Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
During Peyronies Disease

erectile dysfunction treatment for peyronies disease

Erectile dysfunction treatment for Peyronies Disease is a very unique situation.


“Because it is usually so simple and easy to correct.


It normally requires no medications of any kind.”

If You Have A Severely Bent Penis
Here’s The Reason
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Can Be So Simple For You

Erectile dysfunction treatment can be quite complex for some men.

But, here's something I'll bet you didn't know:

Severe bending can cause ED all by itself. Yes, a bent penis can cause weak erections and ED.

If that is your situation, you most likely don’t need any kind of pill or therapy, as your erectile dysfunction treatment, in order to get your erections back.

For thousands of men who developed ED from a bending penis, straightening was the only erectile dysfunction treatment needed.

Here’s Why:

“If you had normal erections before the bend became severe,
you will most probably have
normal erections again
once you get sufficiently straight.”

Yes. That is correct. If your erections were hard and normal before you got the severe bend, straightening your shaft out again will most probably be all the "erectile dysfunction treatment" you need to correct your erectile problem.

You don’t even need to get perfectly straight. Just decently straight.

On The Other Hand
Here’s What Usually Happens To Us:

First:  When we lose our ability to have a decent erection, we panic! Am I right? Didn’t you? I did. It’s a very natural reaction.

Maybe you are still in the panic zone. You feel you need erectile dysfunction treatment immediately. Don't you?

Well that’s natural. You’re normal. And, you’re just like millions, yes millions, of other men.

As the months go by, this panic usually turns to depression. Does that sound like you? Welcome to the club!

At Least For Right Now,
Forget About Erectile Pills

What is the first thing we think of using for our erectile dysfunction treatment?

erectile dysfunction treatment



It's the erectile dysfunction treatment everyone talks about. And, jokes about. Right? But, it's no joke for those of us who seriously want it.

We consider getting a pill to get those boners going again. I mean today. Right now. We need to see those bad boys popping up again. We are in panic city! We need some erectile dysfunction treatment that will work right now!

That’s what all the advertising tells us.

Now, I’m not making light of the situation you’re in. It was horrifying for all of us.

A very large portion of our life, since we were little boys, has revolved around the magic of our dicks. Thinking about sex. Pursuing it. Talking about it. Bragging about it......

Now, our dick is bending in a horrible way and it is not even functioning. It’s a disaster!

Yes, it is traumatic. Seriously traumatic.

So, what can you do? A pill. Isn’t that the answer?


“For the man with Peyronies Disease,
erectile dysfunction treatment with pills is
the worst possible choice.”

Those erectile dysfunction treatment pills (even the “safer” herbal ones) come with some pretty serious possible side effects. These include and are not limited to:

  • Heart Attack

  • Blindness

  • Death

You can find these warning packed right inside the box.

For the man with a bent erection, these risks and these pills are almost always totally unnecessary.

And, if you’re still thinking of using them as your erectile dysfunction treatment, let me ask you this:

What good is a rock hard erection going to do you if it’s bent at a 90 degree angle?

This Type Of Impotence
Is Quite Unique

“For men with Peyronies disease,
impotence may have nothing at all to do with
the most common causes.”

What are the most common causes of ED?

Low testosterone, malnutrition (yes, even with the best fed people in America!), stress overload, too much sex (yes, there is such a thing. And, too much sex can cause ED), excessive alcohol, tobacco,.....

Now, with your bent penis, the bending itself may be the only thing that is causing all your erectile problems.

Yes, the bending can cause ED. Chronic ED.

Here’s how:

 1)  The most common reasons is this:  With a severe bend, you may have pain during erection. Mild or intense.

Your body has a genetic desire to avoid pain. It’s a survival instinct. So, your brain will dictate a weaker erection, or, no erection at all, to avoid or diminish that pain.

 2)  Even if you experience no pain during erection, you may have what most of us developed: Psychological impotence. This type of impotence is very real and not make believe.

The embarrassment, humiliation, fear, and depression you can experience from your bent erection can ruin your ability to have sex.

Your body secretes certain hormones into your blood stream to create an erection. Negative emotions interfere with this process.

 3)  Depression. This one deserves a paragraph of its own. Depression, all by itself, is an erection killer.

Depression, as well as interfering with erectile hormones, causes a series of chemical changes in your blood stream that are antagonistic to getting erections.

Yes, simple old depression can keep you from getting hard. And, as you know, a bent penis is not something that makes us arise each morning singing with joy.

The Vicious Cycle

Let’s think back here. When you were having great sex were you excited? Happy? Feeling full of life?

  Nature doesn’t want some sick feeble sperms making sick weak offspring. She wants healthy robust beings. When you are mentally sick (depressed) your sex stimulating hormones don’t pour into your blood stream. It’s real difficult to get aroused.

"This becomes a vicious cycle.
Depression causes ED. Ed causes depression.
Sad... But, true.”

OK. Now, let's get back to erectile dysfunction treatment when you have PD.

For Most Men
With ED
Caused By A Bent Penis:

Reversing ED Is Usually Simple

Yes, simple.

Am I kidding? No.

One of the best things about correct Peyronies disease treatments and impotence is this:

“If you were having normally hard erections
before your bending became severe,
you will most probably have normally hard erections again
once you straighten out your bend.”

That’s correct. The very best erectile dysfunction treatment, for ED caused by a bent penis, is also the very best Peyronies disease treatment.

Here’s Why:

So, what are the very best clinically proven, medically endorsed and recommended, penis straightening Peyronies Disease Treatments?

This is where things get very interesting. Because, the Safest and Most Effective medically endorsed and recommended method of penile straightening is also one of the least expensive.



The method is called: Correct Penis Traction.

penis traction device used for peyronies disease treatments

erectile dysfunction treatment and peyronies disease

Yes, correct traction is done with a medically endorsed device you use by yourself. And, this method can be effective for straightening 99.99% of bent penises. Yes, 99.99%.

“No surgery, injections, or drugs are necessary

99.99% of the time.”

Why Correct Traction
Has Proven To Be Best

There are only two medically endorsed and recommended methods that have proven to be truly effective for straightening a bent penis: Surgery and Correct Penis Traction.

That’s it. All the other methods either fail miserably, or, give only marginal results.

So, why is correct traction the best of all Peyronies Disease Treatments?

Well, First:  The biggest advantage with correct traction is:  You don’t slice up your penis. AND, therefore, you face none of the serious possible side effects that accompany a penile surgery.

Second:  Correct traction is Safe and Effective for 99.99% of men with a bent penis when used correctly.

Third:  Correct traction is very inexpensive. You can get one of the best units in the world for under $300. You can also get a very good device for under $200. Any man can afford these.

Fourth:  Cost comparison.

Now, compare the cost of one of the best penis straightening devices in the world (under $300) to a $7,000 - $18,000 penis surgery.

Or, $3,500 - $30,000 in pills or penile injections that have clinically proven to be only 35% effective at best.

And, since correct traction is also medically endorsed and recommended, what do you think makes the most sense to try first?

Why Is There So Much Difference In Cost?

Let’s look at some examples:

A plumber tries to fix things with pipes.

A carpenter uses wood, a hammer, and nails.

A welder uses steel and fire.

Who would you hire? It depends what needs to be fixed. Right?


A surgeon uses surgery.

People that are into drugs, use medication pills.

Some people like injections.....

Everything has it’s price. Surgery, injections, and drugs are expensive. We all know that.

And, Still:  Correct traction has proven to be the Safest and Most Effective way to straighten a bent penis over 99% of the time.

The most important thing to consider is:

“What makes the most sense to you?”


Stop Worrying

If you have a bent penis, a severely bent one, and your erectile problem came about only after this bending got serious, you probably have very little to worry about.

If you are like thousands of other men, your best erectile dysfunction treatment may simply be to straighten your erections out again.

peyronies disease treatments and erectile dysfunction

"It is rare
that one of the least expensive options for anything
proves to be the best.
This, happily, is one of those times."

If you will take the time to straighten yourself out, Safely, I’ll bet you find your erectile problem seems to vanish like magic!

successful erectile dysfunction treatment, peyronies disease #1
successful erectile dysfunction treatment, peyronies disease #2
successful erectile dysfunction treatment, peyronies disease #3

Be Well.....

~ William

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