How To Masturbate

to protect your cock from damage

how to masturbate safely

Doesn’t everyone know how to masturbate? I mean, it just comes naturally. Right?


But, if you want to protect your cock from damage, you need to follow just two simple rules!

You Can’t Bend Or Twist It

A lot of men know how to masturbate correctly instinctively and don’t even know there is a right and wrong way. And, they never develop problems with their penis.

And, there are those who do all kinds of crazy things and don’t even know they could be causing themselves terrible problems later on. (I think most of us are guilty of this. At least a little bit!)

These men (and boys) are developing problems every time they stroke their wand.

A few will actually break it!


They bend it. Twist it. Pull it too hard. Yank on it. Try to poke it into things it just doesn’t fit in. etc... etc....

All of which can cause internal micro damage that later, even many years later, results in a bent or curved penis.

Sex Ed: For Boys
 (and Men)

When you learn how to masturbate correctly, the main point is: Always keep your cock straight.

Don’t ever try to bend an erection. You can cause very serious damage.

Boys should be taught how to masturbate correctly in school. In sex education. When they are 11 or 12 years old.

It would take all of five minutes to explain that keeping it straight, and, not getting too rough, is important and will keep them from injuring it.

Show them a couple of pictures of severely bent erections and the whole concept will stick with them forever.

They’re all going to masturbate anyway. So they really should be taught how to masturbate safely.

If you don’t know how to masturbate correctly, and you bend your cock too hard, you can possibly break it. That means tear it seriously inside.

A broken penis not a broken bone (it has no bones). It’s a torn erectile chamber.

And, any kind of tear inside there may cause a severely bent penis later in life.

Don't Risk Getting
A Broken Penis

A broken penis is a very serious situation that requires immediate medical attention. Or, you could lose your cock. For real.

That’s correct. A bad break, left unfixed (surgically sewn together), may develop gangrene.

If that happens, you will die unless they amputate your cock. That is correct. It's serious!!

If you even suspect this has happened: Please take it seriously.

broken penis

How do you know if you broke it? If it turns purple or blue immediately or even some time after a sharp pain, it is very likely broken.

If you even suspect you have a broken penis:

Drop everything you are doing and go to an emergency room.


What About
Peyronies Disease?

This is a bent erection that usually develops after the age of 40.

First, you must learn that: Peyronies disease is not really a true “disease”.

You don’t catch it. It’s not from a virus or germ. You can’t sexually transmit it.

It’s a simple condition where some internal tissue hardens and does not allow one or more of your internal erectile chambers to expand normally.

So, it makes your erection bend in the direction of the hardened tissue. Sometimes in more than one direction.

peyronies disease

How Do You Develop Peyronies Disease?

If a man didn’t know about how to masturbate properly, even as a boy, he might have torn a little bit of one or more of his erectile chambers years ago. 10, 20, or even 30 years ago.

Those little tears healed up with little scars. Just like the cuts and scratches on your hands and arms did.

But, for about 5 - 10% of men, scars harden and become fibrous with age. Usually after about the age of 40.

That is why Peyronies “disease” is something most often seen in men over 40.

Make sense?

How You Got Your Bent Penis Is No Mystery

And, a hardened small scar on your hand, arm, leg... means nothing. You don’t even notice it.

But, inside your shaft? It can ruin your sex life. And, cause you huge emotional distress.

It can be a horrifying, horrible, radical bend that develops in a year or two. “Suddenly”.

And, you may be told, “No one knows why.”

That’s just pure nonsense.

I know why. And, so do tens of thousands of others. And, now you do too. Don’t let anyone convince you it’s a mystery. It’s not.

And, it’s very easy to fix without a risky surgery, injections, or drugs.

The Two Basic Rules
How To Masturbate

Your entire bending problem may have developed simply because most of us were never taught how to masturbate properly.

There are just two basic rules:

 1)  Always keep your cock straight. Move your hand (or toy) up and down in a straight line.

 2)  Never be all kinds of wild and rough. That’s the easiest way to “break” it.

When It’s Too Late

Yes, if you’re reading this page now because your erections have become bent, that information on how to masturbate may be too late.

However: It lets you know why your cock may have become bent. And, it will help you avoid future bending problems.

Rough Sex And A Bent Penis

More often than not, however, the damage inside comes from rough sex. Where you slipped out of a woman’s vagina, tried to go in too forcefully, and missed.

It hurt. That hurt was usually a small tear that you forgot about almost immediately because you were too involved in the heat of the moment.

Do you remember doing that? (most of us have)

If it turned black and blue, you broke it.

If it just was just sharp pain that you forgot about in a day or so, you tore it a bit. And, the resulting scar(s) is more than likely what is making your erections bend now.

It’s Easy To Fix A Bent Penis

If your erections are bending now, don’t despair!

Almost any bent penis, even with a horrible painful 90 degree bend, can be easily straightened 99.99% of the time without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Enjoying A Great Sex Toy!

Sex toys are not for everyone. But, they can be a lot of fun when you are lonely.

Now that you know how to masturbate correctly, I’ll show you a great sex toy that will help you masturbate safely and give you orgasms that knock your socks off!

how to masturbate using a fleshlight

It’s the Fleshlight (an AMAZING sex toy). You may already know about it.

The Fleshlights are without doubt, the finest most intense masturbating sex toys in the world for men. You now know how to masturbate safely with it!

Be Well.....

~ William

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