Natural Male Enhancement Products
Really Work?

part 2

In Part one of this article you learned which Natural Male Enhancement Products will actually give you real, measurable, permanent penis growth.

Here in part 2 I will be explaining:

 -  The methods that have proven to give increased permanent size

 -  Which method has proven Safest AND Most Effective

 -  Which devices I have personally found to be the best in the world

The Original
Natural Male Enhancement Methods

Cock Pulling:

The original method was just pulling on your cock a lot for many months or years.

Simple. Right? But, it worked.

And, a huge amount of permanent damage can result from that. A huge amount!

the original natural male enhancement products


Yes, stones!

From about 2,000 years ago, there are records found of men sitting and hanging stones from their shaft for hours a day, for months on end. Those were the first natural male enhancement products. And, they were free! And, they worked!

Believe it or not, this method actually works very well.

natural male enhancement products with weights

Penis Weights:

The modern version of these natural male enhancement products hanging specially made weights (just like tiny barbell weights) from your cock  for 4 - 8 hours each day.

On the reality side:

Who has the time or desire to do that????


Penis "Exercises":

Then we have what are called “penis exercises”. They are not really exercises because you have no muscles in your shaft.

These are actually manual pulling practices (done with your hands) of different types. It’s penis pulling in an organized way.

The drawbacks: No results if you don’t pull hard enough. Damage if you pull too hard.

And:  There is no effective way to measure your pull.

If you do it just right. You’ll get results. Super slow. But, if you hang in there for 18 -24 months, you’ll see something.


jelqing for natural male enhancement

Jelqing tools. These natural male enhancement products are another method of pulling that works just like “penis exercises”. But, you buy a device to stretch your dick out with every day.

“Jelqing, even with ‘the best’ jelqing device,

is another disaster waiting to happen.”

Why is jelqing so dangerous? Because you can squeeze so much blood into the tip of your penis that the vessels can easily break and make the tip of your cock turn purple. Permanently. And, possibly lose sensation! (As well as giving poor enlargement results)

One of the worst natural male enhancement products ever!

Forget about it!

The Clinically Proven:
Safest AND Most Effective
Natural Male Enhancement Products

True, Real, Measurable Penis Enlargement

the best natural male enhancement products

Correct Penis Traction:

OK. Let’s talk specifically about the Best Natural Male Enhancement Products available in the entire world: High quality correct penis traction devices.

In a word, they are simply Amazing! They have been proven to be the Best, Safest, and Most Effective of ALL natural male enhancement products.

The only drawback, or hard part, is you’ll need 6 - 9 months to see results.

“If you are disciplined, it is almost impossible to fail.”

natural male enhancement products that really work

You wear one of these devices under your clothing and no one else knows it’s there. It does it’s work for you effortlessly while you go about your normal activities.

It’s really that simple.

Don’t Waste Your Time And Money

I know, the pills, patches, formulas, herbs all are fighting for your dollars and telling you about the fantastic new size you’ll have in just 6 weeks with their so called natural male enhancement products.

If you still believe those ads, then please, don’t listen to me. Try them out if you think they are for real.

Then, when you’re fully disgusted and depressed
 by your lack of growth,

come right back here and try what has
been proven to work.

Or:  Don’t waste your time and money. Just start with what has proven to work best.

The Miraculous Modern Penis Traction Device

natural male enhancement products penis traction device

Correctly done penis traction.

So simple. But, the results really do seem miraculous. Especially if you’ve tried the other so called Natural Male Enhancement Products.

The modern penis traction device is just 22 years old.

It was developed by a penis surgeon name Dr. Jorn Ege Siana in 1994. He originally used his device to keep a man’s shaft straight during healing after surgery.

Soon he found you could straighten a bent penis with the device without ever using the surgery!

"....... continued use
 actually created new cell growth in the shaft
 that was permanent."

Done for a long enough period of time, a man can actually see visible permanent size increase in both length and width. Or, straighten a penis that bends during erection (Peyronies Disease).

A monumental achievement!

It was the beginning of a new era in Natural Male Enhancement.

There Is One HUGE Danger

Please don’t take this lightly. It’s a majorly important point:

“Not all penis traction units are the same,

even though they all look similar.

The danger is not in using penis traction.
The danger is in using it incorrectly or using a poorly made device.

Correct penis traction is both effective and safe for virtually any man with a normal cock.

But, because it has proven to work so well, too many people/manufacturers try to make money by selling the cheapest things they can find or produce.

Quality, strength, and reliability suffer.

Here you will get what you pay for.

AND, possibly be horribly punished with a permanent sexual injury for making an uneducated choice with these natural male enhancement products.


Don't Risk Damaging Your One And Only Penis!

Many of the cheap models can easily cause severe penile injure. Yes, severe.

How do they do this?

By breaking while you are wearing it and puncturing your shaft. Or, from strangulating the tip of your penis (making the blood vessels pop or get far too little oxygen).

Both are serious possible permanent injuries that you will regret for the rest of your life.

How much do you save on one of these cheaply made devices? Between $100-$200. Is that worth risking your penis for?

And, anyone who has ever experienced this type of injury, and had thousands of dollars in resulting medical costs, has thought afterward, “I wish I had spent a little more and gotten a high quality device.”

If you start with the best, you'll never regret it.

Here are the two units I have personally found to be the best in the world. And, they are made by only two manufacturers that meet all of my own strict personal requirements:

How Much Do The BEST Ones Cost?

This is really quite wonderful:

How much are the good ones?

No. Of all possible natural male enhancement products: How much are the absolute best ones in the entire world?

Under $300.

That's it.

It costs less than $300.

For one of the Safest and Most Effective natural male enhancement products in the entire world.

And, you only need one good one.

Finding The Very Best Ones

As of my last count, there are 23 different models available. That’s a lot to sort through. Especially a lot for a man who has no real knowledge of these devices. Or, what makes one better than another.

That’s where I may be very helpful.

ONLY 2 of these manufacturers meet all of my own personal requirements for Safety AND Effectiveness.

That’s it. Just two.

These are the Pro Extender units and the Quick Extender Pro.

Simply, they are made of the highest quality materials, made to the most exacting standards, and they both carry the CE seal.*

* (European CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation)

You only need one. Either of these two brands are the best natural male enhancement products money can buy.

I suggest you click on both of those link, read what each has to say. Then, choose what you think is right for you.

Treat Your Body With Respect:
Do It Correctly

Please. This is really important:  Don’t try to save a few dollars and risk an injury that could ruin your sex life forever.

Treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve. Take proper care of yourself and your body.

It’s only a few hundred dollars for one of the best, true natural male enhancement products in the entire world. One that can give you real size increase. Don’t skimp on quality.

You’ll never regret doing it right!

natural male enhancement products that give real results

Be Well.....

~ William

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