Using The Leriche Technique
Peyronies Disease
Absolute Insanity

Leriche technique problems

Why is using the Leriche technique absolute insanity?

This is so simple to answer. And, anyone with half a brain who understands anything about Peyronies Disease and what caused it, will wonder why this method of penis straightening is ever used.

If you did any research yourself on what causes Peyronies Disease you’d have to be a complete moron to use this procedure.

The Leriche technique may straighten your erection for a while, but then it will probably leave you with twice the problem in the future.

Yes, it will probably make things much worse later.

Don’t Be Sucked In With False Information

Let me explain:

Unfortunately, too many people, men and women, are just too lazy these days to do any real research on the cause of whatever condition they have.

And, some just don’t know the information is available.

It seems most people these days just want the easy way. So, they go to a “specialist” and have that person “take care of them”. They think the more they spend the better off they will be.

To these people I almost want to say: “You deserve any bad outcome and consequences you get for your pure laziness.”

The Age of Mis-Information

But, I can’t.

I can’t because, a lot of people search for correct information and get a lot of common mis-information or just plain bad information.

Fortunately, you are someone who is digging a little deeper and saving yourself from a creating worse situation than you are in now.

The internet is the greatest information provider in the history of mankind.

HOWEVER!!: There is a lot of false information everywhere. Including on the internet.

There is no screen or filter for information accuracy on the net. Or even in text books, for that matter.

A lot of “standard texts” have some of the worst most misguided and harmful information available.

You have to be able to sift the good from the bad yourself.
How do you do that?

Often, all that takes is some common sense.

Why Using The Leriche Technique is So DANGEROUS
(to be blunt):  Stupid!

So here’s common sense that anyone who is able to read this will be able to understand.

When I explain this, you will quickly understand why you should stay away from using the Leriche technique for a bent penis caused by Peyronies.

First: The reason you have Peyronies “Disease” is you have scar and/or plaque tissue that is too rigid to stretch properly when you get an erection.

So, your penis curves (or bends terribly) in the direction of the hard scar tissue.

That is all there is to Peyronies. It’s that simple.And, that is also why it is not a “disease”.

Second: The Leriche technique cuts up that scar, with a lot of jabs from an 18 gauge needle. (The process is called needle aponeurotomy).

Leriche Technique for Peyronies Disease

If the needle can’t cut enough a small scalpel-like knife called a"serpette"
is used.

The cutting continues until the penis (under saline or pump induced erection) straightens. The number of cuts is unlimited.

The Leriche technique takes only about 30-60 minutes and is done on an outpatient basis. This is what makes it seem so appealing.

Once the existing scar is chopped up it enables your erection to form in a much straighter fashion.

Seems real good so far, right?


It’s a hideous mistake!


The new increased scar tissue that will form  (from all the needle punctures) will cause a more massive thicker scar to form as times goes on.

Are you getting the picture?


Let's go on.....

More Scar Tissue Causes
Future Bending

I’ll explain.

This is how scar tissue develops:

1) A soft delicate new tissue forms to heal the wound

2) The tissue thickens to provide extra strength to the area

3) The tissue then thickens more, hardens and shrinks and possibly forms fibrous plaque to add even more strength to the injured area.

Let’s Take a Look Inside Your Penis

As that chopped up scar is healing it is more scar that is healing it. The old scar was not removed. Just chopped up. Are you ahead of me here?

Right!! MORE added scar tissue! A new thicker heavier denser scarring is developing.

At first, for 1/3 of men who use the Leriche technique, everything seems great.

Then, later, after some time:  More scar = MORE and WORSE Peyronies than before.

Why YOU Are At High Risk

The reason you have Peyronies Disease is that you are one of the people whose scar tissue gets hard and inflexible.

What do you think is going to happen to all these new scars you get from the Lariche technique? Will they stay soft and pliable, as brand new scar tissue usually is?


Over a rather short amount of time those new scars are going to harden just like your previous scars. Why? Because that is how your particular body heals.

This is why it may look good at first and then become a total disaster later on.

With the Leriche technique you are creating double your problem!

Where is the thinking there?? It is absurd!

The Leriche technique is a temporary fix for about 1/3 of the men who try it.

And, the consequences are nerve damage, reduced blood flow, and possibly an even worse Peyronies condition down the road.

Ask Any Plastic Surgeon

Scar shrinking and tightening, as I explained, is a natural development of scar tissue.

Ask any plastic surgeon about this.

This is why face lifts often look better a few years after they were performed than right after they heal.

Those scars shrink and tighten the face more as the first few years pass.

The same thing is going to happen in your penis.

So, you wind up with Peyronies all over again. Only now, then you’ll have a lot more scarring and hard thickness in there to deal with.

And, the real joke is: They say you can “do the procedure again if the condition returns”.

Is there no end to the insanity here???

Each time the scarring become thicker and more difficult to work with.

Nerve Damage and Reduced Blood Flow

With each surgery you also get more nerve damage and more compromised blood flow.

These two things can cause:

  • Impotence
  • Inability to orgasm
  • inability to attain or maintain an erection

It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?

Let’s Stop The Insanity Right Now!

Sure, the Leriche technique is far less invasive than the Nesbit procedure.

But, why are we assuming that we need to cut things up to fix them in the first place??

I’ll tell you why: It was the only effective medical way to relieve this situation up until 1994.

And, when you have a health issue where do you usually go?

A medical doctor, right?


“99.99% of the time,
the Leriche technique, the Nesbit procedure,
or anything else that involves
 cutting or piercing, etc...
is just not necessary
for straightening a bent or curved penis
caused by Peyronies Disease.”

So, now that you have the facts on the absurdity of using the Leriche technique to straighten your erections, let me tell you how you can Safely and Effectively straighten a bent penis without the risks of surgery 99.99% of the time.

Safe, Effective, Medically Endorsed
Medically Recommended

In 1994 Dr. Jorn Ege Siana (a penis surgery specialist) developed the first penis traction unit.

Dr. Siana invented this device to keep a penis straight after penis surgery.

*After having the Leriche technique surgery you are required to have lasting erections every day for a month to try to achieve daily straightening. This is what the penis traction device was designed to do more effectively.

Well, to make a long story short, with a bit of increased pull from the traction device, Dr. Siana found that a bent penis could be straightened over time with no surgery!

No Surgery!

No Surgical risks! 

None of The Leriche Technique Risks

Well, how Great is that!??

This means:

  • No nerve damage
  • No circulation damage
  • No loss of sensation
  • No erectile dysfunction from nerve damage
  • No inability to orgasm from nerve damage


Safety and
The Best RESULTS Possible!!

Yes, you get real results.

In fact, correct penis traction has been clinically proven to give the Safest and Best results of ANY method.

Not just the maybe 20-30% improvement with injections or other possibly dangerous ineffective therapies.

Real effective straightening results!

This is why it is now medically endorsed and medically recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Correct penis traction offers:
real results without the
surgical risks.

It is now Medically Endorsed
and Medically Recommended
in 29 countries worldwide.

There is just not enough room in this one article to tell you all the benefits of correct penis traction and how it works.

This article is just to help you keep from creating a huge potential disaster in your life using the Leriche technique.

So, I am going to refer you to two in depth articles on penis traction and straightening:

- Fix Your Bent Penis Safely and Easily

- Which Penis Traction Device is Most Effective?

Please read those articles right now. You will learn everything you know to make a good and wise decision.

You will also learn how easy it is to Safely and Effectively straighten almost any curved or bent penis without the possible horrible consequences of the Leriche technique or and other penis surgery.

Be Well.....

~ William

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