The Average Size Penis
Probably Shorter Than You Think

the average size penis

The average size penis is:

 3.5 inches flaccid.

 5.3 inches erect.

Is that what you thought?

Not as big as many people want you to believe. Right?

“My 8” Cock....”

Yeah, yeah....

I mean almost everyone who brags claims to have a 6” dick. A LOT of guys claim 8”. Am I right?

Well, some do. Some even have 12 or 14 inches. But, most do not.

Don’t Believe The 8” Myths:

Most Men Are Average Size
That’s What Average Size Penis Means

Too many men think their cock is too small when they actually have an average size penis. Perfectly normal. And, pleasing to most women.

4.7 inches to 6.3 inches, in reality, is a more correct answer for the erect average size penis, because most men don’t fall exactly on 5.3 inches.

So, when the average size penis study was done, they took all the most common average size penis measurements, added them up, and came up with 5.3 as the average size penis.

That means, most men don’t even fall near the 6” mark.

That’s right. Most men are not even 6” long.

The point of this is: If you fall just short of 5 inches or just over 6 inches, you are neither short or long.

If you’re just 4.5 inch length, or shorter, yes, you have a smaller cock.

If you are over 6.5 inches, yes, you are blessed with a bigger cock.

It’s How You Use It That Counts

If you have an average size penis, then how you use it is far more important than size.

I know. You probably heard that before. A lot. But, it’s true.

Yes, women like a nice size penis. And, size helps.  But, how you are as a lover is far more important then how big your shaft actually is.

And, an average size penis is big enough to do the job.

You don’t need a great big giant cock to be a hero in bed.


If having a bigger, longer, wider cock

will make you feel better, more confident,
and happier:

Go for it!

Just do it safely.

We all want what we want. There is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger cock. If it makes you happy, do it.

Just do it safely.

The Proven Method
That Is Over 2,000 Years Old

The Safest and Most Effective method of male enhancement (penis enlargement) is: simple penis stretching.

Penis stretching works. It dates back over 2,000 years as the best way to make an average size penis bigger. Permanently.

Penis stretching is really quite simple. And, if you do it safely, you too can enjoy a bigger cock.

Keep this in mind: If you start out with a 4” erection, no, you’re not going to have an 8” one.

But, if you could get a 5” one that is permanent, would that make you happier?

And, if you have a normal 5 inch erection, would 6” make you feel great?

An extra inch is nice!

Then go for it!

Just please do it safely.

average penis size before penis stretchingbefore

after penis stretchingafter

Don’t Risk Ruining
 Your One And Only Cock

If you have an average size penis you can make your cock bigger safely. Yes you can. Or, you can do it wrong and damage yourself seriously and permanently.

You have just one cock. You don’t get another if you damage or mess this one up. So, be careful.

Yes, penis stretching dates back thousands of years. And, it works well.

"However, pulling your cock too hard can cause you

terrible serious problems that you have never even dreamed of.”

No, almost none of us are going to sit around like they did in the old days for 6 or 8 hours every day, for a year or two, hanging stones or weights from our cocks.

On the other hand, most modern methods are too drastic. Especially if they say you can do them in 45 minutes a day.

The less time you have to spend on a technique each day, the harder and more forcefully you have to stretch.

The harder you stretch, the more risk you take. And, the more possible damage you can do.

If you rush, and pull too hard, you’re going to be sorry.

In Reality

In Reality:  We all have lives to lead. Things to do. Sitting with weights hanging from our cocks is not a reality.

We all simply want some good, safe, permanent, measurable results.

Not, just some temporary super pump from a pill or patch.

And, we don’t want to devote our entire day to stretching our cocks.

So what can we do?

The Safest and Most Effective
Penis Stretching Method
In The World

The safest, most effective method of penis stretching is called correct traction. Nothing else compares.

It will work for almost any man with an average size penis.

Making an average size penis bigger

Correct traction is done with a simple device that attaches to your cock each morning. You wear it under your clothes while you go about your day.

No one even knows you are doing it.

Then, you take it off in the afternoon or evening. It’s super simple. It takes about 1 minute to attach and 30 seconds to remove the device. And, done correctly, it is painless.

You get guaranteed results.

Even Better: Your results will be permanent. Real actual growth.

No pill, patch, cream, or anything else... can do that. None.

My One And Only CAUTION:

There had to be at least one catch to all of this. Right?

Well, don’t worry. It’s really just a very simple and realistic warning.

There are so many ads for different devices that you probably don’t know which to choose. Is that true?

Well, they are not all the same. Not even close.

A couple are especially good. A few are OK. And, some are just downright dangerous.


Don’t buy some cheap device just because you can
save $100.

You may regret that for the rest of your life.

I know. In the ads they all look alike. And, saving $100 is always a nice thing.

HOWEVER: If a cheaply made device breaks on your shaft, or pops the blood vessels in the tip of your shaft, you can have serious possible permanent injury.

These injuries include, ad are not limited to:

  • A severely bent erection

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Loss of sensation

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Inability to have or maintain a decent erection

  • An erection with a dark purple tip

  • Infection

  • Urinary problems

For a $100 savings is it worth risking all of that??

No, thank you.

You’ll Never Regret Buying The Very Best

No one ever regrets getting the best of anything.

That is especially true with penile traction devices.

The very best units in the world cost under $300.

They are affordable for any man.

Here’s the problem:

There are 22 different devices out there right now (by my last count). They ALL look pretty much alike.

Is that what you saw? Me too. Years ago when I started looking.

After researching everything out there,

there are only two
that meet all of my personal requirements

Safety AND Effectiveness.

These are the Pro Extender units and the Quick Extender Pro units.

effective male enhancement for the average size penisPro Extender

a bigger penisQuick Extender Pro

These two companies make the finest traction devices in the world for permanently enlarging an average size penis, using only the highest grade materials.

If you have an average size penis, either one of these will give you the best results possible.

You don’t need both. Click on the two links above and see which you think is best.

You can’t get a better, safer, penile stretching device anywhere.

Get The Longer, Wider Penis You Want

Get the results you want.


There is nothing wrong with having an average size penis.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger one, either.

If having some extra length seems like a lot more fun, and, if it will make you happier, you now know the Safest and Most Effective Way to get that extra length.

safe effective penis stretching for the average size penis
natural male enhancement for the average size penis that really works

Be Well.....

~ William

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