Male Erection Problems
Peyronies Disease

Male erection problems can have a number of causes:

  • Older Age
  • Poor Diet

  • Diabetes

  • Loss of Blood Supply

  • Alcohol Abuse

  • Drug Side Effects

  • Nerve Injury
  • Stress

  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Overwork, Exhaustion
  • Peyronies Disease

In this article I am going to talk with you about why this problem can accompany Peyronies Disease. A bent penis. Especially a severely bending one.

Possibly a bend so intense that there is pain on erection.

Why You Have Erectile Pain
A Severely Bent Penis

Talk about male erection problems.... It’s bad enough that your penis is bending now. Right? On top of that you now have a lot of pain in your shaft when you get erect. Everything just seems to be getting worse and worse....

Don’t despair. You can turn these male erection problems around. And, it’s not hard to do once you learn how.

OK. Let me explain what’s happening.

This is the reason you’re getting pain when you get erect now:

During your bending, your tissue is being pulled so hard that it causes pain from the pull on the hard tissue that is not stretching enough.

What Is Causing This Pain

There’s no pain when you are flaccid. Right? It’s just painful when your shaft starts getting pumped up. Right?

Now, remember when you were a kid and someone’s grandma pulled your cheek really hard and told you how cute you were? It hurt! Right?

You fought to get away from her. She was stretching your skin too hard and it hurt! That’s what caused the pain!

The same thing is now happening inside your shaft. But, it’s not grandma doing it.

It is the pull on the sections of tissue inside your shaft that are too hard to stretch out properly now.

male erection problems and Peyronies Disease

This Pain Causes Weak Erections

But, the pain is just like that one that inflicted on you by Grandma’s pulling your cheek.

Here’s what happens next:

Now your brain is telling itself: “Pain during erection. Don’t get erect. Or, get a weaker erection that is not so painful. Be safe.”

But: All you know is that your erections cause pain and are weak now. Or, possibly non-existent now. Hey, you’re in your mid-life. You think you have developed erectile dysfunction on top of your other male erection problems.

Well, you have. But, these specific male erection problems are not from a hormonal problem. Or, low testosterone.

What are we trained to do when we have any type of male erection problems? Go and get some erectile drugs that make us hard. Right?

That’s the worst possible thing you could do to yourself right now.

Why? Because those drugs are a definite health and life risk, AND, they don’t get rid of the cause of any male erection problems.

If these drugs give you harder erections, they will also be more painful ones because you'll be pulling at that short painful tissue even harder. Forget about them.

Here’s what you need to know:

Getting Good, Solid, Pain-Free Erections Again
Without Drugs

“If you were getting decent painless erections
before your erections started bending severely,
you will most likely get them again
after you straighten your shaft out.”

Did I say, “After you straighten your shaft out.”?

Does that mean you can straighten it out?

Yes. If you are like 99.99% of us who had bending male erection problems, you can straighten yourself out. And, it’s simple to do. Even if you are severely bent.

male erection problems

AND99.99% of the time, straightening does NOT require an expensive risky surgery, injections, or drugs of any kind.

Returning To A Normal Sex Life

That’s correct. You can get your penis straightened without surgery, injections or drugs, 99.99% of the time, and, end your male erection problems.

If your sex life was normal before you got the bend, then it will most likely be normal again
after you get some straightening.

A Bent Penis
Is Almost Never The Result Of A “Disease”

That’s right:

You don’t have a “disease” with Peyronies Disease. You have a simple (though personally hideous, horrible and awful) condition that is causing these male erection problems.

male erection problems from peyronies disease

The name of this condition is a super big misnomer. The condition was named after Francois De La Peyronie back in 1740 when he discovered the cause of this bending.

So, they named it his “disease”. “Peyronie’s Disease”. Later shortened (without the apostrophe) to: Peyronies Disease.

And, that terrible awful name has sent hundreds of thousands of men just like you into sheer desperation. Unnecessarily. Totally unnecessarily.

Peyronies is not a “disease”.

The scar or scars inside your shaft are no more a disease than the scars you got on your hands and knees when you were a kid and cut yourself while playing outside with your friends.

Panic, Frustration, And Depression

But panic, and even extreme depression, are often the first reactions for most of us when we see this bending happening to our cock.

I mean, it’s your dick. Right? Your dick! Your sexual identity. And, now you are grossly disfigured and unable to perform properly. Or, at all! And, you’re super embarrassed by your erection.

Of course you panic and get depressed! You’d be abnormal if you did not.

Don’t go there.

Relax as much as you can and keep reading. If you’re like 99.99% of us, you can fix yourself up in a short time.

These Facts Should
Cheer You Up

Here are the facts: All you have is some simple scar and/or fibrous plaque on one or more of your erectile chambers that is preventing part of those chambers from stretching fully during erection. That is the cause of all these specific male erection problems.

So, your cock bends in the direction(s) of the hard tissue.

That’s ALL there is to it! That’s ALL!

You’re not a freak, you’re not sick, your not genetically compromised......

Stretch that hard tough tissue out enough, and your erections will straighten. Your male erection problems caused by your current bending will seemingly disappear like "magic"!

Yes. It really is that simple.

And, the process can be:

Simple, Safe, Inexpensive, and Easy.

99.99% Of The Time
Straightening Is Simple

The method is called correct penis traction.

Correct traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide, including the USA, Canada, France, and England.

And, you do it by yourself.

Even in the early stages of your straightening, you will notice the pain decreasing. The terrible pain will be gone before your erections are decently straight again. It’s the first result you’ll really notice with correct traction.

And, straightening is so easy 99.99% of the time.

How to do it Safely and Effectively is just not common knowledge. Did you ever learn about this type of traction in school? Neither did I or anyone else I know.

So, most of us suffer terribly and unnecessarily when we develop these male erection problems.

The Price Of A Poor
Uninformed Choice

Here is a very sad problem: Lack of proper current information.

Because this topic is not common knowledge, and because of a lack of sufficient information:

"Too many of us wind up trying all kinds
Inferior Peyronies Disease Treatments."

Risky, ineffective, expensive Peyronies Disease Treatments that give minimal results, or, no results at all. Many men even take the risk of possible impotence from a penis curvature surgery, and lose.

How depressing does all that sound?

With those treatments you also wind up with a lot less money in your bank account.

Again: You don't have to risk any of that. These male erection problems caused by penile bending are simple to reverse 99.99% of the time.

It’s Not As Serious As You Think

“The scar/plaque you have inside your shaft, that is causing your male erection problems,
is no more serious, and, no more of a “disease”
than the scar you have on your hand,
or your forehead, or your leg, etc...”

That’s right.

This scarring simply is a problem because your penis has to stretch a lot during erection. Your hand, forehead, leg, do not.

Does it make sense now?

Can you see how simple the correction should be?

“But, I Never Cut My Penis.”

But, you need to have a cut to get a scar. Right?

And, you never cut your penis. Right?


So I’m not correct. Right?


And, this is where you get all the nonsense about the cause of Peyronies disease being a mystery.

It’s no mystery. And, neither are the male erection problems that come with it.

They ALL have a very definite cause.

Did You Ever Have
Rough Super Exciting Sex!?

solving your bent penis erection problems

Have you ever had some rough, or, very enthusiastic sex some time in your young life?

I hope so.

Well, if you ever bent your erection at that time, even very slightly, and felt a pain at that moment, you tore something inside.

When it healed it formed a small scar that you never even knew about until now.

But, you thought you never bent it. Did you?

Oh, yes you did. Ever so slightly. And, it tore a bit. You just didn’t know it at the time. There was no redness or bleeding. So you thought nothing really happened. Am I correct?

But, your erection was never meant to be bent at all. Not even a little bit.

That's Probably How You Bent It

This erection bending most commonly happens when you slip out of your partner’s vagina and then rush to get back in, push hard, and miss!


Then you and your partner have a small laugh and continue....

Does that sound at all familiar?

There is where you caused your cut/tear.

A scar formed to heal it. You probably never knew all that happened inside.

The Cause Is No Mystery

“But, that was 25 years ago!”

Exactly. And, that is why the cause of the “disease” is called “a mystery”.

It’s no mystery.

Here’s why it happens:

As we age, about 5% of us men have scar hardening. Our scars get thicker and/or harder around mid life. Some also form fibrous plaque. (Tiny fibers that form in the scar to make it stronger.)

This is probably a genetic advantage anywhere else on our body.

But, we get a bent penis. For the other 95% of men, nothing happens. Their scars don’t harden noticeably. And, they never get a bent penis no matter how severe their tear was. And, they don't suffer from these male erection problems ever.

The Horrible Pain Problem

This hardening makes our erections bend. A severe bend can cause a LOT of pain. And, personal embarrassment. And, often huge depression and frustration.

So, now you have erection problems and you think you not only have a hideous horribly bent penis, that hurts, you also have ED (erectile dysfunction)!

It’s a horrible vicious cycle because we are never taught about this bending condition in our lives. Ever.

We panic. And that is why we often resort to the worst choices: Because we are depressed, miserable, and desperate.

Don’t get desperate.

Stop. Relax for a moment. Reread this page.

REMEMBER: If you are like 99.99% of men with male erection problems like this:

You can be OK again! Easily.

Yes. The odds are extremely in favor of you being OK again without resorting to a surgery on your penis, or injections, or drugs.

Watch Your Male Erection Problems

As you learned: Male erection problems can come from many sources.

But, if your male erection problems have coincided with the bending of your penis, they will probably disappear when you straighten your penis out.

solving male erection problems

Be Well.....

~ William

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