Do Jelqing Techniques Work?
Are They Safe?

Yes, jelqing techniques work.

But, they are dangerous.

They can cause severe and possibly permanent damage to your penis.

What Are The Major Drawbacks
of using
Jelqing Techniques?

jelqing techniques can cause serious penis damagejelqing by hand

There are three major problems with using jelqing techniques for Peyronies disease treatments.

It doesn't matter if you are doing them by hand or with a device.

jelqing techniques with a jelqerwith a jelqing device

1)  You sometimes have no way of know if you are pulling too hard until it is too late.

Yep. When you see the tip of your shaft turning purple from squeezing too hard, you know you’ve pulled too hard.

But, that purple color is from broken blood vessels. And, it may remain purple forever. Along with the lack of sensation that may come with it.

 2)   Super slow results.

The other side of the coin is this: You become too careful. You don’t pull hard enough. So, you get no real results after months of practice.

Then what happens? You start pulling harder and harder. That’s where the real danger and damage happens.

 3)  You have to spend 45 minutes every day practicing your jelqing techniques.

After 2 or 3 months, practicing jelqing techniques is one of the most boring, mind numbing things you can discipline yourself to do each day.

Your chances of giving up are enormous.

Your chances of great success are minimal.

What Are My Other Options?

There are only two other methods that will straighten your bent erections effectively.

Surgery and correct penis traction.

No pills, injections, etc... have proven to give very effective results. None of them.

What About Penis Surgery?

jelqing techniques, penis surgery, or correct penis traction?

The dangers of possible horrible and hideous after effects are even worse than for using jelqing techniques.

With a penis surgery of this type you face very serious possible consequences that include, but, are not limited to:

  • Impotence
  • Inability to attain or maintain an erection

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to achieve an orgasm
  • A shorter penis (this is definite part of the surgical straightening operation)
  • Damage to the urethra (tube that carries urine and semen from the body)
  • Scarring (which could bend the penis in another direction later on)
  • Infection

And, What About Correct Penis Traction?

This method is a true God send!

"Correct penis traction has proven to be:
the #1 preferred method."

jelqing techniques vs penis traction


  >  Correct penis traction has been proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method of penis straightening.

  >  Penis traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

  >  Done correctly, penis traction has proven to be superior to any other available method.

You want to straighten your erections. And, you want to get great results without risking even worse problems. Right?

So, why not try what has been proven Safest and Most Effective first?

You can always try the other methods later if you are not satisfied. But, from my experience, that is extremely unlikely.

Why Surgery Is No Longer Necessary
99.99% Of The Time

Correct penis traction as a Peyronies disease treatment has only been around since 1994.

The traction device was invented by a medical penis surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

He originally developed his device to keep the penis straight after penile surgery.

He soon found the device was capable of straightening a bent erection problem all by itself. No surgery needed.

“Dr. Siana's penis traction device changed everything for men

who wanted to straighten their bent penis.

Because over 99% of them could now do it much more safely

and far more inexpensively.”

Nothing Else Compares
Correct Penis Traction

Before penis traction, a lot of men tried jelqing techniques in order to avoid the serious possible consequences of surgery. And, the huge cost of a surgery. $7,000+.

Correct traction can be effective for almost any man who develops a bent penis. You get superior results, and, you don't have all the possible serious risks you face when you jelq or use surgery.

It’s so good, that done correctly, it is almost impossible to fail.

I just have to give you one very serious warning:

Don’t Buy A Cheaply Made Device

The very best penis traction devices in the world cost under $400.

Don’t try to save $100 on something that looks like the good ones, but is made with inferior materials.

There are only 2 companies that are making devices that meet all of my personal requirement for safety and effectiveness.

These are Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

You don’t need both.

Click on the links, see which one you think is best.

Either one will give you the best and safest results possible.

Get The Results You Want

Forget jelqing techniques, penis surgery, and anything else that has a high risk factor. Those risks are no longer necessary to take.

And: Don’t skimp.

Don’t risk messing up your future sex life and your one and only penis. You can’t get a new one if you wreck the one you have now.

You are worth the extra few dollars.

Treat yourself right. Take care of yourself properly.

You will never regret buying one of the really good ones.

correct penis traction vs jelqing techniques
penis traction is safer and more effective than jelqing techniques

Be Well.....

~ William

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