The Only
Male Enhancement Review
You’ll Ever Need

male enhancement review

This male enhancement review has just two purposes:

 1)  To keep you from wasting your money on products that do not really work

 2)  To keep you from hurting yourself with products and “services” that are potentially hazardous

The Real Truth
Penis Enlargement

the best natural male enhancement review

In this male enhancement review you’re going to learn that not everything you read about penis enlargement is telling you the whole truth.

Most of it is exaggerated claims.

Why am I writing about penis enlargement on this Peyronies Disease Treatments website?

A LOT of men want bigger cocks.

Penis enlargement is a big topic.

And, just as important as it is to correctly and safely straighten a penile curvature, men desiring enlargement should be just as effective and safe.

That is why I am writing this simple but complete male enhancement review.

The same devices that are clinically proven Safest and Most Effective as the best Peyronies Disease Treatment are also the Safest and Most Effective penis enlarging devices in the world.

Not All Products Deliver
What Their Ads Seem to Claim

Each man’s reason for wanting a bigger cock is his own personal business. And, there is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger cock.

You just need to do the enlarging safely with a method that can actually give you results.

There are a LOT of different companies out there, also, telling you how many inches you can gain in just a few weeks if you buy their product.

Most of them care nothing about you. They want your money. And, they are willing to say whatever they can get away with to get it.

Most of it is very clever deceptive advertising. Beware!

Not all products deliver what you think you are getting.

That’s why I have written this male enhancement review for you!

The Male Enhancement Review On:
Penis Pills

This is the biggest fraud of all for actually making your cock grow.

"There is no pill that will actually make your cock grow.

There never was one."

Please...... let’s be real here...  If a pill could make your cock grow, why wouldn’t it make your ears grow? Or your nose? Or your fingers? Or, your wife’s breasts?

It’s pure misleading advertising.

Here are the facts on these pills:

If you have soft weak erections, or are getting no erections, and you take a strong sexual stimulant, you may get a raging hard on. Solid as a rock. Even 3 inches longer than your soft flaccid non erect shaft.

Yes, these pill claim 3” of new size.

But, did your cock actually grow? Even 1/8 of an inch. No. It just got decently hard.

Now if all you need is some sexual stimulation, these pills may be right for you.

If I was doing a male enhancement review for harder erections for men with slight ED (erectile dysfunction),..... well, a healthy sexual system just doesn’t need them.

The Dangers
Male Enhancement Pills

Did you know sexual stimulants come with all the same risks as the stronger prescription drugs we all know about and see advertised on TV?

Those risks include, and are not limited to:

  >  Heart Attack

  >  Stroke

  >  Blindness

  >  Loss of hearing

Does that sound like something you want to get involved with??

Now that you know this, if you are stupid enough to continue using them anyway, you can stop reading now because reading this male enhancement review will not help you at all.

What About
The Patches, Creams, Herbal Formulas, etc...?

They are all exactly the same as the pills. You can forget about true penis enlargement with these things.

They are all sexual stimulants that come in various forms. ALL of them are designed to give you an erection. A harder erection. And, they all have the same effects and possible hideous risks.

But, they will never actually make your shaft grow measurably.

If you’re young and strong, the stimulation effect may not bother you at all.

If you have a weak heart, especially one that you do not know about, these things may kill you. Yes, cause your death.

The Male Enhancement Review:
What About Surgery?

For some reason many of us seem to believe that surgery can solve any and all physical problems.


No male enhancement review would be complete without mention penis surgery for a bigger cock.

Surgery is never a joke, or something to take lightly.

Surgery, especially major surgery, is risky and a possible life threat.

Surgery can give seemingly miraculous results when used in the proper context in the right time and place.

But, for creating a bigger cock? It’s terrible. And, insane.


You can not lengthen a man’s shaft significantly with surgery.

The Male Enhancement Review
Facts From A Beverly Hills Penis Plastic Surgeon:

I spoke in depth with a well known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, who performs these surgeries and he told me quite directly:

“It is impossible to make a man’s cock longer
with surgery.

You can only make it wider.”

"The cost is $7,000 - $15,000."

Also: Most widening surgery will mutate after about 6 months.

What does that mean?

It means the material used for widening your shaft (often the fat from your own body, or silicone) will be absorbed back into your blood stream in a random fashion. Or, it will probably shift with time (move around uncontrollably).

This will make your erection lumpy and deformed.

If silicone is used it can also be toxic.

Does this sound exciting and wonderful?

Do you think a lumpy erection would look sexy??

And, this is the news from a man who sells these surgeries!

The Male Enhancement Review:
Is There Anything That Really Works?

 -  Is there any penis enlargement method that really works?

 -  And, gives permanent result?

 -  Without all the possible surgical or chemical risks?


Actually there is.

And, here is where this simple, to the point, male enhancement review will let you know where to look for the results you want.

The best most effective and safest method in the world is called correct penis traction.  

With correct traction, you can gain both length and width.

With correct penis traction:

1)  The results are measurable.

2)  The results are permanent.

The Ancient
Proven Method

The process of correct traction is nothing new. And I will talk about modern super effective traction in more depth soon. But, here is where penile traction for a bigger cock started:

It was about 2,000 years ago.

Here’s how it worked back then: Men would hang stones from the tip of their cock and sit gazing at the horizon or whatever else was around for most of the day.

This really works.

BUT: Who wants to do that???

So, penis weights were developed. Yes, little barbell type weights, with a special strap, that you can hang from your cock while you sit naked at your desk all day.

male enhancement review of penis weights

The process takes 6 months to 2 years to get you some results. But it works.

Still, you will soon learn how modern traction is much safer and more effective. And, it's much easier to do.

The Male Enhancement Review On:

Before we get to modern traction, I will mention a couple other enlargement methods still being advertised.

First, there is a method called Jelqing. Jelqing can give you results.

male enhancement review of jelqing

It can also cause you serious permanent penile injury with very little effort.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

The Male Enhancement Review on:

You've probably heard of these already.

These are for the man who has nothing better to do with his time.

Penis exercises are not really exercises at all. Why? Because you have no muscles in your shaft. There is nothing there you can exercise.

So what are these “exercises”?

These “exercises” are actually different ways of pulling on your shaft, that if done correctly, can give you some actual growth.

They do take about 45 minutes each and every day for over a year. And, they do come with a significant risk of penile damage. Both to the shaft itself and the tip of your cock.


Because most men want results as fast as possible and wind up pulling too hard.

On the other hand, for those men who are too gentle, there are no results.

The Male Enhancement Review On:
Correct Penis Traction

"For straightening and enlargement:

Correct penis traction is the premier,
#1 method in the world.

Nothing is better, or safer."

Correct traction is the Safest, Most Effective penis enlargement method available anywhere in the world.

Correct traction is genius. It is so simple. And, it is so good that it is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

And, it has only been around for about 22 years.

What Is
Correct Penis Traction?

In this male enhancement review I want to tell you where modern correct traction originated.

The modern traction method was developed by a penile surgery specialist name Dr. Jorn Ege Siana in 1994.

male enhancement review of correct penis traction

Dr. Siana first developed his traction device to keep men’s shafts straight after a penile surgery.

He soon found the device could straighten a bent erection without surgery.

And, with further use, he found his device could actually physically lengthen and thicken a man’s shaft with new growth that was permanent!

Correct traction began a new era for effective, safe, permanent penis enlargement.

The Male Enhancement Review:

I know. You feel ready to begin. BUT: I have to give you one very important warning about traction devices in this male enhancement review.

This is almost too obvious, but I feel I must caution you on this reality:

Not all devices are alike.

They may all look alike, but they are not.


Because there are always people who are willing to manufacture something with cheaper materials and workmanship in order to produce an item they can sell for less.

These companies make all the same claims as the reputable companies. But, they make junk. Often very dangerous junk that can hurt you seriously.

This may be the most important point I make in this entire male enhancement review.

What Is The Difference
In Penis Traction Devices?

Does it make a difference which one you buy?

Yes. And, I think this is some of the most important information in this male enhancement review:

If you are wearing one of the poorly made devices and it breaks while you are wearing it, you may puncture your shaft and cause permanent damage.

That damage can include nerve damage (loss of sensation: inability to orgasm or get an erection) and scarring (that can cause your erections to bend and be painful).

Are those risks worth the $100 savings?

That is the difference in price between one of the best devices available in the world, and a dangerous piece of junk.

If that is all you learn from this male enhancement review, your time has been well spent reading it.

Getting One Of
The Best Traction Devices Available
Anywhere In The World

Penile traction devices are very affordable. You can get the best ones in the world for under $300. Yes, under $300.

There were 23 different units available on my last count. And, yes they all look similar. I think you must have seen a few already.

However, I have to mention in this male enhancement review: Only two manufacturers meet all of my own personal requirements for safety and effectiveness.

These are Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

the #1 male enhancement reviewPro Extender

male enhancement review, quick extender proQuick Extender Pro

Both are extremely well made with top quality medical grade materials.

You don’t need both. Either one will do the best job possible.

Click on those two links, read about both of them, and make your own decision which you think is best.

They also both come with a full money back guarantee.

The Male Enhancement Review:

The title of this article tells you this is the only male enhancement review you will ever need.

Here’s why:

1) -  There is only one method of penis enlargement that can give you increased length AND width. It is called traction.

2) -  Correct traction has been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective penis enlargement method available in the world today.

3) -  If you are serious about true penis enlargement, real measurable permanent growth for your cock, some form of traction is all there is.

4) -  Pills, patches, creams, herbs, etc... will not cause your cock to grow even 1/4 of an inch. You can forget about all those things. All they are is sexual stimulants.

5) -  Penile surgery is dangerous and comes with some horrible potential risks. Correct traction has none of the risks of a surgery. And, unlike correct traction which can increase length and width, surgery can only increase width. Not length.

That’s all there really is to know about really making your cock grow bigger, longer and wider, in the safest possible way.

And, with correct traction your results will be permanent!

That’s the male enhancement review!

male enhancement review 1
male enhancement review 2
successful male enhancement review results

Be Well.....

~ William

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