Natural Male Enhancement Products
Really Work?

part 1

which natural male enhancement products really work

Very few so called Natural Male Enhancement Products actually work. By that I mean: make your cock noticeably grow in size.

Give you a harder erection? Maybe.

But, add size? Almost none of them.

Almost all of the products will be terribly disappointing for men who want a true size increase.

But, there are a couple that work fantastically
that can give dramatic results.

Getting The Real Permanent Size Growth
You Are Looking For

There are only a couple natural male enhancement products that really work.

“There is no pill anywhere in the world,

herbal or pharmaceutical,

that is going to make anyone’s penis grow even half an inch.”

And, you’re never going to get the 3 inches of new size in 6 weeks that you’re reading about. Not with any of those so called natural male enhancement products.

None. Not even the best. Not even with the few that really work.

But, if you could be happy with and inch more in length and some more width, read on.

I Often Wonder How They Get Away With
Their Advertising Claims

Some of the ads for natural male enhancement products are just insanely exaggerated.

Oh sure, if you were born with an abnormally huge penis and all you are getting is weak soft erections, you can get a bigger harder erection. Maybe even an inch longer.

That’s because it wasn’t fully hard in the first place.

But, did it grow from those products?


You just got a decent erection.

And, if you are just an average guy like most of us, with decent erections, those claims are pure nonsense.

Don’t Be Suckered Into
The False And Misleading Advertisements

Don’t be fooled by tricky advertising for so called natural male enhancement products.

If those products they are trying to sell you could give you 3 inches of growth in 6 weeks, why not 30 inches in 60 weeks?

Oooo. A nice 35 inch cock! Just what every man needs.........

Can you see how ridiculous that is?

And, if it was for real, it would be a major headline on ever news station in the world. But, you never see it there.

Why? Because these natural male enhancement products advertisements are just a lot of over exaggeration.

Sexual Stimulant?
True Penis Growth?

natural male enhancement products that don't work

No pills, patches, herbs, drugs or any of that nonsense is going to make your dick actually grow and add a visible size increase to your cock. Ever.

Almost every one of those types of natural male enhancement products are simply sexual stimulants that may give you a harder erection if you are having weak soft ones now. And, they may make you hornier.

But, not a single one of those stimlants will enlarge your cock visibly with new growth. None of them.

If you already have good erections, this type of natural male enhancement product may stimulate you sexually. It may make you hornier. But, that’s it.

If that’s all you want, then they may be right for you.

What Else You Can Expect From Most
Natural Male Enhancement Products

Oh yeah, these stimulant type natural male enhancement products may do a few other things for you that are not so good. A few things you rarely hear them talk about.

Just like prescription sexual stimulants,
these over the counter/internet stimulants come with one other treat you rarely hear about:               

They put you at a much greater risk of heart attack, stroke, and blindness. Yes. For real.”

Is it worth the risk?

If you really want a bigger cock, you need to use a method that has been proven effective. And, you want one that is safe also. Right?

Let's Think About The Fantastic Claims Rationally

Let’s take a reality check here:

If these pills, creams, patches, herbs, formulas, etc... could actually make your penis grow, why wouldn’t your ears grow too? Or, your fingers? Or, your nose? Or, your wife’s breasts???? How does the pill know to just make your penis grow? It’s nonsense!!

It’s all very clever advertising (so much of it totally misleading and false) designed to have you spend your money for their profit.

But, they are not male enhancement products that will make your cock grow.

What About Their Money Back Guarantees?

Well, that is just genius advertising!

Here’s the reason why: Guess how many men, who get no real results from these natural male enhancement products, take the time to actually go through the process of getting their money back on them.

About 1 in 8.

That’s only about 12.5%.

The sellers know this. They’ve done massive studies on it. So, seven times out of eight, they know they still make loads of money doing their tricky sneaky advertising for products that don’t really deliver.

Their whole entire ad is simply to get you to make the purchase.

A purchase you probably will be disappointed with. And, one you will never bother to ask for your money back on.

Don’t get suckered in.

Especially when you can use a method that is
 clinically proven to give real size growth.

You Want Real Serious PERMANENT Results

Of course you do. That’s why I am writing this page. So you can bypass all the garbage and spend your money on natural male enhancement products of quality that really deliver.

Natural Male Enhancement Products that are clinically proven to give the kind results you are looking for.

Why Should You Believe Me?

That’s a good question. Here’s my answer:

I tell it like it as. I tell what my research has shown me. Not how it is supposed to be. Or, how some sales people want it to be.

For this reason, I have a huge following on the internet.

Most men find what I say proves to be true. I am now I am read millions of times each year. 

I always try very hard to explain to you: Which of the all natural methods have proven effective for different various male issues. All natural methods that have proven effective for other men.

Most men seem to get the same wonderful results! Why shouldn’t you?

Only Buy The Best

This is another very important point when you are looking for all natural male enhancement products:

Only buy the best.


First:  You deserve the best.

Second:  None of the very best natural male enhancement products are very expensive.

So, why not just take the money you would have wasted on trying the pills, formulas, and patches, and instead purchase a top of the line penis traction device that really works?

As my father used to say: “If the advertising sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

So, read those ads with caution. Think about them with reality and the knowledge you now have. Then, make a really good decision that you will be happy with.

There are only a few ways to actually truly add real size to your shaft. To make it physically grow. Let me now explain what they are and why they really work.

What Really Works

Why They Work

“The only way you are going to actually add real size to your penis
with added cellular growth.”

That’s it! And, it’s obvious. Right? Your shaft needs to actually grow more.

It’s also really simple and safe to do with the right natural male enhancement products, if you do it correctly.

As you know: All your body tissues are composed of building blocks called “cells”.

Unless you add more cells to your cock,

it will never actually be bigger.

The only way to do this is slowly. Nature takes time.

Yes, unfortunately, slowly. That’s why so many men won’t try it. Or, they give up in three weeks when their cock is not an inch longer.

They want quick results. Well, we all do. It’s human nature.

But, for penis enlargement, true real measurable enlargement, there are no fast answers. There just aren’t.

You have to take the time to do it right if

you really want to get the results you are looking for.

There are no short cuts to success here. Sorry.

It’s Very Easy
It Takes Some Time

The process is so darn easy. Really. It could not be simpler. Or, easier. And, your actual time investment is just a few minutes a day.

natural male enhancement products using penis traction

But, you have to be patient. And, you must be disciplined. You have to do it daily for 6 - 9 months.

Take the high road. Get the results you want. Don’t waste your time and money on things that do nothing more than possibly give you a harder erection, just because you are anxious to get results fast.

Fast results are impossible here. Anyone who promises you 3 inches or even 1/2 inch of real growth in 6 weeks in lying to you.

But real, measurable, exciting, permanent results are very possible for almost every man.

natural male enhancement products that work

The Natural Male Enhancement Products
That Truly Make Your Cock Grow

These natural male enhancement products are the ones that stretch your shaft to the point where new cells have to be created.

And, how is this done?

There are a few ways to do this. I will explain them all.

But, only one method gives the Safest AND Most Effective results.

This method uses what I call “correct penis traction” devices.

What Is Correct Penis Traction?

Correct penis traction stretches your cock safely, a certain amount each day.

As you learned. It takes time to add real size. So you must do it 5 or 6 days a week. For 6 to 9 months.

Stretching your shaft sufficiently, in a safe organized, gradual way, will cause internal micro tears. Tiny tears in your tissues that you can not see or feel, other than a possible sensation of slight soreness.

before natural male enhancement productsbefore
after natural male enhancement productsafter

There is no pain. No bleeding. When done correctly.

But, each time these micro tears heal (and they heal extremely quickly): New Cells Are Added!

It is the same method that gives ballet dancers the ability to extend their legs out so long and straight.

That special type of traction/stretching, with these highly effective natural male enhancement products, is what causes real permanent penis growth.

Yes, your size gain will be permanent!

As I mentioned, there are a few methods you can use to do this. In part 2 of this article we will be discussing the specific natural male enhancement products I have found to be the best in the world.

Be Well.....

~ William

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