The Dangers
Impotence Drugs

impotence drugs dangers, risks, and side effects

Impotence drugs are the topic of much cheerful and naughty conversation these days.

They are taken like candy or a glass of wine.

They are considered recreational drugs these days.

Almost everyone seems to make a joke of them now and then and they make almost everyone have a laugh.

Unless, of course, you are one of the unlucky men that had a heart attack, stroke or went blind from their use.

Do they still sound funny and harmless now?

Peyronies Disease and Impotence Drugs

Please: DO NOT start taking impotence drugs if you are now suffering from Peyronies disease and find you have suddenly become impotent.

If Peyronies problems caused your new erectile dysfunction, when you straighten out your penis, you erectile dysfunction will probably disappear also.

Why? Because there are many causes of erectile dysfunction that are caused by Peyronies Disease.

Drugging now may make your problems worse. Much worse.

The Causes of E.D.

There are some very basic causes of impotence, or the now politically correct term “erectile dysfunction” (also referred to as E.D.).

  • Nutritional
  • Emotional
  • Psychological (also called “false impotence”)
  • Physical Exhaustion

Why You DO NOT Need Impotence Drugs

The true remedy for any of these forms of erectile dysfunction is NOT drugging.

In fact, if you are aware of the saying: “remove the cause and you will remove the problem.”, the actual remedy for each one seems obviously easy.

And, it is.

You’re Whipping a Tired Horse

Using these chemicals is exactly the same as whipping a tired horse. The horse will get up and perform for you. So will your penis.

Impotence drugs force your system to work.

But the human body has a kind of energy “bank account”.

By that I mean you have a certain amount of energy each day. And, a certain amount in reserve for emergencies. When you go to sleep at night, you “bank” refills.

But, especially as we get older, it does not completely refill each night.

You account grows smaller.

When you run out of sexual energy units, you can “borrow” some. This would be by using impotence drugs.

The more you borrow the more you will owe. With interest.

Eventually you will owe so much that you can not even make the payments. That’s what causes a heart attack, stroke, blindness etc.

It can also make you permanently impotent.

Make sense??

Paying Back The Loan

When you stop the drugging, you are on your first step back to normal sexual function.

If you are nutritionally deficient, start nourishing your body properly and in time your sexual system will be functioning again.

If you are emotionally overwrought and overloaded, you need to get those situations straightened out.

Besides making you impotent, they can literally kill you.

If you have a psychological problem that is giving you erectile dysfunction, getting rid of it will normally restore your sexual function.

And, if you’ve just plain been having more sex than your body can handle, take a nice long complete break. Watch how your desire magically returns.

Impotence Drugs:  The The Easy Way Out?

Our society is geared toward fast results and the easy way out.

It’s disgusting. Quality has gone down the drain with this attitude.

Unfortunately it is so common that well meaning individuals are educated to believe it is the norm. It is not.

Can’t get a boner? No problem. Take one of these pills.

Oh, the boner won’t go away. No problem. Get to the hospital and they’ll suck the blood out with a hypodermic needle. And,  then give you some more drugs so that it doesn’t come back.

Oh no! The pill was working great. Too bad that heart attack set him back a bit... He what?? He died... poor guy.

How Stupid Have We Become??

A healthy man can have sex into his 90s without any kind of chemical poisoning.

So, why are 40% of men over 40 years old suffering from erectile dysfunction?

We generally eat poorly.

We have weak food grown with all kinds of chemical additives and pesticides.

We overindulge in everything possible.

We minimize our sleep.

We worry far too much.

We .......

All these things weaken our health, can cause erectile dysfunction, and, cause early death.

The First Thing To Suffer

In men the first thing to go is often sexual ability?


Mother Nature is not wanting to procreate with some weak diseased creature. She favors fine strong animals.

It has always been that way: Survival of the fittest. Remember?

She cuts off sexual ability right away when a creature is weak and unhealthy. Make sense?

Impotence Drugs Can Make Things Much Worse For You

The more you use these unnatural chemical substances, the more you will need and depend on them.

The stronger you make your physical system, the more they will seem like a terribly bad joke.

The more you use them the more chance you have of the possible terrible side effects.

If your system is very weak to start with, impotence drugs may do you in right away.

Still think they sound like the answer to your problem?

Impotence Drugs Were Discovered By Accident

Research was actually working on something to increase blood circulation when they had all these old men in clinical studies getting boners for the first time in years.

Well, it didn’t take a marketing genius to figure this one out, now did it?

What they didn’t count on was the obvious possible side effects.

"Impotence drugs don’t strengthen your sexual system.

They rob your system of energy and leave you progressively weaker."

The Piper Always Has to Be Paid

Anytime you over work your body in any way, you will pay for it.

Some things are little. Like sore muscles after working out too hard. Or, for the first time.

Some things are big. Like death. And, possible death is no exaggeration when overindulging in these substances.

The problem is, for some men with weak hearts, one normal dose of these has been an overindulgence and cause of their death.


None of these risks are necessary.

Saving Your Sex Life

...and, possibly your whole life.

Get out of the fast lane. It’s the best advice I can give you.

Slow down!

Take the long road home.

Learn to eat correctly. And, then eat correctly. Take the nutritional supplements you need, also.

Learn which foods will rebuild your sexual system and your entire body and mind. Yes, your mind also requires proper nourishment.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

You may need extra rest, extra sleep, far less sex than the average guy, to function correctly. Be happy with what abilities you have. Enjoy, protect and cherish them.

Any relationship that is killing you, walk away from.

No job is worth killing yourself over either.

And, if you found yourself with impotence soon after your Peyronies started, straighten your penis out. You’ll probably see a “miracle” happen.

Impotence Drugs Are Just Not Necessary

Getting the idea??


These chemicals will never rejuvenate you sex life. They will make it weaker and weaker.  And, they may kill you. Or make you blind.

A healthy lifestyle will eventually rebuild your entire body and you’ll be able to have a wonderful sex life again without the possible horrible consequences of impotence drugs.

Be Well.....

~ William

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