Before You Start
Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

erectile dysfunction treatments with peyronies disease

Erectile dysfunction treatments are not a good idea for men suffering from Peyronies Disease.


Well, first of all: What good is a hard cock bent at a 90 degree angle going to be for you?

Secondly, and most important:

"Erectile dysfunction caused by a severely bent penis
usually disappears
once the erections are straight again.”



You Are Not Alone

erectile dysfunction treatments

First your erections look a bit curved. You never realized they were curved before. How interesting....

Then you notice they are now definitely bending. That’s weird....

It seems like overnight, the darn thing bends like crazy. And, it won’t straighten out no matter how hard you pull on it. It’s like steel.

Now, you’re getting weak or even useless erections. Serious erectile dysfunction.

You never had that before. Right? First you find out you have Peyronies disease (the bend), and now ED. What next? Is your entire sex life going down the drain?........ It’s horrifying.

And, panic now has you thinking about erectile dysfunction treatments. And, this is not a good idea.

99.99% Of The Time
It’s Not As Bad As It Seems

How can I say that! Right?

You’re bending like crazy and you can’t get a decent erection. How is that not so bad???

Well, first let me tell you that most men who develop Peyronies Disease wind up developing ED. Yes, you are not alone.

It’s almost always psychological impotence. It’s your mind and emotions reacting to the severe bending. And, yes, they can control your penis in a negative way.

Here’s the thing:  Most men will find that if the bending caused the ED, straightening will make it go away.

Yes, just straightening. With no erectile dysfunction treatments, medications, drugs, or herbs of any kind. Just straightening.

How does that sound? Good? It’s true.

This kind of ED had nothing to do with lack of testosterone or any other biological cause that medical erectile dysfunction treatments were developed for.

Your mind just shuts you down. And, this kind of ED is every bit as real as any other kind of ED. When we get straight again, for most of us, our erections miraculously seem to reappear “like magic”.

I Want You To Know:

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments
can be
Very Dangerous

erectile dysfunction treatments and peyronies disease
herbal erectile dysfunction treatments and peyronies disease

Erectile dysfunction treatments are usually completely unnecessary if the bending is the cause of your ED.

Whether you take prescription erectile dysfunction treatments, or, herbal ones, you risk serious cardio vascular problems that include heart attack, stroke, and blindness.

Sure, these things don’t happen to most men that use them. But, they are a possibility. They definitely happen. And, that is why they are listed on the paper that comes in the box of drugs. Herbs will normally not even warn you.

Is it worth that risk for a hard, or semi hard penis that is so bent it’s useless for intercourse anyway?

Especially when straightening will do the job?

Definitely not.

Before You Start Using
Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Very few men who develop ED from penile bending know that the bending itself can be the cause of the weak, or non existent erection problem.

I know ED is depressing and frustrating to every man who ever experiences it. When it lasts, so many men begin to panic and start taking erectile drugs, or, herbs.


But, very understandable. No man wants to be impotent. Even if his bending penis is making his erection useless. You still want to know everything down there is working. Am I right? So, unfortunately, many of us resort to erectile dysfunction treatments at this moment.

Before you resort to erectile dysfunction treatments, here' something you should know:

When erectile dysfunction treatments are not necessary, and, all a man needs is a straight penis again, 99.99% of the time, that can be accomplished with simple correct penis traction.

And, that means penis straightening surgery, injections, drugs, herbs, etc.... are also ALL UNNECESSARY 99.99% of the time.

Peyronies is

A Disease

peyronies disease and erectile dysfunction treatments

You see, Peyronies and the bending it causes, is NOT a “disease”. It is just a simple (though personally horrifying) condition that is caused by some hardening scar tissue on one or more of your erectile chambers.

It’s not a virus, a bacteria, or a genetic curse. It’s no more a “disease” than the scars you have on your hands, face, or feet.

And, you can lengthen that hard tissue safely and easily 99.99% of the time with simple correct penis traction.

When a Peyronies bent penis is the cause of ED, no surgery, injections, or drugs are necessary 99.99% of the time.

Tell me: Are you feeling a little relieved now?

Yes, Correct Penis Traction
Medically Endorsed

Before 1994, penis surgery was the only medically endorsed method for straightening a bent penis. There were no other Peyronies Disease treatments that proved more than minimally effective.

But, a lot of men wanted to avoid penile surgery and the possible surgical side effects that include impotence. So, many alternative methods were (and are still) tried.

In 1994, however, a penis surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana developed the modern penis traction device.

penis traction, erectile dysfunction treatments, peyronies disease

He first developed his device just for keeping a penis straight after penile surgery. He originally had no idea how effective it could be.

penis traction device, peyronies disease, erectile dysfunction symptoms

But, soon he found the device could straighten a penis all by itself. Without the need for a surgery.

This was a HUGE medical breakthrough for men who suffer from a severely bent penis.


Because penis surgery has always come with some hideous possible side effects.

The possible side effects of a penis surgery include:

  • Impotence (yes, your cock no longer can make and erection)

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to Orgasm

  • Inability to maintain an erection

  • Infection

  • Urinary problems

Correct traction has NONE of these possible
surgical side effects.”

And, correct traction is a small fraction of the price. You can own one of the very best penis traction devices in the world for under $400. Yes, that is not a typo, under four hundred dollars.

Now, compare that to a surgery, that is designed to give the same outcome, which costs $7,000 - $18,000. And, has some very unpleasant possible risks.

Sound interesting?

What Makes The Most Sense
Try First?

Yes, today, the only two medically endorsed and recommended methods of penile straightening that are proven truly effective are surgery and correct traction.

So, what makes the most sense to try first?

Well, if you use traction and it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back* and go for a surgery.

* This is true with the high quality traction devices I found best, but, not true of all available devices.

Now, on the other hand, if you try a surgery first and it doesn’t work out do you think you will get your money back? And, if you are one of the unlucky ones who winds up with any surgical complications, traction will not fix those for you.

I will tell you, when surgery works, it’s pretty darn great. For the men who wind up with complications, it can be a nightmare. An expensive nightmare.

So, tell me:  What makes the most sense to You to try first?

Two Cautions

Penis Traction Devices

Yes, nothing is perfect. So, here’s the thing you need to look out for:

There are a number of different penis traction devices available. 23 different ones by my last count.

The Problem:  They ALL look pretty much alike in the advertisements.

They are not.

  • A couple are excellent, and, the best quality available in the world.

  • Some others are OK, but cost as much as the really good ones. So, why bother with those?

  • Some are dangerous junk that can be a disaster to use.

The only two manufacturers that meet all my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness are Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

If you’d like to know more about the differences in traction devices, here is an article where I go in to more detail on the subject:  “Is Penis Traction the Only Sane Solution for Peyronies Disease?”

The SECOND CAUTION:  Use it correctly.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments
are NOT for
Erectile Problems Caused By Peyronies

Erectile dysfunction treatments were not designed for men whose ED problem was caused solely by their penile bending.

Erectile dysfunction treatments are for men with chronic hormonal and certain circulatory problems.

Erectile dysfunction treatments, both pharmaceutical and “natural” herbal, come with some very serious possible side effects.


“If a bent penis is the cause of ED,

penis straightening will usually make the problem
disappear ‘like magic’.”

And, 99.99% of the time, surgery, injections, and drugs are not necessary.

Do yourself a very big favor. Before you resort to any kind of erectile dysfunction treatments, straighten your penis out first. I think you’ll be very happily surprised with the results.

no erectile dysfunction treatments
erectile dysfunction treatments were not necessary
peyronies disease without erectile dysfunction treatments

Be Well.....

~ William

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