Erectile Dysfunction Herbs
that really work
restore your sexual system

erectile dysfunction herbs that really work

Erectile dysfunction herbs:

  • Do they work?

  • Are they safe?

  • Are there any risks?

All good questions. Here are the answers:

Do They Work?

Do erectile dysfunction herbs work?

Yes. They do.

It depends what your are trying to accomplish. And, what risks you are willing to take. Because most people assume everything herbal is safe, often there can be serious risks you don’t even know you are taking. I will be explaining these risks in more detail soon.

What If
It Is
Psychological Impotence?

I'm going to tangent here for just a moment.

This site is about Peyronies Disease treatments and the effects a severely bent penis can have on you.

Did you know:  ED is often a result of a severely bent penis?

It’s true. And, this type of ED is called psychological impotence.

Psychological impotence is every bit as real and as debilitating as physically caused impotence. And, Peyronies disease causes psychological impotence in many men.

It’s important to know the distinction when you are trying to correct your ED.

“If the cause of your ED is from the mental distress
of having a horribly bent penis,

restorative herbs may not be what you need at all.”

If your ED started some time after your penile bending, the link right above may be very helpful to you. It will explain why straightening your bent penis may be all the Peyronies disease treatment you need for your ED.

Now, let’s get back to erectile dysfunction herbs:

Erectile Dysfunction Herbs
Don’t Give Everyone
The Same Results

OK. Now let’s talk about:  What they can do, How they work, and What risks they come with.

You can put 105 octane gas in a an old Ford Taurus and still not go very fast. But, put that same gas into a brand new Ferrari Spyder and you might feel like you are flying.

“When men buy sexual stimulants or erectile dysfunction herbs,
the assumption is that they are like an On-Off switch,
that they are always safe because they are ‘herbal’.

Neither assumption is true.

For a man with mild ED, or a young guy who has been overindulging, some very simple mild erectile dysfunction herbs might get him going again real nicely right away.

For a man with all kinds of physical problems who hasn’t had an erection in years, dynamite might not be strong enough to get him going again.

Do you see what I mean?

Before You Begin,
Do You Know How Dangerous
“Erectile Dysfunction Herbs”
Can Be?

It also depends on what erectile dysfunction herbs you use. And, if their active ingredient is really herbs.

There are tried and true herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine that you can get from any Chinese herb store in any major US city that work quite nicely.

Some of these herbs are for rejuvenating the male sexual system. Some are for an instant erectile boost.

traditional Chinese erectile dysfunction herbs

A certified Chinese Doctor can usually make up a nice mixture to strengthen your entire system. They usually take some time to work. They nourish and help rebuild your glands.

Others are straight out aphrodisiacs that will have you going in a rather short time if you are healthy enough. These can be as potent as prescription medications and they come with the same possible risks: Death and blindness.

Yes, those extreme consequences are not common for both prescription or erectile dysfunction herbs. But, the risks are there. And, there are men who have suffered from these risks. That is why the warning brochures come in the packages.

Erectile Dysfunction Herbs

Back to the erectile dysfunction herbs that strengthen and help rebuild your system:

You’re not going to eat one steak and become Mr. America. Neither are you going to swallow one glass of these formulas an be a sexual God.

There are herbs, which are a general tonic, that can recharge some men very quickly and do nothing for other men.

The most famous and well known herbs of this type are the Ginsengs. Chinese Panax, American Ginseng Ginseng, and Korean Red.

ginseng as erectile dysfunction herbs

If you’re at least moderately healthy, you will probably notice some effect from ginseng.

You may not get an erection from them.

But, ginsengs tonify the entire body. They are the most famous #1 Chinese tonic. For some men they are quite sexually stimulating.

I personally am very fond of Chinese Herbal Medicine. For all kinds of health issues. And, I use them regularly. And, yes, they can be quite sexually stimulating.

Why I Personally Like
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese herb tonic

The reason I am so attracted to Chinese Medicine is that I love natural remedies. Traditional Chinese Medicines uses only natural substances. Roots, barks, leaves, flowers, and yes some bugs and lizards too. No laboratory chemicals.


Because Traditional Chinese Medicine began long before there were any laboratories. And, people back then had to rely on Nature for all their needs.

The idea in Chinese Medicine is not to force your system to perform, as sexual stimulants do, but to re-build, rejuvenate, nourish, balance, and energize your body. So that is can perform as it was designed to.

Still they do have some special mixes that can bring surprising life back to many a tired penis.

A Note On
Chinese Herbal Medicine

As I said, I personally love Chinese Medicine.

Authentic Chinese doctors are well trained. It’s not

In fact there is a leading Chinese medicine school in Los Angeles, California, called “The Emperors College”

Chinese herbal medicine is over 5,000 years old. It is quite complex. Just like western medicine, it requires a great amount of education and skill.

It is much different than the medicine you and were raised with. And, the approach to health is radically different than what most of us know.

Personally, it appeals to me. I prefer only products from nature.

On the other hand, in an emergency, there is nothing like a medical emergency room for some seeming life saving miracles.

Every practice has it’s place. And, every practice has it’s shortcomings.

But, because of the complex nature of any true healthcare, I can not just say, “Hey, try this Chinese Herb or Formula for your ED.”

First, because I do not diagnose or prescribe anything. Ever. And, I don’t know exactly what is causing your personal erectile problem.

Second, with any  serious form a treatment, you’ll want to see a qualified certified doctor of the practice of your choice to get what is correct for you.

Chinese medicine has been working for millions of people for thousands of years. It works for me.

Erectile Dysfunction Herbs

This is a loaded question. And, I will try to explain it very carefully.

First, properly used, erectile dysfunction herbs should be much safer than laboratory chemical alternatives.

Properly prescribed, I’ve personally seen them work wonders. I have personally used herbs, both Chinese and American, for various health reasons for the past 21 years.

“Improperly used, erectile dysfunction herbs

carry all the same risks as prescription drugs.

And, they can even be a much greater risk

if you don't know what you are doing.”

Just because a label says “herbal” it doesn’t mean they are safe. Please remember that.

As much as I love the field of Chinese Medicine, not every product from China has your best interests at heart.

There is a huge difference between seeing a qualified Chinese Doctor and buying some package of “erectile enhancement” from a store shelf.

There are a lot of Chinese Erectile Dysfunction Herbs that you can get at convenience shops and on line. They have nothing to do with true Chinese medicine, although they may use some of the same herbal ingredients.

Men write rave reviews about some of these convenience store/online products.


Because these men get even faster stronger results than they did with drugs like Viagra.

I’ll tell you why:

Why Some Erectile Dysfunction Herbs
More Powerful Than Prescription Viagra

This is the part that a lot of you may be curious about.

“The ingredients are NOT all listed
on the product.”

Many of those imported sexual enhancement herb products you can buy on line or at your local convenience store are coming from countries that don’t have much regulation.

You see a list of well know Chinese erectile dysfunction herbs on the label. You might even research them on the internet. They all look safe and wonderful.

You try the product. It works like dynamite magic!! WoW!! Right?

You know why they work “better” than the strong prescription pharmaceuticals like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc?

It’s because: They are laced with the same chemicals that are used in Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc... 

"Only, these magic capsules of “erectile dysfunction herbs”
sometimes have
TWICE the prescription sized dose of the drug."

“How Do These Drugs
Get Sold Without A Prescription?”

Good question!

The chemicals, like Sildenafil Citrate (the active ingredient in Viagra), are manufactured very inexpensively in other countries.

In some other countries, these drugs are not necessarily regulated by the governments. And, they are added to the erectile dysfunction herbs without you knowing it.

They are never listed on the label.


Because they can be sold anywhere. And, the manufacturer only wants to make a profit. It’s that simple.

Isn’t that illegal here in the USA?

Yes. Most definitely. And, these products are removed from the shelves when they are found out. The companies are also shut down in the USA by our Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

But, for every product taken off the shelves, a new one seems to sneak in.

What About
Recommendations From Friends?

Now, on the street, guys will tell each other how great certain “erectile dysfunction herbs” they bought on line or in the convenience store are. How incredibly well they work. And, these products sell a lot!

“On the street” doesn’t mean low life people. It often includes some very high end executive type gentlemen who are have some erectile problems and discussing things casually over cocktails with friends of similar age.

Here’s why:

The better the reputation a “supplement” gets for giving you an erection, the more street talk it gets. The more street talk it gets, the more sales the manufacturers make.

Of course, as you know, when our FDA (food and drug administration) finds out about them, the products are pulled from the shelves and the companies selling them get closed down.

Until then, you can buy things with names like (I am making these names up) “Magic Night”, “Tireless Stallion”, “Dragon Herbs love Master Elixir”, “Return to Youth”, “Tomcat”, “Erotic Fantasy”, “Man Power”, “Exotic Lover”.... The titles are endless.

Sometimes men tried a couple of these erectile dysfunction herb capsules and became a sexual tiger!

Sometimes men tried some of these and had a heart attack that night. Seriously. No joke.

SO, I must say: 

Erectile dysfunction herbs
that you buy on line or at the convenience store,
that have some sexually explicit name,
that seem to work a little too well,
are probably a HUGE risk.

And, not necessarily all herbal.

Do You Remember
The Lamar Oden Story?

The most famous case for this is Lamar Odom. NBA star. Yes, not a street junkie. A very famous, high profile, super athlete.

In 2015 Mr. Odom was found unconscious in his hotel room after taking a large dose of “an herbal substitute for Viagra”.

The man almost died. And, he is supposed to be a super healthy human being. Right? A super athlete! Think of what may have happened to the average man. You or me. Or, worse, an older gentleman whose heart may not be so strong.

Here’s another article from NBC News about male enhancement drugs that will be an eye opener to most readers.

What About
Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc....?

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc... have a proven track records for creating erections in men who have lost their sexual powers.

They are ALL prescription drugs.

They all carry serious warnings packed in the box.

Many men have used them very effectively. Some men dies or went blind from using them. That is why they are: Prescription Drugs.

Herbal Appeal
Erectile Dysfunction Herbs Hazards

The “all natural” herbal statements appeal to many of us. Unfortunately this has not proven to be the case with far too many "erectile dysfunction herbs" that are easy to buy.

Director of Oregon-based Flora Research Laboratories,
James Neal-Kababick,

said about 90% of the hundreds of samples he has analyzed
contained forms of patented prescription drugs.

Some of the products having
doses that are more than twice that of the doctor prescribed amounts.

Other researchers report similar results in their testing. This proved especially true with pills and capsules that promise immediate results.

Erectile Dysfunction Herbs
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

As you already know, I don’t diagnose or prescribe anything for anyone. That’s not what this website is about. So, I won’t be listing specific products.

What I do is research a variety of topics on men’s health. I simply report what I find. What has worked for men, what has not, and what might be a potential hazard.

If you simply have a tired system, or, need help with your ED, I suggest you first take a good hard honest look at your lifestyle over the past 10 years or so.

Then, get a thorough medical check up and talk to your doctor about your problem.

I personally don’t think erectile dysfunction drugs are a good idea for anyone.

Yes, prescription ED drugs are used favorably by a lot of men with ED.

Again, if you read the warning messages packed in the box, you will also see that they can cause heart attack and blindness in some men. Yes, that information is written on the enclose paper.

Are those risks you really want to take? I don’t.

True erectile dysfunction herbs are generally less potent than the similar drugs. And, they are “natural”. That is why men always seem to presume they are safer. For a number of men they may not be.

However:  You have the same risks with erectile dysfunction herbs you buy from unknown sources as you do from prescription medications. And, these “herbal” products may have even more drugs in them than a prescription from your doctor.

If these “erectile dysfunction herbs”, can knock out a super athlete like Lamar Oden and put him in a coma, they can do the same to you.

There’s No Quick Fix
For ED

Yes. I know of many erectile dysfunction herbs that really work. Rather quickly. Very much like the drugs.

However, if you suffer from ED, you need to get your health in order first. Or, your condition will get progressively worse.

"Compromised health

is the basis of all erectile dysfunction.”

You may not even know how badly you have been treating your body, because poor personal health care has become the norm these days.

I have friends who think a fast food lunch or dinner is a balanced meal. That jelly is in the same food group as fresh fruit. And, that refined white sugar is “necessary” for energy.

This has become the norm: Poor food choices, huge stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, overdoing,..... See what I mean? All common things.

How can a man NOT eventually develop ED with a lifestyle like that? It’s impossible.

It’s why we as civilized society suffer from more diseases at this time in history than at any previous time. Not just erectile dysfunction.

Did you know:

40% of men over 40 suffer from ED?

Over 120 million Americans!

That’s insane! And, that’s an actual statistic.

Here’s The Bright Side

The bright side of this is:

Most men (and women) can improve their health dramatically by improving their personal health care.

And, a very high percentage of men can reverse their ED this way. Yes, reverse their ED. It takes some time. But, it works extremely successfully.

And, YES:

  • Erectile dysfunction herbs do exist

  • They work (but, not for every man)

  • Some of them work very well

  • There are many erectile dysfunction herbs that have proven themselves for thousands of years

Here’s The Big Warning:  I would just stay away from erectile dysfunction herbs you can buy anywhere, that have sharp advertising, and claim too much too fast.

If you’re like me, and you have a real fondness for all natural products, and you’re truly interested in erectile dysfunction herbs that have a proven history of success, it is wise to take the time to seek out an experienced certified health professional who is trained in herbology.

Be Well.....

~ William

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