Can Vaginismus
Be Caused
By A Bent Penis?

can vaginismus be caused by a peyronies bent penis?

Yes, vaginismus can definitely be caused by the pain from intercourse when your husband develops severe Peyronies disease.

A severely bent penis can cause a lot of pain for a woman during intercourse.

Your body tries it’s best to protect each you from physical damage with pain as it’s indicator. The pain is a signal to get away from something.

Along with the pain response, your body may shut down where and when it can. To block further possible pain and/or damage.

This is the case with vaginismus.

Yes, Peyronies Disease
Can Cause Vaginismus In A Woman

"Vaginismus has a number of both physical and mental causes.
A bent penis that causes pain during intercourse
can be one of these."

The Unfortunate Possible Side Effects

vaginismus side effects

When vaginismus is created due to physical pain (from your man having a severely bent penis), the after effects can be quite devastating if that man happens to be your husband or significant other.

Sometime a huge of sex and intimacy develops. This can cause an enormous strain on your relationship.

"It is extremely important to practice affection and intimacy on every other possible level at this time.

Know that:  If you are like 99.99% of other adults, you can correct the physical problems you both now face."

Blame and guilt may start to show their ugly faces, even when not spoken or intended.

It can be an ugly downward spiral that neither partner is the cause of.

Don’t let that negativity happen. It is not necessary It is not helpful to either of you.

It will take some time and diligent effort to correct your situation.

"But, it is correctable. Over 99% of the time!"

You Don’t Have To Suffer

Neither you or your partner are to blame.

Please be clear about that.

A man develops Peyronies Disease because of a genetic trait that make his scars harden in mid life. That is all that is happening inside of his bending erections.

Stretch out those scar/plaque formations and his erections will normalize. It's actually not a "disease" that is causing the bending. It's simply a hardened scar condition.

A woman doesn’t consciously develop vaginismus on purpose either.

It’s just her body’s way of protecting itself from possible damage.

Neither of these conditions is intentional by either your or your partner.

Fortunately:  BOTH of these conditions can be reversed satisfactorily 99.99% of the time.

Yes, both of you can be fully functioning again if you are like 999 out of 1,000 people.

Your Chances Of A Normal Sex Life Again
Are Over 99%!

Good news! Right?

You really both just need to agree to take the necessary time to correct both sides of the situation and be as loving in every other way as possible.

If you are like virtually every other couple,

who developed this sexual situation,

you have a 99.99% chance of reversing it.

The First Step:

The first and most important step is for the man to straighten out his bent penis.

If this is what started the problem, he’ll need to get himself functionally straight.

100% straight? Not necessary. Just decently straight.

Peyronies disease treatments vary. And, can be extremely frustrating if he picks the wrong one.

That is, the ones that don’t work well, if at all. And, there are a lot of those. Just because some might cost a lot does not mean they work well.

  • Surgery?  Surgery is rarely, and I mean rarely necessary. It also come with a large amount of possible super serious side effects.

  • Drugs and injections?  Both of these methods have proven practically useless in most cases.

  • Correct penis traction?  This method has been proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method of penis straightening for Peyronies. Even if your penis is severely bent.

Correct penis traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide. Including the USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Portugal.....

Just make sure you get only a high quality unit. The cheaply made ones can cause you possible serious permanent injury and problems.

The Second Step:

Equally important as the first step, is for a woman who developed vaginismus to have her vagina know that it’s OK for penetration to occur again. That it is enjoyable.

For the woman there are wonderful therapies. Both physical and psychological. “Vaginal trainers” work remarkably well and can work quite fast.

Often after their use, there is no need for any further therapy. Neither physical or psychological.

The Third Step:

Once the man’s bent penis is sufficiently straight (it does not have to be perfectly straight), and the woman is comfortable with practiced penetrations:

Proceed slowly. With love and care. This is so important.

You’re going to take a number of months just getting your “equipment” back to normal function.

Don’t rush. Take your time. Be super gentle with each other.

After your first or second successful encounter, you’ll  most likely be as good as new!

The Most Important Point
Reversing Your Vaginismus


You’re going to need a lot of it.


Because penis straightening can take 6 to 9 months. It’s a relatively slow process.

So, concentrate on your goal and more so on all the other things you love doing together. Take care of each other, mentally and physically.

You’re chances of success are over 99% if you will just take the necessary time.

Yes, vaginismus that develops because your man has developed Peyronies disease, can be devastating. But, it can be reversed over 99% of the time.

reversing vaginismus
overcoming vaginismus caused by peyronies disease, a bent penis
vaginismus and a bent penis

Be Well.....

~ William

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