Do Penis Pumps Work?

Fix a Bent Penis?

or, for
Penile Enlargement?

do penis pumps work?

Do penis pumps work for these things?


That could be the end of this entire article!

But, let me explain why they do not work. So, you don’t get fooled into buying one for the wrong reason.

From The Advertisements
You Would Think They Perform Miracles

Do penis pumps work for Peyronies Disease?

Again:  No.

You read the advertisements and you’d think they do.

And, from the advertisements, you’d also think you have your own harem in 30 days with the entire neighborhood of females begging you for sex.

It’s just not a realty. Especially not for $59.95.

Did it seem too good to be true?

Another Sex Toy

Advertisers want to sell products. Unfortunately, many advertisers don’t care about what they deliver. They just want your money.

And, a lot of times they get it.

Yes, for some men, these gadgets are a pleasurable sex toy. There's nothing wrong with that.

And, for men with certain types of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) they can be a very helpful and wonderful tool.

But, do penis pumps work for Peyronies disease? No.

And, since I said no, do you want to know why not?

What They Do
How They Work

How do penis pumps work?

These devices remove some of the natural atmospheric pressure we all live in and don’t even notice.

We have blood pressure to move our blood through our body.

Part of the blood pressure we have is simply working against atmospheric pressure and gravity.

When you reduce the outside atmospheric pressure on your cock (as with a penis pump), blood flows more easily and forcefully into your cock.

This makes a weak erection inflate with blood (more like a normal erection) because the internal blood pressure becomes much higher than the surrounding pressure.

If you have no erectile problems, the device can give you a super hard cock.

If you already get a super hard cock, the device will probably do nothing for you.

Do Penis Pumps Work
Erectile Dysfunction?

YES they can!

They can be a real help to men with certain types of erectile dysfunction.

They can enable a man to achieve a moderately hard “false erection”. Then, by using a cock ring to hold the blood in there, many impotent men can maintain this erection long enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse without drugs or prosthetic penile devices.

do penis pumps need a cock ring?

Are they effective for this all the time? No. But for a great many men the combination of these two devices does the job very successfully.

For these men, pumps are pretty darn great!

If that is your problem, they very inexpensive and are really worth a try. Just be sure to get a high quality one that you can regulate the pressure on.

Do Penis Pumps Work
Straightening A Bent Erection?

No. They do not.

do penis pumps work for peyronies disease?

What about for Peyronies disease? A bent erection.

No. No. And, once again no. Do not waste you money.

With a bent erection, you need to lengthen the shorter part of your shaft that is causing the bending.

Lengthening the short section or shortening the longer section (surgery) is the only way you are going to straighten it out. These pumping devices will never do that.

Is Surgery Necessary
Straightening A Bent Erection?

do penis pumps work better than surgery?

No, 99.99% of the time.

And, most men who think they are in the 0.01% are usually so easy to straighten that it is ridiculous.

I know. Personally. When your erections (the ones that used to be beautifully straight) are now bending off at a 90 degree angle, you are sure you are one of the 0.01%.

In almost all cases that is not true.

A 90 degree bend is actually quite common. And, 99.99% of the time, simple correct penis traction can straighten that kind of erection out easily.

Do penis pumps work for this?

What About:
“Male Enhancement”  -  Male Enlargement

Do penis pumps work for enlarging your cock?

Again, no.

You are not going to add any measurable amount of new tissue to your cock with a pump. Adding new tissue is the only thing that truly makes a cock larger. That, and added substances that a penile surgery can put inside.

However, penile surgery can go very very wrong after the fact. In the weeks right after a widening surgery, where fat is implanted, you might think it looks just great!

Then, six or more months down the road, you may notice your cock is all lumped up and bumpy and possibly hideous looking.


do penis pumps work better than surgery?

Well, your own fat is the most common material used for surgical “male enhancement” (enlargement).

This type of surgery can never make your cock longer. It can make it thicker.

HOWEVER: Down the road some of that fat starts getting dissolved by the blood stream and you can get a really hideously lumpy grotesquely deformed looking cock.

Not very sexy!

How To Get
Real Permanent “Male Enhancement”

Male enhancement: The politically correct wording for: “a bigger dick”.

The only way you can get true male enhancement is with correct penile traction.

correct penis traction

“With correct traction
you can get a longer and wider cock.

And, the results will be permanent.”

Do penis pumps work for this? Can they do this?


So, To Answer Your Question:
Do Penis Pumps Work?

Not for Peyronies Disease, and, not for true Male Enhancement.

For those two things, you'll want what has been clinically proven Safest and Most Effective:  Correct Traction.

But, penis pumps can be of some valuable use to men with certain types of erectile dysfunction.

Be Well.....

~ William

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