How Do You Masturbate Safely?

Avoid Peyronies Disease
Other Sexual Problems

how do you masturbate

How do you masturbate safely? And, still have a great experience?

It’s really quite simple. 

1) Never bend your erection. Ever!

2) Don’t masturbate too often.

3)  Then: Do whatever you enjoy!

It’s really that simple.

How To Play Safely

Masturbation is normal and natural.

Don’t let anyone give you a guilt trip about it.

The only ways to create real problems from masturbation are:

1)  Over masturbating

2)  Masturbating too hard

Let’s look at what those two things really mean:

Over Masturbation

What is over masturbating? It’s masturbating far too frequently.

How do you masturbate?

"Too much sex will hurt you physically.

It doesn’t matter if it is from intercourse or masturbating."

It doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 40 or 60.

Too much sex is going to eventually cause you physical problems. Possibly serious very painful problems. No, you will not go blind as they used to tell you. But, you can feel really terrible.

How do you masturbate to avoid prostate pain

These problems include, but are not limited to:

  • Severe Prostatitis
  • Constant fatigue
  • Urinary problems
  • Heart weakness
  • Heart attack
  • Weakened immune system

Yes, all these things can happen if you play with yourself too much or have too much intercourse.

Why Too Much Ejaculation Will Destroy You

Ejaculation takes a large toll on the male body. 

When we are 16 or 20 it seems like there is no end to how much we can ejaculate.

But, as we get older it can make us very tired and actually ill if we do it too much. This includes ejaculation through intercourse.

We are only able to ejaculate when there is sufficient semen in our prostate. If we are emptying that out too often our bodies struggle to replace it. 

Semen requires many specific elements. Zinc, for example, being a primary one.

If you are low on zinc, you will produce semen slowly. Very low, you can become impotent.

Will zinc alone make us sexual machines?

NO. I am just giving you one example here.

You Need Time To Recuperate

How do you masturbate? Equally important: How much do you masturbate?

There are many nutrients required for sexual regeneration. And, you must have sufficient  recuperation time. This is different for every man.

Just like exercise for your muscles, if you don’t rest enough between workouts, you will actually lose size and strength and feel like garbage all the time.

On top of that, there are hormones released in your  body after you ejaculate that make you want to sleep. That’s why you don’t have a lot of energy after sex.

Making sense?

So, if you are feeling a bit too tired from all your sexual activity, you are doing too much! Cut back to where you feel good all the time.

Masturbating Too Hard

Now let’s talk about being too rough. How do you masturbate?

We’re talking about personal physical abuse.

Mastrubation is not physical abuse. It’s normal.

But, being too rough with your body is abuse and can create a real nightmare for you! So, how do you masturbate? Is it too rough?

This type of masturbation, with hard physical abuse, is where you can injure your penis and wind up with Peyronies Disease.

You have to be pretty much a maniac to run into this problem. But, in the heat of the moment, we can all get a little crazy sometimes.

That is what this page is about:

How do you masturbate safely?

I want you to know that you can pleasure yourself in almost any way as long as you don’t do it too hard, or too much, and cause yourself injury.

Never Ever Try To Bend Your Erection

This is the #1 rule:

NEVER, EVER bend or try to bend your erection.

OK. Great. Thank you William. But, what does that mean?

That means exactly what it says: NEVER ben, and never try to bend, your erection. EVER!

Your erection was never designed to be bent. 

It was designed to go in and out of a vagina straight and in straight motions. That’s it.

How do you masturbate?

If you bend your erection, you can easily tear one of your internal erectile chambers. It may not even feel like much. Just a short sharp pain.

But, that little tear will form a scar that 10, 20, 0r even 30 years later can harden and cause your erections to bend at a right angle. Yes, 90 degrees.

This can make intercourse impossible for you and may even cause you pain during erection and result in weak soft erections and even impotence.

And, that kind of bending is the major cause and “mystery” cause of Peyronies Disease later in life.

You'll Never Have To Worry About
Peyronies Disease

How do you masturbate correctly? And, avoid internal penile damage? And, Peyronies Disease?


Always keep your erection straight.

And, always keep your motions in a straight line.

It’s that simple.

how do you masturbate correctly

If you not bend it or twist it or pull it too hard, and you will never break it.

Yes, you can break your penis. Inside. Where you will never see it. But, where it can cause you terrible bending problems later in life. This internal tearing is what causes Peyronies disease.

How Do You Masturbate?


Those are the only answers you will ever need when you want to know: How to masturbate safely?

It’s really that simple: Don’t over do it. And:  NEVER bend your erection. Not even a little.

Then, just enjoy yourself any way you like!

Be Well…..

~ William

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