Can Masturbation
Peyronies Disease?

masturbation and peyronies disease


Extremely rough masturbation may cause Peyronies disease. But,.. it is not likely.

What Is Causing Your Penis To Bend Now?

If you were a wild man during your private pleasure, and you bent your erection to the point of pain, yes, you may have torn something inside that is now making it bend. Even if that tear was 20 or more years ago.

But, how could that be?

Well this is what happens: Those tears heal up. And, they heal up with a scar, as all soft tissue wounds do.

Now, if you are one of the 5% - 10% of men whose scars harden and thicken later in life (sometime 20 - 30 years later) you can wind up with a bent erection. This is called Peyronies disease.

And, yes, this can happen 20 or more years after the tearing. That’s why some people think the bending is a mystery.

It is no mystery.

What Is Dangerous Masturbation?

Let’s get back to masturbation now. And, let’s talk about how to masturbate so that you never hurt yourself.

The key thing you need to learn about your masturbation, if you don’t want to injure your shaft is this:

ALWAYS:  Keep the motion in a straight line.

Your erection was never meant to be bent. In fact, you really can not bend a hard cock without tearing part of the erectile chambers. It is not, and was never designed to be, flexible.

Your erection was designed to go straight into a vagina, deliver semen, and come back out. That’s it!

There was never a need for bending.

And, there should never be an attempt to bend your erection during masturbation.

“As long as you don’t bend your erection when you masturbate,

you will never cause internal damage that can lead to

Peyronies disease.”

Any kind of masturbation that involved bending your erect shaft can be very dangerous.

A Little Penis Curvature Is Not A Problem

Another thing that can happen to your shaft that makes your erections curve is: masturbation with the same hand that is constantly pulling your erect shaft to one side. You have to keep it straight.

If you constantly pull to one side or another, eventually it is possible that you will stretch one side out. Your shaft may start to curve a bit.

But, this is usually very insignificant.

You simply notice your erection is not really straight. But, kind of curved.

It’s nothing to worry about.

As, long as you cock slips smoothly and painlessly into your partner’s vagina, it is working properly and doing everything it is supposed to do.

A Severely Bent Penis
Can Be A Nightmare!

In this article we are concerned with the BIG bend.

If you erections have become severely bent in the last couple of years, and I mean severely, like a 90 degree angle bend, you most probably developed Peyronies disease.

And, please notice I said “developed”.

You didn’t catch this from anyone. It’s not communicable. It didn’t come from a virus, etc....

It developed. It’s a condition. NOT a “disease”.

99% of the time, that bend developed from one or more of those little tears inside when you had an erection and somehow bent it.

causes of peyronies disease

But a severe bend can be a nightmare!

It can utterly destroy your sex life, depress you terribly, and make you feel hopeless.

You’re not alone. This has happened to tens of thousands of men before you. We just never hear about it when we are growing up, so, it comes as a huge horrible surprise.

It’s Usually Not From Masturbation

Most often it is not from masturbation. Even if it was rough. It is usually from rough, or intense sexual intercourse.

Can you remember a time when you slipped out, tried to jam it right back in, and missed!

That is the #1 most common cause.

If you didn’t actually break your penis at that moment, but you felt a short sharp pain, you probably tore one or more of your erectile chambers just a little bit. That’s all it takes.

If you were young, it most likely caused you no problem at all at that moment. It probably didn’t even stop your sexual encounter for more than a minute or two.

That little tear healed up and life went on as usual.

And, for many years your erections were still straight.

You Just May Have
A Classic Case Of Peyronies Disease

For years after that experience, even decades, your sex life continued normally.

Then in the past year or two you noticed your erections bending. 

At first, you probably thought to yourself, “Hmmm. I never realized my cock was curved a little.”

Then after some time you saw the curve get worse and worse. Until now, when it looks and feels just awful!

It may even be painful for you to get an erection now. And, your erections may be weak. Not real hard.

That is classic Peyronies disease! And this condition can develop 20 or 30 years after the actual incident.


Mid Life Changes

Because 20 or 30 years later, as your body aged and changed, those little scars hardened or thickened (mid life body change) and now they won’t stretch properly when you get your erection.

peyronies disease from masturbation

Those little hardened areas inside your shaft pull your erection off to one side or another. Or, even in many directions if you have multiple scars in there.

That’s all there is to it!

But, it scares the bejesus out of most of us!!

No Need To Worry

There’s no need to worry about this condition.

And, that is all the bending is: a condition. NOT a disease.

The Good News Is: Whether you have a simple curvature

or a severely painful horrible hideous bend,

you can straighten it out nicely 99.99% of the time.

Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Penis Straightening
 Can Be Simple, Safe, and Easy

Straightening for almost any type of bent penis, whether caused by stretching from masturbation or an actual internal tear, can be quite a simple and easy process if you do it correctly.

Surgery is usually the worst option. Simply because of the extreme associated risks, which include impotence and inability to orgasm.

Drugs and injections, that don’t prove useless, have been clinically proven only about 30% effective at best, only work for certain men, and can cost over $25,000.

“Correct traction, however, has been clinically proven

to be the Safest and Most Effective method available

for penis straightening.”

( and: It only costs about $400! )

Why We Need To Learn About
Correct Penis Traction

Correct penis traction is:

  • Simple

  • Safe

  • Highly Effective

Correct traction
has been clinically proven,


is medically endorsed and recommended

in 29 countries worldwide.

Let me send you to a page where you can learn all about this amazing method in detail: Which Penis Traction Device Is Most Effective?


Can masturbation give you a bent penis?

Usually not. It may curve it a bit if you are constantly doing it wrong.

But, straightening any bent penis, even a severely bent one, is easy 99.99% of the time.

peyronies disease treatment that works

Be Well.....

~ William

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