Penis Stretchers

Straighten a Bent Penis?

What Are They?

How Do They Work?

Can They Reverse the Bending
from Peyronies Disease?


Yes, Penis Stretchers Work!

Penis stretchers can straighten a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease, or, anything else, 99.99% of the time.

In Fact:

"If you get a high quality penis traction device,
you will have obtained

the Safest and Most Effective
medically endorsed and recommended

Peyronies disease treatment available in the world."

Yes, the penis stretchers known as "high quality traction devices" are that good.

What Can
Penis Stretchers

“Penis stretchers” is an informal name for some different devices that can do three basic things:

  • Straighten a bent penis

  • Make your cock bigger

  • Give you a manufactured erection

All three of these things have value to different men.

Some penis stretchers can also cause you permanent penile damage very easily.

the best penis stretchers in the worldpenis traction device

penis stretching with a jelqing devicejelqing device

can a penis pump make your cock bigger?penis pump

Bent Penis

For the sake of the readers of this website, we’re going to concentrate on the devices that can actually straighten erections, Safely and Effectively.

Just so you’re aware, I want to take a brief moment and tell you about the other devices, that can be dangerous or useless, first: Jelqing Devices and Penis Pumps: Neither will straighten your bent penis. A proven fact.

Here’s what those devices can do:

A jelqing device can help to make your cock longer. But, it is not really effective on the bending.

It is also extremely easy to damage the blood vessels in the tip of your shaft with these devices.

A penis pump will fill your shaft with blood and induce a semi-solid erection. With the help of a cock ring, this erection may be solid enough for intercourse.

This makes the pump a valuable tool for  men with straight cocks who have become severely impotent for reasons such as diabetes, low testosterone, poor blood flow, etc...

Now, lets get to the penis stretchers that really work on straightening a bent penis. Even a severely bent one.

The Penis Stretchers
proven to
Straighten A Bent Penis

Safely And Effectively

Here we have the traction devices.

penis stretchers that really work, safely and effectively, for straightening a bent penisPro Extender, the #1 Choice

penis stretchers to fix a bent penis

When I talk about penis stretchers for the remainder of this article, these are the devices I will be talking about.

The penis stretchers known as penile traction devices are recognized as the Safest and Most Effective medically endorsed and recommended method for straightening a bent erection.

The Penis Traction Device

The original penis traction device was invented by a penile surgery specialist in 1994. His name is Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

He originally developed his device as a tool to keep men’s shafts straight while they were healing from penile straightening surgery. That’s all.

However, as he experimented with his device, Dr. Siana soon found his device could straighten a curved penis all by itself. Without surgery.

This was a monumental medical break through in Peyronies disease treatments.

“Correct traction

is the only medically endorsed and recommended
method of straightening,

outside of surgery,

that has proven truly effective.”

Correct traction, however, comes with none of the possible surgical risks. And, traction is a fraction of the cost.

What About
Penis Surgery?

Prior to 1994, the only medically endorsed method of straightening was surgery.

peyronies disease treatments with surgery for a bent penis

The problem with this type of surgery is that it is expensive and it comes with some horrible and hideous possible side effects.

These possible side effects include:

  • Impotence (yes, inability to attain or maintain a useable erection)

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Infection....

Are There
Alternative Methods?

Yes. There are.

However, all other alternative methods tried for penile straightening (drugs, injections, vitamins, enzyme therapy....) proved only minimally effective or useless.

Most of these methods were tried to help a man avoid a surgery and the possible surgical side effects when surgery was the only truly successful method.

Since correct traction was developed, and proven successful, there is now an effective alternative. An, alternative that has proven to be safest and most effective. A method that has made all the other alternatives obsolete.

How Good
Are The
Traction Devices?

They are super good!

In 1994 Dr. Siana’s traction device negated the need for surgery for most bent penises.

What's more, his invention can not only straighten most bent penises successfully, it can also enlarge them with continued use. Hence the name: “penis stretcher”.

Dr. Siana’s original design was so good that today, the highest quality devices are still almost identical to the original model.

The newest high quality stretchers simply have more comfortable attachments for safer use, and, higher tension springs for faster results.

Size Increase?

Here’s the problem you may have run into already:

If you have been researching penis stretchers at all, I’m sure you have seen these devices. In fact, I’m sure you have seen a lot of these devices advertised if you are doing internet searches.

Penis stretchers are very popular. Not mostly for straightening. Rather mostly as “male enhancement” devices. That’s the politically polite words for “making you cock bigger”.

Yes. As you already learned, they can do this very effectively. And, your results will be permanent.

Now, on this website we’re interested in knowing what works for penile straightening.

This is where the confusion can come in for a number of my readers. I’m talking about straightening and the ads mostly say how big the device can make your cock. Right?

So here’s some information that will clear the confusion up for you:

The fact is:  Young men buy these penis stretchers 20 to 1 as enlargers over us middle age men who use them to straighten our bent penises.

Interesting. Right?

That’s why most of the ads call them enlargers, and, primarily advertise the devices for penile enlargement. And, as I’m sure you’ve seen, some of the ads make pretty fantastic claims that often tend to be highly exaggerated.

What Are
The Best Penis Straightening Devices
The World?

High quality traction devices are wonderful straightening devices.

Make no mistake. The high quality units are the best penile straightening devices available in the world today.

The best.

The high quality units are:

  • Classified as Class One Medical Devices.

  • Made with medical grade materials

  • Doctor recommended

  • Guaranteed to work for you or your money back

For this reason, most of manufacturers will have a section of their “male enhancement” website devoted to “curvature correction”. Because a bent penis is rarely a disease.

A penile curvature is almost always just a simple (thought personally horrifying) condition that is easy to correct 99.99% of the time with correct traction. Even of the bending is severe.

I Must Warn You
Inferior Traction Devices

There are just two warning I must give you about getting a penis traction device:

  1)   Use it properly

  2)   Don’t buy a cheap piece of junk just because it will save you $100

Some of the very best traction devices in the world are available for under $300. Yes, under three hundred dollars. So, any man can afford the very best here.

Please: Don’t cheap out on this and try to save $100. You could regret that forever.

I want you to know the differences in these devices and why buying quality is so very important. This article would be far too long if I put all the details here.

So, I have written an entire article for you about the differences in quality you will find in these penis stretchers. You can read it here:  “Is Penis Traction
The Only Sane Solution for Peyronies Disease?”

 I Want You
Compare The Price Of
Penis Stretchers
Penis Surgery

This, I know, will seem too good to be true. But, it is true. The price comparison.

Again, these are the only two medically recommended methods that have proven to give truly satisfactory results. Only two. Surgery and correct traction.

So, if you’re seriously searching for the answer to erectile bending, these are the only two real choices you have.

You know that correct traction comes with none of the possible horrible surgical side effects. This was the most important factor when I made my own personal choice.

But, pricing is a fantastic benefit here also.

So, let’s compare the price of correct traction to a surgery:

Penis Traction: under $400

Penile Surgery: between $7,000 and $18,000

Do I hear you saying, “Wow!”

“Correct traction

has none of the possible horrible side effects

of a

penile surgery.”

Those are two of the three points that sold me on correct traction personally. Safety and Effectiveness.

These are things that convinced me to try traction first:

  • Safety was my first concern

  • Effectiveness second

  • Cost third

Here Are Two Questions

Now, I have to ask you:  Since there are only two medically endorsed and recommended methods that have proven to be truly effective: high quality penis stretchers (penis traction devices) and surgery, which method do you think makes the most sense to try first?

And, now that you have the facts about both methods that work most effectively, does this become a no brainer??

ALSO:  I want you to know, it’s not just my opinion.  So, here you will find what some other men have to say about how effective high quality “penis stretchers” can be.

Just scroll down that page about half way to see the comments. They are pretty inspiring.

penis stretchers for effective peyronies disease treatment
penis stretchers that are medically endorsed and recommended for peyronies disease
penis stretchers that really work

Be Well.....

~ William

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