Sexual Stimulants
Caused by Peyronies Disease

Now, with sexual stimulants I’m not talking about a nice cup of ginseng tea here. That is a wonderful beverage which can arouse you sexual interest, heighten your sexual powers, and nourish your entire body. If you're sexual apparatus is in normal working order.

No. Here I’m talking about the products men resort to when they can not get an erection or when their erections are very weak and lifeless.

And, this situation is quite common with Peyronies Disease.

If your penis bend is causing your problem,
straightening it out
is what will be your solution.

Don’t Rush Into Hurting Yourself

sexual stimulants and psychological impotence

Don’t act foolishly and go rushing out for some strong erectile drug because you’re suffering from psychologically induced erectile dysfunction. (And, psychologically induced ED is the kind usually associated with Peyronies disease.)

You could hurt yourself seriously.

I’m not just talking about the dubious sexual stimulants you can buy on line. Those have the potential to do a man in because the ingredients are not always known.

I’m also talking about the doctor prescribed erectile drugs.

Read the warning sheet in the package. It’s no joke.

Possible side effects of prescribed ED drugs include (and are not limited to):

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Blindness
  • Death

These strong sexual stimulants have been the cause of more than one man’s death. Don’t let them be the cause of yours.

sexual stimulants

Why Sexual Stimulants Are Dangerous

All sex enhancement drugs and herbal products do one thing: They stimulate your system to function when it is not prepared to.

They force your system to work.

The herbal formulas are usually less potent than the prescription drugs and the herbals also contain some nourishment.

But, they all are forcing your system to work when it is not ready to.

The big response I often get to that is “So what!”

Here’s what:

Forcing your body to perform puts it under a large amount of stress. It increases your blood pressure dramatically.

And, as you just learned, this additional stress can cause serious possible side effects. Including heart attack, stroke, blindness and death.

Sound like a good solution to your problem now??

And, these sexual stimulants are totally unnecessary.

Sexual Stimulants Can Cause Impotence

sexual stimulants can cause impotence

Oh, yes, I saved this one for it’s own category. Sexual stimulants can also cause you to become impotent.


When you force a depleted sexual system for function it uses up even more of the essential minerals, hormones, etc... it needs to function.

After a while there is just not enough life energy there to perform at all. No matter how many sexual stimulants you take.

"The more sexual stimulants you take,
the greater your risk
heart attack, stroke, and death."

Sure, most men are not going to die from them. But, you have a form of Russian Roulette here.

Is it worth the risk?

Here the fact of the matter:  The weaker your system is to start with, the greater your chances of harming yourself.

Why You Do Not Need Sexual Stimulants

safe effective penis traction

First of all, if you have a radical penis bend  an erection is not going to be of much use to you anyway. You can really hurt your partner.

Yes, I know. I’ve been in this same situation. Your penis bend is causing you to have weak erections and you want to have sex again. Now. Even bad sex.

Well, don’t rush and hurt yourself.

Weak erections caused by Peyronies Disease
almost invariably disappear
once you straighten your penis out.

Good news! Right?

BUT: You still have to be careful here.

Safe Effective Relief

You will want to do this as safely and effectively as possible.

If you use surgery to straighten yourself out, you run the risk of impotence due to too many nerves being cut.

I know, it’s becoming a Catch 22, right?

It seems like you’re damned of you do and you’re damned if you don’t.

And, right now you just might be feeling damned all together.

You’re not. Just by the fact that you are here, and have read this far, you can rest  assured that you are on the road back to good sexual health.

Safely Fixing Your Weak Erection Problem

If you are getting weak erections, or even no erections, because of your penis bend how can you straighten it out Safely?

removing the desire for sexual stimulants

Correct penis traction.

If, you’ve been reading this web site you already know about this.

You also know it is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

And: You know that it has been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method for straightening a bent penis.

*Since I go into detail on the subject of penis traction in many of my articles, for those of you who are still unfamiliar with it, I am going to give you a link here to get you up to speed: Correct Penis Traction.

 How A Penis Bend Causes Psychological Impotence

The type of erectile dysfunction normally associated with a penis bend is called psychological impotence.

That means your sexual system is healthy enough, BUT, your mind is shutting things down.

There are 2 basic reasons for this. You can suffer from one or both at the same time.

#1:   If your penis bends so much that it causes you pain, your body is not stupid. It feels pain. It wants to avoid pain.

Hence: no erection! Or a weak one that is not too painful.

#2:   Embarrassment, shame, humiliation, fear of rejection, mocking....  You didn’t like these as a child and you don’t like them as an adult. No one does.

Hence: Your mind defends you against these with erectile dysfunction. Then no one has to see your awful bent penis.

This is why almost everyone who straightens his shaft out seem to have his impotence disappear “magically”.

There’s no magic. You have no more pain and you’re not worried about anyone staring at your deformity.

You’re proud of your shaft again and anxious to use it. What do you think that creates? A nice hard cock.

Reversing Your Psychological Impotence

Once your cock becomes even close to straight, you’re usually out of the woods. And, most men will get a nice stiff erection easily even before they are as straight as they want to become.

HOWEVER: If your psychological discomfort or previous physical pain was great enough, you still may be experiencing psychological impotence.

This is not too common, but, it happens.

Usually the best method for “getting back into gear” is: Get yourself an erection any way you want to in private (without sexual stimulants).

Get a “Men’s Magazine”, watch a porno movie or two, have drink,... whatever works for you.

Once your body and mind realize it’s OK to have a nice erection, that it doesn’t hurt, and that it looks OK, and you lose your fear of not being able to perform, you’re back in the game. And, sexual stimulants will be totally unnecessary for a normal sex life.

At this point, things usually start working again just as if there was never any problem here at all.

If you try to have sex with your partner before you feel confident, you may suffer from performance anxiety. That is another form of psychological impotence.

So experiment a little on your own first. Get your confidence back before you go back in the game.

A Formula For Success!

So, if a penis bend (from any cause) is ruining your erections, here is the success formula of thousands of men:

 -  Get yourself straightened safely.

 -  Feel confident and comfortable getting aroused in private.

 -  Go make love with your partner and conquer your world!

And, you can do all of this without risking your health by using sexual stimulants.

overcoming impotence without sexual stimulants

Be Well.....

~ William

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