feel like you’d rather never have sex again than suffer with it any more.

Yes, prostatitis can be brutal!!

If you ever had a serious bout with prostatitis, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

"If you never had this horrible problem,
take care of your gland properly,
and you probably never will."

Why Is There So Much Erectile Dysfunction?

prostate problems erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction scares most men. It’s like losing part of your being. Right? You feel totally emasculated. Humiliated. Depressed....

The cause of most erectile dysfunction is all too obvious.

To an otherwise healthy man, erectile dysfunction comes simply from being “out of gas”. You’ve used up your vital forces. Either by overindulgence, lack of proper rest, lack of necessary nutrients, general overwork and over stressing.

But, we, in modern society, are encouraged to over work. Right? To stress out to the max. We are rewarded for it and praised for it. Right?

But, then we can’t get a decent erection. So, we think we have some terrible disease. Or, that something horrible is happening.

Most of the time, men are simply drained of their sexual energy to the point that they no longer recuperate any more.

Again, in most cases this is reversible.

Drugs (both legal and illegal) and diabetes can also ruin your ability to get an erection.

Is There A Connection Between
Prostate Massage and Sexual Health?

In this one article there is no way I can explain all the natural methods that have proven to rejuvenate our sexual apparatus effectively.

But, I will tell you that correct prostate massage technique can perform seeming “Miracles”.


Because correct massage enables you to flush your gland with loads of fresh blood day after day.

If you create fresh healthy nutrient rich blood, and deliver it to your gland with correct massaging, I think you will be more than Amazed at what can happen.

Why I Am Writing This Article
Prostate Problems

I have written this article to give you the knowledge that there are Natural Safe Ways that all (yes ALL) of these problems have been relieved. For tens of thousands of men over the past hundreds of years.

Because of my own personal suffering, and need to find answers, I have devoted an entire website, and over 10 years of research to these topics.

The website is

If you are having any kind of prostate problems, and you want to learn about ALL NATURAL methods that have proven successful for tens of thousands of men, you might want to click on that link and read as much of the site as you can.

All the information there is free. Yes free. There is no book or manual I will be trying to sell you. All the information is right there on those pages.

You may learn a lot of wonderful things there that are not common knowledge anymore. And, you may save yourself years of research and suffering.

How I Learned to Solve

All Of My Own Prostate Problems

Just to be clear. I do not diagnose or prescribe anything for anyone or any condition.

The website mentioned above began for this reason:

I had some serious super painful prostate problems and was not getting any successful answers from the mainstream practitioners.

So, I set out to find my own answers. I didn’t want some half way, sort of, somewhat soothing things. I wanted to feel great again. And, function normally again. It’s that simple.

What I did is research what men have done, to solve their prostate problems using only natural methods, for the past hundreds of years.

When medicines and anti-inflammatories, etc., etc.... failed for me, I started my research. And, I found my answers and what reversed all of my own prostate problems.

I wanted to share that information with whoever else might find it of value.

I’m Doing Pretty Darn Well At 65

Yes. My excruciating years of prostatitis are a thing of the past. So is the temporary ED I had experienced.

I now have normal regular erections
and regular healthy sex.

My chronic prostatitis is a thing of the past.

I pee nicely and don’t leak.

I can sleep through the entire night.

I am now 65 years old.

You can most likely get similar results. Whatever your age is. 20 or 80.

Yes, age is not toxic. What we do can be very toxic.

Just like the successful Peyronies disease treatments you have been reading about on this website, there are all natural methods for relieving prostate problems that have worked for tens of thousands of men for hundreds of years.

I, and tens of thousands of men, have made our prostate problems a thing of the past with these methods.

What do you think they may do for you?

prostate problems in middle age men
learn about prostate problems
prostate problems and prostatitis at any age

Be Well.....

~ William

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