Treatment of Impotence
With Peyronies Disease

treatment of impotence

The treatment of impotence is usually handled in a most terrible way.

And, if you are now suffering from Peyronie’s disease, it can really become a ball of string (a huge jumbled mess) for you.

If you resort to sexual stimulants, you can make you life much worse.

Treatment of Impotence

First let’s look at how we are handling this problem in general.

Unfortunately, treatment of impotence is usually done in a way that can leave you worse off than you are now.

Why? Because we are taught to want a quick fix. Right? I mean why not?

It seems the first thing men do is go to their doctor and ask for a prescription of Viagra, or Cialis, or some similar sexual stimulants.

Even though this is socially accepted as “the norm”, this kind of treatment of impotence will eventually make things worse for you.


Because with sexual stimulants you are forcing your body to perform. You are not rejuvenating your body with these things. You are whipping it. Your are forcing it.

Over time you need more and more of the stimulants to get the desired results. This progressively drains your system, making you weaker and weaker.

Why do you think the possible side effects of most sexual stimulants (listed inside the package) include heart attack and death?

The body is just not designed to be abused this way.

Nor, is it necessary to use sexual stimulants as a treatment of impotence or to regain your sexual powers.

Do It Wrong
You Can Hurt Yourself Seriously

If you are familiar with my writing you know I think sexual stimulants are the worst possible answer for a treatment of impotence. Even the herbal ones can cause you problems.


Because these sexual stimulants don’t return you to normal health and they can have many possible severe adverse side effects.

They are simply vasodilators that make you have an erection.

So, what’s wrong with that?

The erections they produce are not the problem (unless the erection lasts too long). But, when you force your sexual system to ejaculate over and over again, you can hurt yourself seriously.

These problems include and are not limited to:

  -  Prostatitis (chronic prostate pain)

  -  Heart attack

  -  General exhaustion

  -  Impotence

  -  Death


Because forcing your sexual system to function as your treatment of impotence is not a remedy. It is simply forcing your system to work.

Forcing your sexual system depletes your body of energy and many minerals, including zinc.

A zinc deficiency leads to a weak immune system (among other problems).

In other words, the more you use sexual stimulants as a treatment of impotence, the weaker your entire physical system becomes.

It’s just like whipping a tired horse. If you keep beating the horse to make it run, eventually the horse will lay down and not run anymore. Or, die.

Same with you.

Most men find the horse example so obvious. And yet, they never relate this to themselves.

Do yourself a favor: Relate this to yourself right now. Please. It could save your life.

The Causes of Impotence

First I will discuss true impotence. And, then, the psychological impotence that is what usually accompanies Peyronie’s Disease.

True Impotence:

Here your body is just not functioning adequately sexually. It has broken down.

There are a lot of reasons that this can occur.

The most common are:

  • Extended poor nutrition
  • Prolonged overindulgence in sex
  • Too much alcohol
  • Too much Stress
  • Prostatitis
  • Prostate cancer
  • Lack of interest or anger toward your partner......

Did you notice how many of these said: “too much,.. extended,.. prolonged,..”

Going crazy once in a while will generally not cause you serious sexual problems. Overdoing a lot for a long time eventually will.

Interestingly enough the "cure" and correct treatment of impotence (barring an actual disease as the cause) is always the same: Get your life and health habits in order and your erectile dysfunction will disappear. (There’s a lot involved there, so, I will talk with you about the “how to” in another article.)

This method has “worked like magic” for thousands and thousands of men. And, it has no adverse side effects!

But, that seems too simple.

And, we are taught to demand immediate results.

Too bad. There is no such thing for this problem.

If you want a really good sex life again you are going to have to take the time and natural actions to accomplish it.

Is it worth it? Well you tell me. Is having a happy pain free sex life until you die worth a little effort?

Impotence From Peyronies Disease:

This is usually a totally different type of erectile dysfunction. It is called psychological impotence.

That means all your parts are actually working, but your mind is shutting them down.

Here’s why:

First: Your penis has developed a terrible, ugly, embarrassing, even humiliating bend.

When you feel terrible about yourself, embarrassed, and self conscious how likely are you to get regular hard strong erections?

Second: If you are experiencing pain now during erection, your mind is saying to itself: “Pain here. Avoid this.” And, soon it does. It stops creating the source of pain: your erections.

Make sense?

The Method That Has Clinically Proven
 To Be
 Safest and Most Effective

If you are suffering from psychological impotence because you now have a bent penis,  99% of the time all you have to do to fix your situation is safely straighten out your penis.

And, I stress safely here.

If you go off and have a penis surgery or start injections or some other dangerous or invasive process, you may have good erections again. Or, you could possibly make yourself impotent because of nerve damage. Or, even more bent because of additional new scar tissue.

And, there is no reason to do any of those things when you can fix a bent penis Safely and Effectively 99% of the time without any of those risky methods.

The clinically proven best method is called “Correct Penis Traction”.

Correct penis traction is so good that it has
been clinically found to be

the Safest and Most Effective method
for fixing a bent penis
due to Peyronies disease.

It is so good that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Watching Your Problem Disappear

The whole concept of correct penis traction is so simple to understand, that as soon as you read about it, you will wonder why anyone tries anything else.

Why am I dwelling on penis straightening when you are searching for an effective treatment of impotence?

The reason is this:

If Peyronies disease is causing your
 erectile dysfunction,
 once your straighten out your erections,
 your psychological impotence will probably disappear “like magic”.

successful natural treatment of impotence
successful treatment of impotence
treatment of impotence is sometimes very simple

As I often state in my writings to you: This is a cause and effect Universe we live in.

For almost everything: Remove the cause and you stop creating the situation. Simple.

And that, is the sanest, and seemingly most reliable treatment of impotence.

This has been true for myself and for thousands of other men before you. And, it will most probably be true for you too.

Be Well.....

~ William

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