Can You
Increase Penis Size

With Traction?

Is it really possible?

Yes. Traction will permanently increase penis size if you do it correctly. And, it is the only method that can make an erection noticeably longer. No other method will. Not even a surgery.

However, if you have Peyronies Disease, a bent penis, and are straightening your shaft:

“You can not increase penis size
until your shaft has been straightened.”


Why is this true?

It’s very simple:

When you are using a penile traction device you are pulling on your entire shaft in a straight line. From tip to base. The shortest sections will be stretching first.

increase penis size after peyronies disease treatments

As you know, with a Peyronies bent penis, some of the internal tissue is harder and less stretchable than the rest. These hard areas are what pull your shaft in their direction during erection and cause your bending.

Those shorter sections are the first sections that will receive pulling during traction.

You will not increase penis size until the entire shaft is approximately equal during your erection.

"Until these shorter sections of tissue are lengthened to the point where they are stretching as far as the normal tissue, these shorter sections are the only ones receiving a pull from the traction device.”

This is what makes a penile traction device the ideal solution for straightening a bent penis.

Then You Are Ready
Real, Permanent, Measurable Growth

Once all of the tissue in you shaft is stretching evenly (or approximately evenly), the entire shaft will receive a pull from the penile traction device.

This is when your cock will begin to grow and you will start to permanently increase penis size.

Continued proper use of the penile traction device will now cause growth in the entire length of the shaft and you can increase penis size dramatically if you continue the process for an adequate amount of time.

How Long Does It Take To Increase Penis Size?

How long does it take to increase penis size?

That is a question that has no specific answer because all men have different abilities to stretch and grow.

But, as a ball park figure, you can expect to spend 6 months to a year on the process before you see some really nice measurable permanent gains.

And, yes, those size gains are permanent!

You won’t just be getting a better erection from traction (as you do with pills, creams, patches, etc...), you’ll get actual physical growth.

New cells, day after day, that gradually make your cock measurably longer and wider and increase penis size for real. And, that added length and width is permanent!

How Big Can You Get?

When you increase penis size using correct traction how big can you get?

Again, this question depends on your body.

If you’re trying to increase penis size much more than an inch, your journey may be very long.

There is also something known as “going too far”.

Kind of like with muscle building, there are fine physiques and there are freaks.

No, you probably can’t create a 3 foot long cock. Or, maybe you can. You just won’t be able to do it with a high quality penis traction device because they just don’t extend that far.

And, seriously, would you really want to walk around with your cock wrapped around your waist like a belt???

But, would a nice solid extra inch make you happy?

3 inches In 6 Weeks!

Wow! Sounds great! Right?

What about all those advertisements that say you can increase penis size by 3 inches in 6 weeks?

They are nonsense.

Take a moment to really think about those ads. If we could really increase penis size that fast, wouldn’t every man be walking around with a ten incher? Right?

And, all the women would be screaming... It's nonsense.

In all the years I’ve been researching this subject, I have yet to find a normal sized man who has grown much over an inch in a year.

But, would an extra inch be really fun to have?

It makes you feel about twice as big as you were.

And, for most men, an extra inch or so is very impressive.

Do you agree?

If It Makes YOU Happy
Do It!

Does a man really benefit from an increase in penis size?

Not from the point of view of having children. Any size that gets inside the woman can do the job.

But, for fun in bed?

Well, that’s a personal question.

For some men it will mean absolutely nothing.

For many men

there will an increase in personal confidence, pride, self satisfaction and joy!

It’s all about what is important to you. And, most important, what makes you and your partner happy.

If an increase penis size makes you happy, there’s no reason not to do it, as long as you do it safely.

Self Esteem

Let’s talk about self esteem for just a moment.

I’m all for a bigger cock for you if that’s something that will just make your life extra special nice. And, if you’re a normally healthy man, and it’s something you really want, there is no reason not to go for it.

But, unless you have a really tiny erection (like under 3 inches) if you feel you need an increase penis size to “feel like a man”, meaning no disrespect, I suggest you get some counseling first.

Here’s some cock size reality:

The average hard cock is only 5.3” long. Yep, just 5.3 inches. That’s all. Not 6 or 8 like a lot of guys like to lie about.

Yes, some men do have 8 inch erections. Some even 14 inches and even longer. Those huge ones are no gift unless you’re a porn star.

With one of those you almost never can go all the way inside a woman. And, you can cause some very serious damage to a woman with them if you try.

Yes, 5 inches is normal. 4 is adequate. It’s how you use it that counts.

you can increase penis size if you are a normally healthy malebefore correct traction

increase penis size with correct penis tractionafter correct traction

6 inches, however, may be a lot more fun!
Increase penis size safely and easilya Longer and Wider 6 inch erection

That’s up to your own desire. If it makes you and your partner happy there’s no reason not to go for it.

Here’s my two cents in the advice department: Do it because you want to. Because it will make you happy. NOT because you think you need to. OK?


OK. That was my lecture on want and need.

So, let’s get back to the fun part.

Keep it fun from beginning to end.


Here is my #1 advice to every man who really wants

to increase penis size:

Do It Safely!

If you do it safely, you will enjoy your progress all along the way. Even though it takes a bit of time.

If you try to rush it and pull too hard, or buy a cheap poorly made traction device, you can cause yourself such terrible damage that you will wish you never even tried it.

Only Use
One Of The Best Penile Traction Devices

There are a LOT of men who want to increase penis size.

And, there’s not a thing in the world wrong with wanting to make your dick bigger and doing it.

Please: Just do it Safely.

A lot of the penile traction devices available are being sold super cheap just because the manufacturers know many men are desperate for a bigger cock.

And, they know we would all like to save a buck where we can. We all do. Right?

However: Saving $100 on a penile traction device and getting a poorly made one, can turn out to be one of the sorriest decisions you ever make in your life.

If you puncture your shaft, or burst the blood vessels in the crown of your shaft, you will regret it forever.

That will be a nightmare.

If you ruin your sex life with a permanently injured penis, you may never forgive yourself.

I can not stress this point too much: Only use the best available equipment.

You can get one of the very best penile traction devices in the entire world for under $400.

They’re not expensive. So, don’t cheap out.

Take proper care of yourself and your sexual future.

You are worth it!

And, one thing I have always found to be true is this: You’ll never regret doing it right and doing it safely.

The Best Penile Traction Devices
Increase Penis Size

Right now there are 23 different units available out there. Unfortunately, in the ads they all look very much the same.

They are not.

Only two manufacturers meet all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

These are Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

increase penis size the fastest safest wayPro Extender

increase penis sizeQuick Extender Pro


  • Are made with medical grade materials

  • Come with a money back Guarantee of Your Personal Success

These are best you can get.

You don’t need both.

To increase penis size you only need one high quality device. Using either one will give you the fastest and safest results possible.

increase penis size safely and easily #2

If you want to get one of the best penile traction devices available in the world: Click on those two links and read all about both of them. You decide which you think is best.

Use it properly.

Then: Enjoy your success!

Be Well.....

~ William

* The writing in this article presumes you are a normally healthy man with no health issues.

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