Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Is It Aging
Peyronies Disease?

Erectile dysfunction symptoms are really very obvious.

erectile dysfunction symptoms and peyronies disease

If you’re here, you’re having some erection problems. They may be minor, or, you may not be able to get an erection at all.

HOWEVER:  Sometimes what we think are erectile dysfunction symptoms, are really symptoms of something else: Aging. Natural aging. And, the natural physical slow down that occurs as we age.

That doesn’t mean you are “old” by any means. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. This is not a sign of erectile dysfunction symptoms coming on. It just means you’re no longer 16 years old and able to ejaculate two or three times a day.

Well, even at 16 I couldn’t ejaculate that much. But, about every other day I was as horny as a rabbit. And, I’m sure you were too.

Slowing Down
A Natural Part
of Growing Older

Before I even get to Peyronies disease and it's resulting erectile dysfunction symptoms, I want to talk to you a little bit about simply growing older.

If you notice you are “slowing down” as the years pass, even if you are only 30, it is a natural and normal thing. It’s still a total bummer for most of us. Am I right? We all hate it.

Sex is fun. Lots of fun. And, we have a huge identity with our sexual ability. All of us do.

We all have to accept the fact, slowing down physically AND sexually as we age, is part of life. But, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, or that you have erectile dysfunction symptoms.

It just feels like there is something wrong. Am I right?

What Are

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms?

Now, if you are a healthy 30 year old and you’re only able to get an erection once a month and it’s a weak one at that, yes, you have real erectile dysfunction.

Same thing if you are 40, 50, 60 or even 70.

By 70, however, if you get just one really good erection each month, and you are able to use it successfully, you’re in very decent shape. And, you don't have erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Just once a month?


But, you still remember being 16, and masturbating five times a week easily. Right?

The unfairness of that! So much sexual power at 16 and, no girlfriends. Now, at 70, you’re in high demand and you really have to ration it out..... Unfair.

Well, that’s what this article is about: Distinguishing between real erectile dysfunction symptoms and Mother Nature just doing what she does.

Don’t Make
Major Mistake

As we slow down naturally, sure, we often wish we could still have sex five times a week. Even twice for us older guys sounds pretty great. Our diminishing sexual power feels like a terrible loss. To ALL of us.

And, it's even worse because of all the insane and incorrect advertising about how much sex these advertisers say we should be having... if only we buy their products....

Does that sound familiar?

However, and this is a very serious however, forcing sexual performance with drugs or herbs is a MAJOR Mistake.

erectile dysfunction symptoms, sexual stimulants, and peyronies disease treatments

The mistake becomes more and more serious as our age advances.

Here's something the sexual stimulant sellers never tell you:

"If you keep constantly forcing sexual performance,
eventually your sexual ability will fail all together.
you may just have a heart attack and die.
Yes, a heart attack and die."

sexual stimulants

Don’t risk making that be you.

Here Is A Huge
False Assumption

There is a HUGE false assumption that the more sex we have, the better.

Why do we so often see advertisements for more sex at any and every age? Well, these advertisers have a lot of products they would like to sell you. That’s it. Screw your health. They want your cash.

Sure, a lot of sex your whole life may be more fun. And, if you don’t mind shortening your life by 10, 20, or even 40 years, then this article is of no significance to you.

But, as we age, especially as we reach 40 and beyond, our sexual recuperation slows down considerably. As, does most every physical thing we do.

This doesn’t mean you have erectile dysfunction symptoms. It means you’re human. It’s the natural cycle of life.

You don’t try out for the Olympics when you are 40 or 50, and you don’t have sex every other day either. Unless you are either crazy or highly misinformed.

How Much Sex
Normal And Healthy?

erectile dysfunction symptoms

So, how much sex is normal and healthy?

It differs for all of us. But, I’ll be giving you a chart from Traditional Chinese Medicine that outlines what is average.

Before we get to that, here’s a similar example that most of us can recognize:

Some men are gifted in the muscle department. Remember the big guys in high school? Maybe you were one of them. They can seemingly only look at a barbell and gain 20 pounds of muscle, while others work out hard for years and make only average or small gains.

In the same way, some men are sexually gifted. They regenerate like rabbits. Most of us are not that gifted sexually.

And, some men recharge rather slowly. It doesn’t mean they have erectile dysfunction symptoms.

erectile dysfunction symptoms and natural cures

You have to listen to your body.

Now, I promised you this chart you see just below. On the average, this is what Chinese Medicine has to say about men and sexual ability.

As you may already know, I refer to Chinese medicine often. First, because I have a love of purely natural remedies. Second, because Chinese medicine has a working history that is about 10,000 years old. That has given it a long time to iron out a lot of mistakes, and, find out what is usually true.

OK. Here you go. From Chinese Medicine:


15              2x day                               1x day
20              2x day                               1x day
30              1x day                               Every other day
40              Every 3 days                     Every 4 days
50              Every 5 days                     Every 10 days
60              Every 10 days                   Every 20 days
70              Every 30 days                   None


Peyronies Disease
Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Now, at first, most men with Peyronies Disease believe they have erectile dysfunction symptoms of a biological nature when their erections become weak or non existent.

So, far too many immediately seek a drug or herbs to “solve” their problem. This is a terrible choice.

Because, in reality, the Peyronies bent penis (a mechanical, not hormonal problem) is very often the only cause of the erection problem. Could that be you?

Let’s take a look.

Psychological Impotence
Peyronies Disease

Think about these things:

  • Before your bending became obvious, or, severe, were your erections forming normal?

  • Did your erections start becoming weak, and, possibly useless after the bending became really severe?

  • Are you in normally good health otherwise?

If so, your bending may be the sole cause of your ED. The only way you’ll find out is to straighten yourself out first and see if the ED disappears.

Yes, Peyronies “disease” can give you erectile dysfunction symptoms as well as full out ED.

A lot of us feel desperate at this time. But, this is no time to panic and start taking drugs, herbs, etc... And, no time to be thinking you have yet another problem with your penis.

Here is something very important for you to remember:

"If your bending caused your ED,
straightening yourself out again will almost always
remove the dysfunction 'like magic'."

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

It really can’t get easier with erectile dysfunction symptoms: You are not getting erections any more, or, the ones you get are weak and useless.

That’s really all there is to erectile dysfunction symptoms. You don’t need a book, a manual, or a class to learn about them.

It doesn’t take genius, or a Phd in biology, or a penis specialist to figure this one out for you.

“A Peyronies bent penis

can cause

serious erectile dysfunction.”

ED caused by Peyronies “Disease” is every bit as real and depressing as any other kind of ED. But, this is not a glandular/hormonal cause.

Sexual Stimulants

Are A Bad Idea Right Now

As you probably already know, I don’t believe in the use of sexual stimulants at all. I personally believe in restoring the sexual system to good health as much as possible. And, that can take some time.

But, for men who have developed a bent penis, resorting to ED drugs, herbs, etc... at this time, for your new erectile dysfunction symptoms, is an especially bad idea for three main reasons:

First: What good is a painful hard penis, bent at a right angle, going to do you?

Second: ED drugs and, yes, sexual stimulant herbs, come with some very serious possible side effects. Including blindness and death. Yes, blindness and death. Why risk that unnecessarily?

Third: If your ED was caused by the bending, it will most probably disappear after you straighten yourself out again. Then, you will not need sexual stimulants of any kind to achieve a good erection.

ED Is Always Depressing

erectile dysfunction symptoms can cause depression

Depression and other unpleasant emotions are a reality for all of us who ever developed a bent penis. And, the erectile dysfunction symptoms that often follow.

I know, and, I mean I know from personal experience: A bent penis is very depressing, frustrating and humiliating. It can take a lot of the joy out of our day.

Then, not being able to get a decently hard erection only makes us feel stabbed a second time. Like our entire sexual ability is rotting and going down the drain.

What the heck is happening to us??? Right?

It’s time for a little reality check here:

I’m sure you know there are so many people that develop horrible diseases that are very difficult, or, impossible to recover from.


as horrific and hideous as this condition appears

to you right now,

it is usually very easy to reverse."

Yes. Very easy.


Because Peyronies is not a disease. It is a simple, easily reversed condition 99.99% of the time.

I Know,
It Seems Impossible

I know, you tried pulling that erection of yours straight again. Right? It felt like solid steel. Am I exaggerating? No.

And, now you can’t even get decently hard.

What next? Right?

Fortunately, and here is the Really Great News:  Almost every bent penis is easy to fix. Over 99% of the time. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Are you feeling a bit less hopeless? I hope so.

Now, let me explain why the fix is so easy:

So What Exactly
Peyronies Disease?

Peyronies “disease” is simply some hardening scar tissue inside your shaft that is not allowing your erection to form normally.

what is peyronies disease?

erectile dysfunction symptoms and a peyronies disease bent penis

As that tissue started hardening, you saw the bending begin. Usually with just a little curvature.

Some time passes and you have a horrible bend!

Once the internal scar(s) gets quite hard you have the big bend. And, usually erectile dysfunction symptoms follow. Yes, usually.

Why Peyronies
NOT A Disease

The internal scarring is no more a “disease” than the scar on your hand or face.

It’s a scar that hardened.

That’s all.

Stretch that hardened tissue out and your erections will straighten. Without the need for a surgery, drugs, or injections of any kind.

Yes, with erectile dysfunction symptoms that were cause solely by a bending penis, it’s really that simple most of the time.

Can You Reverse
Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms?

If you have developed erectile dysfunction symptoms after you developed your bent penis, the chances are extremely good, I mean extremely good, that your erection problem will vanish, seemingly “like magic”, once you straighten yourself out again.

I know that seems hard to believe right now. But, it’s true. And, when this happens, it’s an incredible feeling.

Remember:  99.99% of the time you can straighten almost any bent penis without surgery, injections, or drugs. After you do, see what happens to your erectile dysfunction symptoms. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

erectile dysfunction symptoms from peyronies disease
erectile dysfunctions symptoms disappear
no more erectile dysfunction symptoms

Be Well.....

~ William

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