What Is:

The Best
Male Enhancement Exercise?

the best male enhancement exercise

What is the best male enhancement exercise?

Unfortunately there is no such thing. A true male enhancement exercise does not exist. That’s the reality.


Because there are no muscles in your penis. There is nothing there to “exercise”.

So what are those programs about?

And, what do they do?

What Are Male Enhancement Exercise Programs?

The “exercises” you see advertised are ALL  different methods of penis stretching. Almost always done with your hands.

But, for the sake of continuity here, I will continue to call them male enhancement exercises in this article.

Do They Work?

They can. If you have enormous patience and don’t hurt yourself in the process this.

I have found that the a short program, used at the end of a day of correct penis traction, can be very comforting and soothing.

It can even add to progress by increasing blood circulation and decreasing recuperation (growth) time.

They can also help you have harder erections because they help increase blood flow in your shaft.


 "To try to make your shaft bigger
 by using
 male enhancement exercises alone,
 will probably leave you very frustrated,
feeling like you wasted your money.”

Penis Injury
With A Male Enhancement
Exercise Program

Penile injury can be a big potential problem with male enhancement exercises.

And, this is where many a man has injured himself and caused himself problems when trying to enlarge his shaft.


When you get frustrated, because your program is not giving you any noticeable results after two or three months, you are tempted to think you need to pull harder. And, harder, and, harder...

That can be an enormous mistake!

When you pull to hard you start tearing things and breaking blood vessels.

“I didn’t realize I was pulling that hard.”

 is no an unfamiliar comment
 from a man who has
 seriously hurt himself with these “exercises”.

Why These "Exercises" Can Be
A Big Mistake

The male enhancement exercise programs usually sell for about $100 or less.

Men on a limited budget usually try these, instead of a high quality penis traction unit, because they want to save some money.

This can be a tragic error.

First: Because the results are very slow. And, that is if you are very dedicated. Otherwise your results appear non existent.

Second: You can seriously and permanently damage your shaft if you pull it too hard over and over again.


Male enhancement exercises
 will literally take you 3 to 5 times longer
 to get results
 than it will with correct penis traction.

This is especially true because the very best traction units in the world can be had for under $300.

The very best ones.

You can even get a good one for about $180.

And, a high quality unit will be much safer to use than when you are frustrated and yanking much too hard on your shaft.

You didn’t get into this whole project to hurt yourself.

You simply wanted a bigger dick. There is nothing wrong with that. And, you can have one!

But, to avoid injury, you will want to do your stretching safely!

Why Penis Traction Works
3 to 5 Times Faster

penis traction or male enhancement exercise

Whether you use male enhancement exercises, traction, weights, jelqing or hanging stones from you cock (yes, that was the original method of penis enlarging that started over 2,000 years ago!), you are doing the same thing.

You are repeatedly stretching your penile tissue.

And, you are stretching it to the point where it gets microscopic tears (that you do not feel) which add new cells to your shaft as they heal and actually make it grow bigger.

Correct traction (unless you quit your job and devote hours a day to pulling on your penis), with a high quality device, will be stretching your shaft for you a lot longer each day than any other method.

It does this, by itself, while you go about your normal daily activities.

How long it takes to add size to your cock simply depends on how much correct stretching you do.

"If you pull your shaft too hard or carelessly,
you can easily

 damage your shaft severely and permanently."

Why Correct Traction Is So Much Safer

Correct penis traction, unlike a male enhancement exercise, will give a measured amount of pulling.

This way you never are pulling too hard.

Done correctly, correct traction is very safe and highly effective.

In fact, correct penis traction, or sitting around naked for 6 hours a day with weights hanging from your cock, are the only ways you can enlarge yourself so Safely and Effectively.

The Results Are Permanent

Don’t get all freaked out by that cellular tearing you just read about either. It is the same thing athletes and dancers do to improve there extension.

It’s not the same as the gross tearing you would do by pulling too hard on your shaft.

These cellular tears are little tiny painless microscopic separations that heal very quickly.

Ballet dancers who have those long straight legs weren’t born that way. They stretch for a couple hours every day. Every day!

And, those hurdle jumpers you see, whose legs seem to extend out a mile, do the same thing.

But, these athletes also have muscles and ligaments and tendons to stretch.

You only have soft flesh in your shaft. Your job is actually much easier and will happen much more quickly.

And, unlike a dancer, who if they stop stretching, start to have their muscles tighten and shorten up again, your results (because it is a simple soft tissue stretch) will be permanent!

Both flaccid and erect!


 -  Using a short (5 minutes) male enhancement exercise program at the end of your day of using correct penis traction, can be very beneficial and pleasurable. It can even help you progress more rapidly.

 -  Trying to use these "exercises" alone, to enlarge your penis, will in most cases be highly frustrating and give very little results.

 -  These "exercise programs" are advertised with a lot of enthusiasm. But, they are not really very effective and you can hurt yourself if you use them too aggressively.

safe effective male enhancement

If you want real size gains

 you can have them!

But, be smart. Stay safe. And, get real results.

Spend another $100 and get a high quality traction unit.

These are safer and have proven to be far more effective than any male enhancement exercise program ever was.

Now, go get the results you want!

Be Well.....

~ William

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