What Is Peyronies Disease?

what is peyronies disease?

what is peyronies disease? #2

What is Peyronies Disease?

This is usually a question that only men, who think they have it, ask.


Because we are NEVER educated about it in school.

We usually know nothing about it at all. Until we get it. Then, it scares every one of us who does.

Well, first of all, you can breathe easy. It is NOT a “disease”. You will soon learn why.

So, what is Peyronies disease?

As horrible as it may seem to you right now:

"Peyronies is a simple developed condition
that is easy to correct
99.99% of the time."

"What Is Peyronies Disease"
Why Don’t They Teach Us About This In School?

A simple 15 minute lecture in sex-ed class on: "What is Peyronies Disease?" would have eased the minds of tens of thousands of men each year who wind up developing this condition.

Do you agree?

Why don’t they teach us something about this simple condition when we are young and in school?

Maybe because only about 5% of men will ever have it?

Maybe because schools tend to avoid a lot of sexual education that would be really helpful, but, we are still too prudish as a society to go there?

Who knows?

But, they don’t.

Answering the question: "What is Peyronies Disease?" would only take one short part of a sex education class. If we learned about this condition when we were young men, we would not have been so shocked and mortified when it happened to us later in life.

We might even have learned what the best Peyronies disease treatments were. Because they are so easy.

But, you are here now. After you finish reading this article, “What is Peyronies Disease?” will no longer be a question, or fear, in your life. And, I'll direct you to comprehensive information on the Safest and Most Effective method for curvature correction.

So take a nice deep breath, relax, read on, and you’ll learn how easy it is to correct this seemingly horrible hideous problem.

So, What Is Peyronies Disease Really?

"Another, I think even bigger problem that comes with
the question: 'What is Peyronies Disease?'
is the
horrible false answers so many of us get."

FIRST: This is not a “disease”.

That’s correct. It is NOT a disease.

Then, what is Peyronies disease? It's a simple condition that is very easy to correct 99.99% of the time.

Let me explain:  If you get a cut on your hand and a scar forms, do you now have a “disease”? Or, do you simply have a scar on your hand?

Your bending Peyronies penis is no different.

It is really that simple.

ALL you have is some scar and/or plaque formation, on one or more of your erectile chambers inside your shaft.

Those scars get hard and make your erections bend. I’ll explain exactly how that works a little further down this page.

How We Get Erections

For me to answer the question:  "What is Peyronies disease?" in an easy to understand way, you need to be a little familiar with the internal mechanics of getting an erection.

So, for those of you who are not familiar with exactly what causes your erections, here is a brief description:

You have three erectile chambers that fill with blood to create your erections.

They are called the Corpus Cavernosum (2 larger chambers) and the Corpus Spongiosum (one small chamber between those two larger ones).

erectile chambers, tunica albuginea, and peyronies disease

They are like balloons. But, instead of air, they fill with blood.

I know, how could blood feel so hard? Right?

Well, the erectile chambers can hold a lot of blood pressure.

They are also very limited in how far they can stretch  by their very tough covering layer called the Tunica Albuginea. (see diagram above) That is why your erections are always the same size and shape.

When you have some hard tissue develop on them (scar and/or plaque), that hard tissue will not stretch as far as the normal tissue of your erectile chambers.

Your erection bends in the direction of the hard tissue.

what is peyronies disease #3

If you have more than one of these hard spots, your erection can bend in more than one direction.

What is Peyronies disease? It’s that simple. No disease. Just some tissue that is not stretching enough. That is all.

To See Exactly How The Bending Happens:
Try This Test

If you want to see how that works, take a long balloon. Not a round one.

Blow it up just a little bit.

Now, stick a small piece of duct tape, that only goes about half way around the balloon, somewhere in the middle. Squeeze it on nice and tight.

Then, continue blowing the balloon up.

See how it bends?

That is exactly what is happening inside your erection if you have a hardened scar on one of your erectile chambers.

What About The Pain?
Isn’t That Disease?

Often, men will believe they have a disease when they are asking: “What is Peyronies Disease?”, simply because their erections have become so painful.

Not every man with this condition gets pain.

But, for those who do, the pain can be quite severe. So, it can seem like it must be a “disease”.

It is not.

What is Peyronies disease pain from?

Here’s what is happening: The pain occurs simply because the force of the blood in the erectile chambers is so great, that it pulls the area which won’t stretch sufficiently, so hard that it hurts.

To Understand What Causes Peyronies Pain:
Try This Test

What is Peyronies disease pain?

Grab your cheek. Like the old ladies did when you were a cute young child. Remember them? We all hated when they did this.

Now, pull it hard. Pull it even harder. Now harder...

It hurts. Right? A lot?

Do you have a cheek disease?

Of course not!

The same thing is happening when your erection is pulling that short tissue too hard.

What is Peyronies disease pain caused by? Just too much internal pulling during erection. That’s ALL. No disease. There's no pain when you are soft and flaccid. Right?

Does that make sense?

Where Did The Scar And Plaque Come From?
A Disease?


For those of you who have not yet read the main pages on this website, I’ll explain briefly how we get those scars and don’t even realize it.

The scars inside your shaft are common.

As young boys:  We play with our dicks. A lot. In all kinds of ways. We all do. So, don’t think you are unique here and need to be ashamed. It’s part of growing up.

When you played a little too hard, did you ever try to bend your erection? Even a little? As an experiment? Did you feel a sharp pain in your erection? Even just a small sudden sharp pain?

As young men:  We like to have all kinds of sex in all kinds of positions and we often like to play rough. Or, at least very intensely. Am I right? It’s normal and healthy.

If you didn’t do those things, you wouldn’t be normal. And, you wouldn’t be reading this page, because you wouldn’t have caused yourself this problem.

Now, when you were have intense sex, after falling out of your partner’s vagina, did you ever forcefully thrust and miss the girl’s vagina on the way back in?

Your cock maybe bent just a little bit. Did you ever feel a short intense pain then?

That’s how easily an unknown injury happens inside your shaft!

A small sexual injury you never even knew about that you probably told funny stories to your friends about later.

You Probably Didn’t Even Know You Were Injured

It doesn’t have to be a radical injury.

You often don’t even know it was a real injury. No bruise. No discoloration. It seemed to be just a small sharp simple pain.

But, something inside tore a bit and healed up quickly and nicely. And, when it healed there was a small scar you knew nothing about.

You never concerned yourself with it.

“For those of us men
whose scar tissues harden up in mid life,
that’s where our problem was caused. And, that is
where our bending came from.”

Here’s the really interesting part: That injury could have been 20 or more years before the bending began.

The Bending Is No Mystery

What is Peyronies disease?

Yep. It’s that simple. And, that’s why so many think the bending has no known no cause.

It has a definite known cause.

Only about 5-8% of us men get that scar hardening. Later in our life. 20 or 30 years after the injury. Until the scar gets hard, everything seems normal and functions normally.

Also, your friend might have even broken his penis. Caused severe internal damage and scarring. Way worse than yours.

But, he never developed the bending you have now. That’s because he is one of the 95% whose scars don’t harden noticeably.

Unfortunately, still, to this day, so many practitioners call this condition a “mystery disease”. And, that makes it very scary. Right?

So, what is Peyronies disease?

It's just some simple scar tissue that is making your erections bend.

REMEMBER:  It is no mystery.

AND:  The scars that form there are no more a disease than the scars on your hands.

“99.99% of the time, the bending is easy to fix.”

Why These Scars
Only Seem To Affect Your Penis

The scars on your skin (hands, feet, face, anywhere...), even though they are doing the same hardening, do not need to stretch like your cock does during erection. So those skin scars never cause you a problem.

Here’s the good news:

No matter how severely horrible, awful, and hideous the bending may seem, it can be easily straightened 99.99% of the time without surgery, injections, or drugs.

What is Peyronies Disease? Now you know. It’s not a disease. It’s not a mystery. It’s a simple condition that develops over time.

It’s just some hard tissue that can make your erections look hideous, feel humiliating, make normal sex impossible, and be very painful.


That pain can even give you psychological impotence.

Compounding the horror of it all."

99.99% Of The Time
It’s Easy to Straighten a Bent Penis
any bent penis

What is Peyronies disease? Now you know!

More important: What are the Safest and Most Effective Peyronies disease treatments?

99.99% of the time, straightening is simple and easy if you do it correctly.

Yes, 99.99% of the time.

Hard to believe at this moment. Right?

I know: You tried to bend your erection straight. Didn’t you? We all did. It feels as strong as iron! Am I telling the truth? Like iron!

Those scars will, however, stretch out again if you stretch them slowly and consistently the right way. Soon you will learn how this is done.

When you stretch them out properly, the pain will also go away.

In fact: The pain will leave before you are really straight again. It’s the first thing to go.

Learn How Thousands Of Us
Straightened Ourselves Out
Without: Surgery, Injections, or Drugs

So don’t fear.

If you are like 99.99% of us men who had this awful, horrible, embarrassing, humiliating, nightmare, let me tell you this one more time: It is easy to fix 99.99% of the time.

The Safest and Most Effective method in the world:

  • Is easy when you do it properly

  • Is very inexpensive

  • Is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide

That method is called Correct Penis Traction.

peyronies disease medically endorsed and recommended treatment

Be Well.....

~ William

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