Natural Treatment
Erectile Dysfunction

Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction can be very easy and very successful!

natural treatment for erectile dysfunction

It just is not going to work quickly in every case, and, unfortunately, it will not work for every man.

Like A Miracle!

For some men, natural treatment for erectile dysfunction is going to seem like a miracle. A true miracle.


Because some men have a very simple problem that is inhibiting their sexual ability. They just don’t understand it. And, they don’t realize that it is simple. Even if it may be long standing.

Understanding The Cause Of Your Problem
Will Enable You
To Choose Your Remedy Wisely

First:  Let me tell you: I don’t diagnose or prescribe for anyone. Ever.

Second:  Erectile dysfunction is not a disease.

ED may result from a disease. But, ED is not a disease in itself.

"ED is a condition where your body is too tired to perform sexually,
where there is something interfering with your ability to perform.
Be it physical or psychological.”

Doesn't it just seem logical that there should be natural treatment for erectile dysfunction?

There Is Always A Definite Cause

I do a LOT of research on men’s sexual problems. And, I find that most men, even super smart men, totally forget about the laws of cause and effect in this universe when it comes to their sexual health. This includes their lack of consideration that there should be some natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

EVERY male sexual problem has a cause.

There are none that “just happen”.


When you find the cause (and it is not too late) and eliminate that cause, the problem normally corrects itself. This is one part of natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Yes, you often have to give your system a lot of help. Such as nutrition, adequate rest, massage, etc. Sometimes psychological counseling. This would be the second part of natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

But, how often are these common sense things applied to ED? I am discovering that it is rare.

And, that’s a shame. Because I believe most men could correct their erectile dysfunction by themselves. And, never have to risk the dangers of erectile dysfunction medications, or, face penile implant surgery. Would that be interesting to you?

The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

causes of erectile dysfunction

The main causes of ED are:

  • Malnutrition (even if you think you are well fed)

  • Sexual Overindulgence

  • Poor circulation

  • Psychological

  • Aging

All of these things respond to natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. All of them.

Let’s take a look at these one at a time and see what natural treatment for erectile dysfunction has been effectively used by other men to effectively correct their own erectile problems.


Yes, a lot of us overfed men are malnourished. Yes, lots of food. Not enough life rejuvenating nutrients.

Now, don’t get all upset by this statement. I know a lot of you eat very well, very “healthfully”, and still are finding your sexual powers diminishing.

Let’s take a look at why that is happening.

First: As we age, our sexual ability declines. Even if you are perfectly nourished.

At 40 or 60 you’re never going to have the sexual ability you had at 20. Or, 30. Never.

Yes, you can resort to the erectile drugs and herbs. Forcing you system this way is a true pathway to hell.

Erectile drugs will probably work for a while. Or, if you are one of the unlucky ones, they may possibly give you a fatal heart attack.

But, as time goes on, even with these drugs and herbs, your performance will diminish if you don’t strengthen your entire system.

Now, let’s get back to “Malnutrition” and natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

If your sexual system has given up, it could just mean that you’re not getting enough of some nutrients that enable your sexual equipment to restore and repair itself properly. Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction is sometimes very simple and easy here.

One Of The Most Common
Male Sexual Malnutrition Conditions

BPH is the most common result of male sexual malnutrition.

benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH

BPH. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Commonly called: Enlarged Prostate. I mention BPH in this erectile dysfunction article simply because it is so common and almost ALL middle age and older men know exactly what I am talking about.

An enlarged prostate is from too little nutrition?

Yes. And, you gland increases in size to try to compensate for it’s weakness. I know this sounds backwards. But, it is true.

BPH is a malnutrition problem. It’s not a “getting older” problem.

Why is BPH so common?

Simply because nutrients that you need to keep your gland healthy, functioning and recuperating properly, are not always sufficient in our normal/common foods anymore.

The reason for this is:  Common agricultural practices have caused our soils to weaken. Too many minerals have been leached out by overuse and under fertilization of the soil.

That means:  A lot of the mineral content the soil once had is now highly reduced. So the food becomes weaker. And, therefore, so do you. And, so does your sexual apparatus.

Weak Food = A Weak Sexual System

When we are young we seem to be able to eat anything and we seem to get away with everything. I know, it’s fun!

Add some years and things change. When your system is not sufficiently nourished for long enough, things start to break down and malfunction.

This is one reason why erectile dysfunction becomes more of a problem when we age. We often become nutritionally starved for certain nutrients that would keep our sexual equipment functioning nicely.

Did you know that 40% of men over 40 years of age suffer from impotence?

That’s absolutely ridiculous! And, not as Nature intended. Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction in cases like this can sometimes be as simple as eating only natural foods and some correct supplements.


“You’re not going to be able to have as much sex at 40 or 60 as you did at 20.

But, if you’re healthy and properly nourished
you should still be functioning nicely.”

Fortunately there are real food supplements like Saw Palmetto Berries, Pygeum, Ginseng, and a vast array of Chinese Herbs that are still highly abundant and rich in the life elements needed to regain and maintain healthy prostate function.

natural treatment for erectile dysfunction may include Chinese herbsChinese Herbs and Ginseng

If you suffer from this common type of ED, and you get yourself into a healthy natural diet and add the necessary nutrients that you may be short on, you have a very good chance of rebuilding your sexual powers. This is one form of natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. And, for many men, it is highly effective!

Most men can reverse the effects of previous “malnutrition” to a significant degree. This is how simple natural treatment for erectile dysfunction can be. But, you may never have learned this before.

"Herbs are real and powerful natural foods.
I have personally found
that a good Chinese herbal doctor
can be a sexual life saver."

If you live near any major city in the USA, you will find these herbal doctors easily in the phone directory.

The Chinese herbal system dates back 10,000 years. The ability to nourish the body and rejuvenate sexual powers with herbs is well documented. Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction is quite common with Chinese herbalists. It’s practically a lost art in our modern western world.

Does this natural treatment for erectile dysfunction work for every man? No, there is nothing that works for every man. We are all different. And, the cause of ED in each man is a somewhat unique combination of things.

You need to find out what caused your own ED problem. And, if you’re not beyond repair, you can work some wonderful rejuvenation on your own.

Sexual Overindulgence

This is the real killer of sexual function and cause of a lot of severe prostate pain. Especially for younger men.

For older men, it can be a cause of heart attack and death. So, I hope you will take this warning seriously.

Very many men are having too much sex and don't even realize it.

For these men less frequent sex, and, even a period of abstinence is all their tired sexual system requires.

"Sexual abstinence, for a period of time,
is sometime the only natural treatment for erectile dysfunction
that a man needs."

I know, every advertisement you see for everything is promoting more sex. Better sex. Stronger sex. More powerful sex. On and on.... Right? And, tens of millions of men are suffering because of this.

Your sexual system is magnificent. AND, it is delicate.

Sure, when you were 18 or 20 you may have been able to have sex every day with no real adverse effect.

natural treatment for erectile dysfunction #2

Try that when you’re 40 or 50 and you have a very good chance of killing yourself. Literally. At the very least, you’ll be chronically exhausted with a very sore prostate gland. And, you’ll likely begin suffering from ED.

Forget about it! Sex every day for a 40 year old man is not normal. It never was.

Even for a young man, it will drain your energy like crazy and will most likely cause you some very unpleasant prostate pain problems.

For many men, a simple sexual hiatus (sometimes a long one), with no other life changes, has been the best and most effective natural treatment for this type of erectile dysfunction.

Poor Circulation

natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by arteriosclerosis

Most men (and women) develop a certain amount of blood vessel clogging as they age. Diabetics have an even worse problem with this.

Arteriosclerosis (diminished blood circulation), will cause weak and even non existent erections.

If you can’t get enough blood flow down there, you’re just not going to get a decent erection. Or, be able to maintain the one you get.

For some men, this problem takes a lot of time and effort to reverse. Many men will not be able to reverse it sufficiently with natural treatment for erectile dysfunction or any other treatment.

Other men, however, have found with just some daily penile massage and some cayenne pepper tea (a blood vessel dilator), their erections came “magically” back to life. It’s all the natural treatment for erectile dysfunction that they needed.

It all depends on how severe your circulation problem is and what is causing your lack of blood flow.

Psychological Impotence

We often talk about the psychological impotence from having a bent penis when discussing Peyronies disease treatments. The simple act of straightening a bent penis usually removes the impotence that came right after the bending.

Psychological impotence is a very real thing. And, it can be just as drastic and debilitating as hormonal impotence, or impotence cause by clogged blood vessels.

Psychological impotence often responds very well to counseling. Natural treatment of erectile dysfunction.

"Fortunately, if psychological impotence
is the only cause of your ED problem,
once you are able to release the emotions
that are causing it,
the impotence usually disappears very quickly.”

Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors, will not respond to nutrition or rest. It requires a mental/emotional change.

Professional counseling has proven extremely helpful for many men.


We all hate this one. But, it’s just part of life. And, we’re luck if we get to have life long enough to complain about it.

We already discussed aging, a little bit, as a factor in the malnutrition section above.

But, let me expand on what we talked about already.

Your body is very much like a flower. Take a rose for example.

When it is a bud, it is full of promise. As it starts to mature and ripen, color appears and the most beautiful scent begins to come out.

As a fully ripened bud it is strong and gorgeous, with a magnificent scent!

Once the rose fully opens you see the petals become softer and weaker. They start to shrivel soon. Still, the rose still smells quite good for a time. But, maybe not quite as good, or, quite as strong.

Then, gradually, the whole flower begins to wilt and no one pays much attention to it anymore, or, they throw it in the trash.

Sadly, we often treat ourselves similarly. We are no different than any other life form in this respect. We age and change. So don’t beat yourself up about it.

Why Do We Lose Sexual Ability As We Age?

So why are there so many sexual problems now?

You’re just not that fresh delicious rose bud anymore.

This is even more of a social pressure for women. Young ones get all the attention. Older ones get far, far less. And, that’s only natural.

Here’s why:

It’s natures way of making sure she selects women at the best time of life for making babies. Women who will be strong and have a long enough future to care for the children. She wants these women to be more attractive and desirable to men. So they are!

Men are more blessed in this department. They can still father children into their 80s if they are healthy. Why does nature allow this? Because men aren’t necessary, the way women are, when it comes to feeding and raising a baby.

Women shut down between 40 and 55 normally. 40 is even considered a risky age for a pregnancy.

“The whole point of me telling you all this is:
Don’t blame yourself or push yourself
because you are naturally less sexually able.

It’s NORMAL to slow down as you age.”

This doesn’t mean you can’t still have sex. Or great sex. It just means you can’t do it as often. Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction can often be as simple as understanding how much time and patience you need between sexual encounters.

Can you run as fast as you did at 20? Or, 30?

Do you blame yourself for that? Or, do you accept it as normal for your age?

The same holds true for your sexual equipment. Cut yourself some slack. You’re just a normal human being. Respect your age and the slower turn it takes. You will have far less sexual problems if you do.

“To maintain sexual health and ability,
you’ll also find you need far more “maintenance”
with age.

More carefully selected high quality foods. More rest. Longer recuperation from activity. This is normal. And, it’s OK.”

William, I'm Sorry To Say,
“This Information Was Not Helpful At All”

I know. Some of you will be thinking this article on Natural Treat for Erectile Dysfunction was not helpful at all. A waste of time.

You want some major results and you want those results right now. "Screw natural treatment for erectile dysfunction!"

You don’t want to make any lifestyle changes. You want to be able to do all the sexual things you used to be able to do. And, you want amazing wonderful results right now. Today.

We all do......

I wish that was possible for all of you, but it is not.

With this information:

  • Some of you will have immediate improvement using natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. Even if you have suffered for years. Fantastic!

  • Some of you will have to be diligent for a moderate to extended period of time to rebuild your system and see pleasing results using natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. Again, wonderful when you’re functioning well again!

  • Some of you will have no good results at all. Sad, but true.

It Normally Takes Some Time

For most of us, natural treatment for erectile dysfunction takes some time, patience, and discipline. Not what you wanted to learn in this article. Right?

And, as you learned, for some men, natural treatment for erectile dysfunction will be useless. But, for the majority of those men, any treatment will be useless. It’s just too late.

“But, for a lot of you who persevere,

there will be some Very Lovely Rewards.”

For a whole lot of men who took a serious look at their life, and applied the proper natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, a lot of amazing rejuvenation has taken place.

Do you thinks it’s worth a try?

Natural Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction


The bad news is:  No, not every man will get the results they are looking for using natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The good news is:

“A LOT of men who thought there was no real hope,
have had some

Amazing and Wonderful Results
using only natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

So, now that you have learned how possible it was for many men to improve dramatically with natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, do you think it makes sense to try these things out first?

Does it make sense to try them out before you subject your tired sexual system to risky drugs that can possibly stress your heart out, or, before you undergo a penile implant surgery that may be totally unnecessary?

successful natural treatment for erectile dysfunction #2
natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, ED
successful treatment for erectile dysfunction in senior men

Be Well.....

~ William

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