Is Jelqing Safe?

is jelqing safe?

Is jelqing safe? That's a good question. And, one men should ask before trying it out. But, men rarely do.

A Very High Risk Of Injury

Jelqing injury and damage are very common.


Because we all want results fast. So, most men start pulling too hard. Not the first day. Or, even the first week.

But, after a couple months of doing the stretching and pulling by hand, or, using a jelqer device, and seeing no real results, it’s easy to get frustrated and begin to try too hard. That’s where the real trouble begins!

So, is jelqing safe? Not when you are pulling too hard. Then it is almost certain you are headed for penile damage.

Why Do You Think We Only Get Erections When We Are Sexually Aroused??

Nature knows your penis is quite vulnerable when it’s erect.

However:  A soft penis can take a lot of abuse.

Why do you think you become soft when you’re not having sex? Why do you think you don’t have a boner all the time?

Because: It is very easy to seriously injure and damage an erect penis.

Extreme Pulling Is Very Dangerous

Well, you’re thinking the exercises you do when you jelq are done with a soft cock. So, is jelqing safe then?

No. Not if you’re pulling too hard.

A soft cock is designed to be almost impervious to bending and squashing.

Those are things that happen in normal life and Nature has taken care of protecting you by making your shaft very soft most of the time.

But, extreme pulling on a soft cock is not a normal action or situation that happens on a regular basis. Your body has no natural defense against extreme pulling.

When you jelq, you are doing extreme pulling over and over and over again. Day after day. Week after week.

Is Jelqing Safe If You Pull Gently?

Is jelqing safe if you pull gently? Yes. But, then you get minimal or no results. I mean even after a year or two!

If you pull too lightly you get no results. Well, other than possible circulation improvement. That can be beneficial to some men with certain types of erectile dysfunction.

But, that kind of gentle stretching won’t straighten or enlarge your penis.

Now:  If you pull to hard you get injured.

And, the more you get used to pulling hard, the more likely you are to pull even harder. That can cause some serious damage! Serious permanent damage.

Developing Peyronies Disease

Is jelqing safe? No. Not for most of us.

And, the worst part is, if you are unknowingly pulling to hard, you may not realize you are causing some internal tearing that will form some internal scarring and possibly lead to severe Peyronies Disease later in life.

That is why Peyronies Disease is considered a mystery. The injury usually happens many years before a man’s erection starts bending.

Be Safe
Get The Results You Want

penis traction vs jelqing

“Correct penis traction
a high quality device
eliminates the serious risks of jelqing.”


Because with correct traction you are going to be doing a relatively mild, gentle stretch for a long time each day.

That is the key to traction’s great success.

Correct traction lasts about 6 hrs each day.
You don’t do it yourself. The wonderful little device, worn discretely under your clothing, does it for you while you go about your normal daily activity. And, no one even knows you are wearing it.

Instead of concentrating on pulling your shaft for 30 - 60 minutes a day, it takes about a minute to put the device on, and, a 15 seconds to take it off.

That’s all the work you’ll do personally. The device does the rest.

Now, could you even imagine pulling on your shaft each day for 6 hrs?

It would drive you crazy. You’d get nothing done. And, the entire office would be laughing at you forever. If, you didn’t get arrested for indecent exposure!!

Joking aside, correct traction works.

It works so well that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Getting The Results You Want
in the
Safest Fastest Possible Way

For this, correct traction has been clinically proven better than even a very expensive and risky penis surgery.

  •    Done correctly, correct traction is painless.
  •    It is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries.

And, the units I think are best are guaranteed to give you results or you can get a complete refund.

What Will You Do?

Have I talked you into traction?

That’s not really the question. Or, the point of this article.

I just want to talk you out of risking the possible terrible permanent injuries you can get if you jelq.

Is jelqing safe? I don’t think so.

Is correct traction safe? If you do it correctly: it is the safest most effective method in the world for straightening a bent or curved penis. And you’ll get results 4 to 5 time faster!

Correct traction is also the only clinically proven method for effectively lengthening your shaft, if that is your desire. Even a surgery can not do that.

Is jelqing safe? It can be. If you are very lucky and willing to take more than a year or two to get results.

Be Well.....

~ William

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