Penis Pills

penis pills
do penis pills work?

Can penis pills work the way you are hoping they will?

Probably not.

Do You Want A Bigger Dick?

What most men, who are doing a web search for these pills, are looking for is “male enhancement”. That is the politically correct way of saying: “a bigger dick”.

There is no pill in the world that will

make your dick grow.

Yes, if your erections are weak, there are many pills that will give you a harder erection. And, possibly a heart attack along with it. Yes, they have that potential as well.

But, there are no penis pills of any kind that will actually make you dick grow.


Let’s take a reality check:

Why Penis Pills Can’t Make Your Dick Grow Bigger

If penis pills could make your dick grow, why wouldn’t your ears grow too? Or, your lips? Or, nose? Or, your fingers and toes? How about getting taller? Or, your wife getting bigger breasts?

I know why. Because they are called “penis pills”, right?

See how stupid the whole idea is.

I know. You were hoping. Right?

It would be nice... Sorry to give you the harsh reality.

You’re not alone. Thousands of men hoped for the same thing when they bought penis pills. Then found that all they really did was waste a lot of money and time using them only to be completely disappointed.

Gain 3 inches in Just 6 Weeks!

penis pills will not make your dick grow

Wow! Amazing! Right?

We often, and regularly, see penis pill ads that claim your dick can be “3 inches longer in 6 weeks!”

That may be true if your are naturally endowed with a very large cock and you never had an erection before in your life.

But, actually make your cock grow bigger?


If they did you’d see the news on the front page of every major magazine.

It’s all a lot of cleverly worded advertising designed to do just one thing: Make you part with your money.

What About The Money Back Guarantees?

That is genius modern advertising.

Do you know why?

80% of men who are unsatisfied with the results of penis pills will not return them for their money back.


So, if an advertiser is able to convince 1000 men in the world to spend $30 a bottle on their product, and only 20% return the product...

Well, let’s see what that comes out to:

Let’s Do The Math

Let’s do the math on that:

1,000 orders at $30 = $30,000.

20% returned = $6,000.

That leaves $24,000 in the advertiser’s pocket after refunds.

Take off $2,400 for the manufacturing costs. And another $12,000 for advertising costs.

That leaves $9,600 in profit.

Do that every month for a year and you get $115,200.

See how it works?


Penis Pills Will Never Make Your Dick Grow

You’ll have better luck with Cinderella’s Fairy God Mother, or a Genie in a bottle, than you will with penis pills.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but, it’s true.

There is no penis pill that can make your dick actually grow.

That's right.

"With penis pills you may get more frequent, or harder erections
if you have weak ones now.

But, your cock will not grow from these."

Adding Measurable Permanent Size

Yes! Adding permanent new length to your cock is possible.

If you are a man that seriously wants to have a bigger dick. Longer and even wider erections. You need to actually create true growth in your shaft.

You can do this with correct penis traction.

And, yes, you can make your lips and ear lobes grow with traction also. I’m sure you must have seen pictures like these:

penis pills will not make your cock longer
traction for penis growth
stretching earlobes, lips, penises

Regular daily stretching really works.

Correct traction (constant regular stretching) is the same method dancers and many athletes use to lengthen their muscles to get those long leg extensions.

Now, legs won’t grow longer because you can’t stretch your bones. So just the muscles, tendons, and ligaments stretch and grow.

But, your cock has no bones. Nor do your lips or ear lobes. That’s why you can make them bigger.

"When you regularly stretch your shaft with correct traction,
it CAN and WILL grow."

You will gain more in length than width. So, you don’t want to over do it.

But, a nice extra inch would make a lot of men super happy. Even a half inch makes quite a noticeable difference.

If You Are Normally Healthy
You Should Get Some Impressive,
Permanent Results

If you are a normally healthy man, and you start with a normal size erection (about 5 inches), you have a very good chance of creating one that is a good inch longer.

If you have a relatively shorter cock, you can still add some very nice length and width.

If you do it correctly.

The Proven Methods That Really Work

Penis pills do not.

But, any of the methods that continually physically stretch your shaft, day after day, can give you these results.

All these methods work because they will stretch your shaft in a systematic way, day after day.

The methods include:

  • Penis “exercises” (pulling by hand)

  • Jelqing

  • Stones (the oldest and ancient method)

  • Penis weights

  • Correct Penis Traction

Correct penis traction is the only one of those methods that is Medically Endorsed and Recommended.

In 29 countries worldwide.

"Based on current evidence, we suggest that penile extenders, not surgery, should be the first-line treatment....

Surgery is characterised by a risk of complications and unwanted outcomes and lack of consensus among the medical profession on the indications for surgery and the techniques used. That is why
a non-invasive technique is preferable."

reference: Dr. Paolo Gontero
Medical News Today

Why The Other Stretching Methods Can Be
Dangerous and Ineffective

penis pills and jelqing

 -  If you pull your cock too hard you can permanently injure your shaft. That is the major danger with “exercises” and jelqing. You have no way of knowing when you have pulled too hard until it is too late.

 On the other hand, if you don’t pull hard enough, you will get little or no results.

penis pills and penis weights

 -  With stones and weights you have to sit naked for 6 hours every day with these things suspended from the tip of your cock. For more than 6 months. Every day. It’s a very effective method.

But, who has time (or the desire) to do that?

Correct Traction Eliminates
ALL Of These Problems
Gives You The Safest and Fastest Results Possible

With correct traction you face none of those problems and hazards.


Let me explain how it works:

penis pills vs penis traction

With correct traction you simple put a high quality traction device on your shaft in the morning. That takes about one minute.

Wear it underneath your clothing during your daily activity. No one even knows you have it on.

The traction device applies a measured amount of pull to your shaft
for 6 hours each day.

All by itself.

After about 6 hours, you take it off. That takes about 15 seconds.

That’s it!

That’s all the work you have to do.

How It Works

These long periods of measured pulling will stretch the tissues in your shaft and cause tiny microscopic tears in the tissues. Don’t let that scare you. These tears are painless, invisible, and they heal very quickly.

The most you may feel is some soreness at the end of the period.

Each time these microscopic tears heal, you add a few new cells to your cock.

How Long Does It Take?

At first, you will see nothing. As you learned, the growth is microscopic each time.

However: If you do this over and over again, day after day, for a number of months, you will see your cock grow. Measurably. And, those results are permanent!

It's just like building a brick house:

Imagine building a Beautiful brick house!

You start with nothing. And, you put some bricks on the ground.

Then, each day some bricks are added. At first you really don’t see anything. But, after a number of months, you have a Beautiful Big New House!

It’s not fast.

But, you're building real new tissue. Permanent new tissue. Day after day.

You do need to be on the program for a number of months.

How many? That depends on how big you want to get and how fast your body can heal and grow.

But, you should see results in 6 - 12 months if you do it correctly.

No Penis Pills Can Do That

No penis pill can do that.

Neither can any lotion, cream, or transdermal patch.

No injections can make your cock grow either.

And, there is even no surgery that can make your erections noticeably longer. Surgery can only make it wider. And, surgery is a foolish risk because of the terrible possible after effects.

These after effects include erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm, lack of sensation, impotence, and a lumpy disfigured shaft.

Penis Pills Are A Very Bad Joke

Penis pills are a joke. A very bad joke.

The advertisers prey on the insecurities and impatience of many young men.

Don’t be one of them. Don’t be fooled by the advertising for any of those items.

If you are trying to grow your cock for real, they are a waste of your time and money. And, a serious potential health hazard.

Getting Real, Measurable,
Permanent Growth

By now I’m sure you are realizing: If you want real, serious, measurable, permanent growth, you won’t get it from any kind of penis pills.

But, you can get it if you are like 99.99% of normally healthy men.

The only really safe, highly effective, proven method, that is also medically endorsed and recommended, is correct penis traction.

Of all the 23 current devices available, only Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro meet all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

Be Well.....

~ William

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