There Is No
Peyronies Cure

is there a peyronies cure?

A Peyronies cure does not exit.

At least not by current common definition.


Because: "there is no disease here."

There is no disease to cure.

Peyronies is not a medical problem.

That is the great misconception most of us  seem to have about this curved penis condition.

Can My Severely Curved Penis
 Be Straightened?

99% of the time the answer is: YES!  Most definitely.

And, it is quite simple to do:

  • By yourself
  • Inexpensively
  • Without surgery, injections, drugs or even any medical assistance

Peyronies Is NOT A Disease

“Disease” is a great word! It scares the bejesus out of most of us.

Especially when we see our erections bending 90 degrees and are told we have a “disease”. It can really make us worry unnecessarily!

It scared me!

BUT, this simple condition is NOT a “disease”.

It is only a simple (though horrifying) condition that is the result of some internal scar and/or plaque that does not allow your erection to form normally.

That’s ALL it is.

Our Great Misconception

Let’s look at where the great misconception and huge misinformation of this being a “disease” came from.

Is there a Peyronies cure?

Way back in the year 1743 there was a man named Francois De la Peyronie who discovered what was the cause of many of our penises to curve and bend later in life.

Well, back then, modern medicine was just beginning to be formally codified. So, almost anyone who figured out a health problem, or condition, and/or the solution to it, had the thing named after him.

That was the case with our man Francois: The cause of this penis bending was discovered by Mr. Peyronie = Francois De La Peyronie’s Disease = (today) Peyronies Disease.


And, that’s where all the “disease” nonsense started.

This bending of your penis is a condition,

NOT a disease.

As you learned, it is simply some internal scarring and/or plaque formation on the erectile chambers that won’t stretch enough. This causes your erections to bend in the direction of the unstretching tissue.

That’s it!

That’s ALL there is to it.

There is no mystery. No disease.

Just some tissue that will not stretch enough to allow your erection to be straight.

That’s it!

It’s Easy To Understand

If you cut your hand and get a scar, do you have a disease?

If you bite your lip and get a small scar, do you have a disease?

If you step on a nail and puncture your foot, and it heals with a nice dandy scar, do you have a disease?

Do you need a “cure” for any of these??

So, if you tear a bit of your erectile chamber and it forms a scar, do you have a disease?

Of course not!

And, that is all that has happened here.

Redefining “Peyronies Cure”

Let’s get started in the right direction here and redefine the word “cure” for our definition of: Peyronies cure.

Yes, we are allowed to create our own definitions in order to correctly clarify things. That’s why a single word in the dictionary can have 10 or more different definitions.

So, let this be our definition for the word “cure” here:

“Cure”, for us right here on this page, will mean “correction”. That’s all.

It has nothing to do with surgery, drugs, injections, medicines or anything medical, or anything disease related.

For us, right here, it simply means “correction”.

And, because we are not talking about a disease here, I would go so far as to say, “non-medical correction”.

Now we can have a true and correct meaning for: a peyronies cure. It is nothing medical or medically related.

Peyronies Cure = Curved penis correction, or, curved penis straightening.

Simple right?

Make sense now?

Does it feel a little less serious? It should.

What About Penis Surgery?

Even penis surgery is not a Peyronies "cure". It is a method of correction, or, straightening.

Up until about 20 years ago, penis surgery was often considered to be the only way to straighten a bent penis.

This kind of penis surgery, however, comes with some very serious possible side effects that almost none of us need to risk anymore.

Can we fix our condition without penis surgery?

Yes. Very simply and easily.

Thousands of us have.

And, we didn’t need drugs, injections, or medications of any kind either, 99% of the time. Because: we didn’t have a disease.

Penis surgery, with all of it’s possible horrible side effects, should be saved for the very rare cases that really require it.

The New
Clinically Proven

Peyronies Cure

Now that you have a proper definition to work with, and some clarity on what is really happening, are you ready to explore the best clinically proven Peyronies cure?

Correctly used, it is both Safe and Effective over 99% of the time.


"This new Peyronies cure is so good
that it is currently
medically endorsed and recommended
 in 29 countries worldwide."

This includes:  USA • Canada • United Kingdom • Thailand • Taiwan • Uruguay •Belgium • Germany • Holland • Denmark • Portugal • Japan • Argentina • Philippines • France • Serbia • Luxembourg • Venezuela • Italy • Australia • Andorra • Chile • Mexico • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

What is this Peyronies Cure?

It is called: correct penis traction.

What Is Correct Penis Traction?

Traction, or systematic pulling, on a penis has been around for thousands of years.

It is believed to have begun in Africa and the Middle East.

It was originally used to make a man’s penis bigger.

Men often didn’t have a lot to do back then. And, they would hang stones from the tip of their shaft and literally sit for hours (yes hours) each day and gaze at the world.

This really works if you do it long enough. And, the results are permanent.

But, who, these days, has 4 -5 hours to sit naked every day with stones hanging from his shaft??

How It Was Discovered

What was discovered barely 20 years ago by a man named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, is that by systematically pulling on the internal scar/plaque inside a man’s penis, the scar would stretch out.

When the scar is stretched out enough, the erections will be straight (or darn near straight) again.

And, there you have it! A real peyronies cure that was non invasive, Safe and Effective when done correctly.

This was the greatest breakthrough in the treatment of this condition since it began.

And, as you already learned, it is such a good method that it is currently medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

How Is This Correct Traction Done?

A Peyronies cure using correct traction is
done with a simple device that anyone can
purchase for under $300.

You just have to be very careful and get a high quality device.

That is extremely important. A poorly made unit can injury you severely and permanently.

These are links to my two personal best choices. I chose them above all the others for Safety, Reliability, and Effectiveness:

Now, An Important Word Of Caution

As you learned, this same traction method can be used to make a man’s shaft bigger. Permanently.

So, where do you think the major marketing is directed? Not for a Peyronies cure....

And, how many cheap, poorly made imitation units, do you think there are out there that are made with no concern for your welfare?


That’s why you want to be sure to get a high quality device so that you don’t injure your shaft and cause yourself more problems down there than you already have.

If you want to know more, I am now going to direct you to a special article I have written all about penis traction devices. And, the only two companies I have found to be manufacturing the highest quality devices obtainable.

They are also the only two companies, in fact, that meet all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

And, they are guaranteed to work for you!

So, here you go:

My personal choices for peyronies cure penis traction devices.

Be Well.....

~ William 

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