Peyronies Disease Causes
Are Few


They Are Specific

Peyronies disease causes are few. But, they are definite. Why your penis now bends is no mystery.

And: This so called ‘disease” is not really disease at all. It is a condition.

It is most often the result of an internal scar.

This scar is actually no different than any other scar on your body. But, it is inside. On one or more of your erectile chambers.

Why It Makes Your Erection Bend

Peyronies disease causes are almost always the result of an internal injury. One that you may not even remember getting. And, it left a small scar inside.

One that you may have gotten 20 or more years ago.

Now that scar hardened, and now it causes your erections to bend.

peyronies disease causes are specific

Peyronies disease causes are almost always the result of an internal injury. One that you may not even remember getting. And, it left a small scar inside.

One that you may have gotten 20 or more years ago.

Now that scar hardened, and now it causes your erections to bend. This is the most common of all peyronies disease causes.

These Are 99.99%
of the
Peyronies Disease Causes?

Peyronies disease causes include:

  -  Some hardening scars that you probably didn’t know you even had.

  -  Fibrous plaque formation in those scars.

  -   Or, even possibly, a genetic characteristic of Dupuytrens Contracture manifesting in the chamber(s) of your penis.

That’s about it.

Sure, there may be some other rare instances, But, those others are extremely rare.

Why Is The Bending Happening Now?

This condition usually happens to men 40 years of age or older. Though, it can happen much earlier.

Once men understand what is happening, “Why is it happening now?” is the most common question.

The answer is very simple:

As many of us age (about 5 - 10% of us), our old scars will harden considerably, and/or thicken, and/or develop ‘fibrous plaque’ (a very fancy term for fibers that form in a scar to make it stronger).

Anywhere else in your body, this change usually makes no difference at all to you. You don’t even notice it.

But, when even a small piece of an erectile chamber hardens, and will not stretch sufficiently, your cock will bend in that direction when you become erect. Simple!

If you have more than one of these internal hardenings, your cock may bend in more than one direction

Again, it’s just that simple!

An Old Injury That's Changing Your Life Now

For most men their Peyronies disease causes are from a “trauma” when they were younger. That’s the fancy word for injury.

And, that’s why many people assume the causes of Peyronies disease are a mystery.

They are not. Not at all.

A sudden bending, even a very small bending, during erection can easily tear a bit of your erectile chambers (the balloon like formations in our cocks that fill with blood to give us an erection).

peyronies disease causes are inside your penis

It most often happens during rough sex.

You slip out of the vagina, try immediately to go back in forcefully and you miss!

Your erection bends a tiny bit.

At this moment men are known to say things like: “Oh Shit!”, “Fuck!” or some other delightful favorite choice explicative, because there is a very sharp, intense and distinct pain in their shaft.

Couples often find this a little amusing when it happens. And, laugh.
After a few seconds, we usually slip our penis in more carefully and carry on and forget about the entire incident. At least until we are out at a bar or party talking with our friends and sharing sexual stories.

Almost no one realizes they may have just formed the foundation for their own future Peyronies disease.

A Broken Penis Is VERY Serious

broken penis

While I'm on this topic I must talk about a broken penis. It is radically different than a common bent penis.

This is a really bad injury. And, you must take it very seriously if it happens to you. It is a serious situation that must be handles immediately.

If your forceful missed re-entry was strong enough, and the tear big enough, it can be an extremely serious situation.

Then you have what is called a broken penis.

That pain will not go away quickly.

Now, obviously, there are no bones in your cock. So what breaks? Again, it is one or more of the erectile chambers tearing. But, in this situation the tear is so severe that it bleeds.

How do you know if you broke it?

You’ll soon see discoloration. Purple, reddish, blue, blackish. This will be on your shaft itself, and/or your scrotum, and possibly the surrounding area also.

This is your body bleeding seriously inside.

A Broken Penis is a medical emergency.

Go to an emergency room immediately.

If you wait a day or two,

your penis may not get sufficient blood flow.

Gangrene may set in.

And, it that happens, your penis will more than likely be amputated.

Go to an emergency room immediately!

And, yes, even a correctly mended broken penis may make your erections bend as time goes on.

Other Peyronies Disease Causes

OK. Back to our topic of: Peyronies disease causes.

Outside of the main causes (internal scar and/or plaque formation) and the genetic condition called Dupuytren’s Contracture, there are very few things that will make your penis develop a severe bend.

And, those rare Peyronies disease causes are so rare that they are not worth mentioning in this article.

A slight curve? That could be from any number of things. Like masturbating incorrectly over and over again. Clothes that are always too tight. etc... In this article we are talking about a real major bending.

When you go to your doctor and he says you have Peyronies, ask him what caused it.

If he says he doesn’t know (how would he know about your sex life?) then there is probably no weird or unusual cause.

Don’t Worry!

99.99% Of The Time
A Bent Penis Is Easy To Fix

That’s right.

As ugly, hideous, horrible and awful as it may look at this moment, 99.99% of the time it’s easy to fix a bent penis.

I’ve written some entire articles on the world’s most effective and safest method for straightening almost any bent penis (no matter how severe and horrible the bend seems to you right now).

I’d like to direct you to one of those articles now: “It’s Easy To Fix A Bent Penis”.

If you click on that link, and read the entire article, you will learn how easy it was for tens of thousands of men to straighten their bend, no matter what the Peyronies disease causes were.

And, they did it without surgery, injections, or drugs of any kind.

Be Well.....

~ William

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