How Do
Penis Pumps Work?

how do penis pumps work

A lot of men want to know:

  • How do penis pumps work?

  • Why do they make your cock harder?
  • How do they give a man with ED (erectile dysfunction) an erection that he can actually use?
  • Will they straighten a bent penis?

How Do Penis Pumps Work?
Let’s Learn A Little About The Mechanics First

How do penis pumps work example

As far as the mechanical aspect of how do penis pumps work goes: You have a chamber that goes over your cock and seals itself against you abdominal skin.

Then you have a pump that sucks the air out of this chamber. Simple.

All pretty obvious. Right?

But Why Do They Give You An Erection?

That’s the part I think most men want to know when they ask, how do penis pumps work?

Am I correct?


The answer is really very simple and it is easy to understand.

Some men will get an erection just because this can be a fun sex toy and just playing with it really gets them turned on.

That’s OK.

But, for men with erectile dysfunction who can get a decently hard erection with one, what is happening??

It’s All About Pressure

Everyone knows about gravity. Right?

So we don’t think about it much. We know we will stay on this Earth and not go randomly flying off into outer space.

And, a lot of people have experience scuba diving and the extra pressure that places on their ear drums.

Or, flying in an airplane and feeling the pressure change in their ears as the pane goes up or comes down.

But, what most of us don’t realize is that there is a pressure all around us all the time. It is called atmospheric air pressure.

You Don’t Want Your Cock To Explode!

Atmospheric air pressure comes from the pressure of the air (atmosphere) around us that is held here by gravity.

This atmospheric air pressure pushes against our entire body, all the way around us, all the time.

We never really notice it because we have internal pressures that are pushing outward to balance with it. So everything seems “normal”.

Our internal body pressure is one reason why astronauts wear pressure suits in space. Without them, in outer space (where there is no external pressure) their bodies would literally blow up like a balloon and explode from the internal pressures that push outward.

What does this have to do with how do penis pumps work?


I think the space example just gave it away if you weren’t already one step ahead of me in your thinking there.

If you decrease the pressure in the tube around your cock too much, your dick won't explode, but the blood vessels in it can. And, that can cause you serious problems.

In the coming paragraphs I will explain how to avoid this risk, any blood vessel damage it may cause, by using a high quality pump that has a pressure regulator.

Increasing The Internal Pressure
The Outside Pressure

How do penis pumps work to create an erection? When you use one, a vacuum is formed in the tube around your cock.

The natural atmospheric air pressure on your cock is greatly reduced this way.

This takes the pressure off the blood vessels and erectile chambers (the ones that fill with blood to make you hard) in your cock. When this happens, your normal blood pressure just starts forcing blood into your erectile chambers and starts giving you an erection.

If you put on a cock ring (to prevent the blood from flowing out), then release the vacuum in the chamber and remove the pump, your erection stays pumped for quite a while.

It’s that simple.

Some Real Life Examples

Want some easy to understand examples for: How do penis pumps work?

Let me give you a simple real life example:

 1)   When you were a little kid, did you ever play on a seesaw? If not, this will have no meaning to you.

But, if you did, did you ever have your Dad sit on one end and you and your sister or brother or friend sat on the other end?

It worked real well right?

Then, if you were a wise guy (like I was), sitting on the end and you suddenly jumped off, your Dad crashed to the ground and your sister went flying into the air.


Because your Dad was a lot heavier and there was a lot more pressure on his side.

So, how do penis pumps work?

The same way. By creating a vacuum around your cock, you’re “taking one kid off the seesaw” and your cock has a lot more blood pressure inside than outside. That makes the blood flow in more easily and fill the erectile chambers. You start to get "hard".

Make sense?

Simple. Easy to understand. Right?

Let me give you one more similar real life example:

 2)   Blowing up a balloon.

If you hold up a balloon it does nothing.

Put it to your lips and blow into it, it fills with air and expands.


Because there is more internal air pressure than external air pressure.

With a penis pump, your cock becomes the balloon. Your normal blood pressure, with a much lower exterior pressure on your cock, does the rest.


You Must Be Very Careful

As you just learned, your cock will not actually explode, as in the astronaut example above. But, the blood vessels inside can explode if you pump too hard.

With a pumping device you can actually create too much of a vacuum in the chamber around your cock.

This can create so much internal pressure on your blood vessels that they start to burst.

So, be sure to get a high quality pump with a safety valve system that doesn’t let you do that. And, follow the directions that come with it.

REMEMBER:  Too Much Pressure Can Cause Damage to Your Penis

In simple language: How do penis pumps work?

They let your normal internal blood pressure force blood into your cock by reducing the normal atmospheric pressure that is normally surrounding it. Just like blowing up a balloon.

But Remember:  If you blow it up too hard, it will burst! So will the blood vessels in your cock!

How Do Penis Pumps Work
Peyronies Disease - A Bent Penis?

How do penis pumps work for straightening a bent penis? Not at all.

Let me repeat:  Not at all.

Forget the claims you see in the ads. They don't work for this.

With a bent penis, your erectile chambers are not all expanding equally. The parts that are not expanding enough are causing your shaft to bend in their direction.

It’s that simple.

The pumping device causes a lack of pressure around your entire shaft. So you will not benefit the short parts any more than the longer parts. No straightening can occur.

To make your shaft straightened, you have to stretch the shorter parts so they equal the longer parts. Or cut the longer parts down. Again, a simple thing to understand. Right?

No one want to make their erection shorter on purpose (by cutting down the longer parts). 

The clinically proven

Safest and Most Effective way to lengthen the shorter parts

is with correct penis traction.

You don’t need surgery, injections or drugs of any kind 99.99% of the time.

And, correct traction is so good at this, in fact, that correct traction is now medically recommended and endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.

Correct traction is also much safer than a risky penis surgery and far less expensive.

How Do Penis Pumps Work
Male Enlargement?

How do penis pumps work for penile enlargement? They don’t.

Well, if your cock is looking a little shrunken and feeble, they will fill it up a bit with blood and refresh your look. And, this can look quite nice and make you feel more sexy and confident.

But, regardless of what the ads say, your erections, your actual hard erections, will get no bigger.

To increase your actual hard size, you will need to grow more cells. Inside and out.

The only truly effective proven way to do that, and get permanent results, is again, with correct traction.

Getting The Results You Want
Peyronies Disease And Male Enlargement

99.99% of the time it is very easy!

Medically endorsed and recommended Correct Traction has been proven the
Safest and Most Effective method available in the world if either of those is your goal.

If you give correct traction a try, for either of these two things, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

And, how do penis pumps work for these two thing? They really don’t.

Be Well..... 

~ William

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