Mission Statement

Hello. My name is William Zmachinsky. Welcome to the website!

At Peyronies Disease Treatments .com, our mission and goal is:

“To help men, who have developed the condition
called Peyronies Disease,

learn how to:
straighten their erections

Safely AND Easily

so they can enjoy
normal natural healthy sex again.

99.99% of the time, you can do this in an all natural, non invasive way, that requires no surgery, injections, or drugs.

Straightening Your Penis

Effectively and Safely and Easily

Yes, as horrible as it may look to you right now, straightening is easy 99.99% of the time.

Peyronies “disease” is a very simple, very misunderstood, condition.

We hear that it’s a mystery. That nobody really knows why it develops. That there is no “cure”.... On, and on, and on....

Hogwash! Nonsense.

It’s a very simple easy to understand condition (not actually a “disease”) that is remarkably easy to correct 99.99% of the time. Without surgery, expensive injections, or drugs.

And did you know this?:

It has been proven:

99% of the time

You can do it yourself
 better than anyone else can.

That’s right, all by yourself, if you do it correctly. This is clinically proven.

The Massive Media Confusion
False Information

The internet is just the greatest information source ever available to mankind.

I mean, we can find out almost anything in minutes just by sitting down at our computers and doing a search. Right?

The problem is:

The internet also contains vast amounts of false data. False information. Improper instruction. Harmful products.Etc.....

Anybody can write anything on the internet and post it.

For Peyronies disease treatments, I have found, most “authorities” are just trying to sell you their particular product. And, most are highly ineffective. Some are just downright dangerous.

What Is The Right Answer?

What is the right answer to this problem? It’s the answer that gives the best and safest results.

For example:

Let’s say you have a clogged pipe in your house. And, your neighbor is a carpenter.

He might come over with his hammer and give it a whack or two. Try to loosen things up.

Say another neighbor is a butcher.

He might come over with his longest sharpest knife and try to reach far enough down the drain to chop it up.

And, let’s say another neighbor is a rock and roll guitar player.

He might just bring his guitar and biggest amplifier over and try to vibrate the pipes so much that whatever is stuck moves along.

Occasionally one of these things might work. OR: They may cause tremendous damage.

Using The Correct Method Makes All The Difference

BUT: If you just call a plumber, he’ll bring a mechanical snake over, run it down the pipe, and your clog will be gone in about 5 minutes. For sure!

And, he won’t smash up your pipes like the carpenter. He won’t cut things unnecessarily like the butcher’s knife might. He won’t hurt you ears like the ultra loud guitarist.

He’ll simple unclog your pipe in the fastest, most effective, safest way.

But, first you have to know that plumbers exist. Right?

And, that’s what this site is about.

Because that’s what you want for straightening out your penis. You want the best clinically proven most effective AND safest method.


That’s what I wanted.

And: That’s what you’ll find right here on this website.

I Was Just Like You Are Now

And, why am I the plumber here?

Good question.

I’m not the plumber. I’m the guy who simply came before you with the same problem you have now.

I researched all of the Peyronies disease treatments and ALL the available methods for straightening a bent penis.

I made my judgements not on what the seller was telling me, but on the results that were clinically obtained by each method.

And, if there were no clinical results, I simply did long surveys to see what effect and how much of an effect each method had.

I invite you to spend the next six months to a year doing the same thing. Anybody can learn what I learned with enough research.

OR: You can spend just a couple of hours reading the pages on this website and get the exact same information.

There’s No Need For You To Suffer

There’s no need to suffer with this condition, or, to set yourself up with ineffective methods, or, methods with possibly permanent devastating after effects.

By learning what I share with you here, you won’t waste money on expensive Peyronies disease treatments that give you minimal or even no results.

And, you may possibly save yourself from a terrible and devastating penis injury.

You CAN straighten out your bent penis
99.99% of the time

Safely, Easily, and Inexpensively.

You just have to learn how.

And, our mission here is to show you what has been proven best. Clinically Proven Best. And, non clinically. I checked out everything.


Because I wanted to make the best, safest, decision possible for myself.

And: You will be able to make your own wise decision once you know the facts.

I’ll Be Explaining ALL The Available Methods

I’ll be explaining all the major available methods, both medical and non-medical.

I’ll be telling you what works and what does not.

And, I’ll be giving you not my opinion, but the results of the studies.


That’s how I made my own decision on what to do. I learned what works best and is safest.

And, I’ve suffered from none of the possible horrible and hideous after effects of the inferior and risky methods.

Our mission: Your safety, and a happy renewed sex life!

Be Well.....

~ William

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