Are Penis Injections Effective
Peyronies Disease Treatment?

penis injections for peyronies disease

Penis injections are one of the worst things you can use for Peyronies Disease Treatments.


First: They don’t really work.

They have proven to be only about 30% effective at best. And, that was for a small percentage of all the cases in combined clinical trials of all injectables available. The other 70% of the men had very little or no results.

Second: Penis injections set you up for worse Peyronies complications in the future because they create additional scarring where every injection is made.

Third: The only injections approved by the FDA for Peyronies Disease Treatment will cost you $30,000 - $50,000 for just one complete set. Yes, you read that correctly, thirty to fifty thousand dollars.

Why Penis Injections Make No Sense

Sure, if you could get a shot in your shaft  and have it straighten out that would be really nice!

A quick easy simple solution to a painful, embarrassing, emotionally and physically disturbing problem.

If it really worked that way, I would have done it myself and I’d be recommending it to everyone with a bent penis problem.

However, that is not the reality of the story.

The reality is:

You will get very minimal or no results
 from these penis injections.

You will spend a lot of money,
and create even more scarring
inside your shaft.

 This scarring will be in the exact place you’re trying to overcome the existing
 scar problem you already have.

That’s what all the clinical studies show.

So why would anyone do this???

Why Are They Still Used?

This is a question that boggles the mind.

In “hope that it will work for you”? That’s my guess.

I don’t believe anyone would give them for no reason.

And, maybe minimal results are all some men feel they need. So, maybe they are the ones who still give it a shot.

For a very select few, the results may even be satisfactory.

But, I have not seen even one clinical study where the clients or the doctors came back and said: “Oh yeah! These things are fantastic. They were very effective. My problem is solved...”.

Not a single clinical or even non-clinical study comes back that way.

What Penis Injections Hope to Achieve

Peyronies Disease Treatments are focused on dissolving, softening, or lengthening the scar/plaque formations inside the penile shaft.

As you know, it is these tough hard formations that are preventing your erections from forming normally.

The hard tissue does not stretch like the normal tissue and it causes your shaft to bend in their direction during erection.

If that hard tissue is made supple enough it would then be able to stretch like the rest of the normal tissue and  you’d have straight erections again.

But, unfortunately, penis injections do not cause that to happen effectively.

Getting Rid of the Pain

penis injections for peyronies pain

If your erection gets so bent that it is causing you pain, injecting Verapamil has often been found to loosen the tissue just enough to help with the pain problem.

However, topically applied Verapamil cream has been shown to do the same thing and you don’t risk the future additional scarring problem.

The Terrible Possible Side Effects

For Peyronies disease treatment the injectable drug route has proven quite ineffective all together.

Unfortunate, because it seems so easy to use.

Penis injections also carry a huge horrible possible side effect with them: Future  Peyronies that is even worse.

Why You’re Bending

The reason your erection is bending with Peyronies is that you have a hard tissue mixed with your soft flexible tissues.

The hard tissue does not stretch as much and it pulls the erection in it’s direction. It’s that simple.

Some time in your past you had an trauma (injury) to your shaft. You may not have thought much of it at the time. Everything seemed OK.

But, something tore inside to some degree and caused some scarring.

That scarring is now hardening and causing the bending.

Why Scar Tissue Is Hard and Tough

Mother Nature designed scars to be harder and tougher than normal tissue to prevent future damage to the injured area.

In most other areas of your body this has no consequence because the surrounding tissues don’t need to stretch or expand noticeably.

You could get a major thick heavy 4 or 5 inch scar on your arm or leg and not have if affect the performance of your body in any noticeable way.

But, a little tiny 1/4 inch scar on your corpus cavernosum (the chambers inside your shaft that fill with blood to create your erection) can put a great big bend in your erection.

But, do not despair.

"99% of the time,

 this is one of the simplest
 problems to correct."

It just seems horrible right now.

How They Can
Make Your Problem Worse

Penis injections puncture your erectile chamber(s) over and over again, causing a multitude of new wounds.

This is not a single shot that delivers the drug.

They are usually a 12  treatment series of multiple shots. And, often more that one series is recommended.

Each of those new little wounds will form a new scar as it heals. All those new little scars can increase the problem scarring  you are now trying to get rid of.

Do you now understand why they are also a potentially hazardous risk?

How The Safest and Most Effective
Straightening Is Done

Penis Injections and penile surgery were the only two medical ways to straighten a bent erection prior to 1994.

In 1994 Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, a penis surgery specialist, invented the penile traction device.

Originally he used this device simply to keep a man’s shaft straight after surgery.

With further testing, Dr, Siana found that his traction device could actually straighten the shaft all by itself without the surgery!

And, when used even further, it could actually lengthen it as well. Permanently!

The device is so good, in fact, that it is now Medically Endorsed and Recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

None of the Terrible Side Effects

A high quality traction device is so safe and gentle, that properly used, it has no harmful side effects and none of the possible consequences of penis injections or penile surgery.

This was a major breakthrough in Peyronies Disease treatment.

Penis injections, just like penis surgery, just make no sense 99.99% of the time for Peyronies disease treatments.

Finding The Right One

successful peyronies disease treatment without penis injections

There are many current manufacturers of these traction devices. And, 23 different units out there currently.

I have only found two manufacturers that meet all of my personal requirements for safety and effectiveness. (You will find them in the two links below.)

Do yourself a really big favor, and explore these traction devices.

If you’re like most men with a Peyronies problem, you can get the results your are looking for without the risks of penis injections or surgery.

Be Well.....

~ William

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