is a
Mistake You Will Regret Forever

degloving for a peyronies disease surgery is totally outdated and unnecessary

Degloving is a surgical practice where the entire skin on your penile shaft is removed so that they can work on the tissues inside.

For a Peyronies Disease Treatment this technique is so terribly outdated and so terrible wrong. Besides being totally unnecessary.

Why Is It Wrong? Reason #1

First: because degloving is totally unnecessary to correct a bent penis.

It’s like repainting your entire car because it needs a tune up.

I personally think surgery of any kind for straightening a bent penis is totally insane.


Because 99.99% of the time it is totally unnecessary.

Why subject yourself to all the dangers and risks of a surgery when it is not necessary? Especially when it is no longer even the best method available?

What’s better? And, safer?

There is a totally non invasive method of straightening that has been clinically proven to be superior to surgery. And, the method is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries around the world.

Why Is It Wrong? Reason #2

degloving risks

Second: Because degloving can leave you:

  • With no penile sensation

  • Impotent, permanently

  • Unable to orgasm

  • Unable to attain or maintain an erection

  • Unable to enjoy sex properly for 5 - 10 years

How horrible is that?

It’s not like you have a life threatening emergency here. Is it?

No. It’s a simple small piece of scar/plaque tissue that needs some stretching out in order for you to have normal erections again. That’s ALL it is.

Should you risk all the above hideous possible side effects just because you are in a rush?

Only someone with a lack of knowledge, or someone purely stupid, would risk that unnecessarily.

Why Is Degloving Still Used?

This total skin removal is an outdated horrible practice for Peyronies disease surgical correction.

Even when they say it’s, “...just a partial degloving.” It’s still super serious. And, all those above possible hideous side effects are possible.

Modern surgical practice for straightening a bent penis usually only involves a 1” incision right over the scar/plaque formation.

And: Even this small incision in your penis can cause problems for you.

I can not stress this point enough:


especially when it is totally unnecessary,

will be something you regret for the rest of your life.”

If you click in that link in the quote directly above, you will see actual photographs of what degloving actually looks like. And, everything I’ve told you so far will make sense immediately.

So, why is it still done? You tell me.....

Surgery For Peyronies Disease
Is Not Necessary 99.99% Of The Time

The worst part about the entire thing is that a penile surgery is not necessary to correct a bent penis due to Peyronies Disease or any other condition 99.99% of the time.

That’s right:

A surgery, with or without degloving,
is virtually never needed
for correcting even severe penile curvature.

A clinically proven safer method, that is medically approved in 29 countries worldwide, and carries none of the surgical risks is available. And, the cost is under $400.

penis surgery or penis traction for peyronies disease?

You read that right. Not $30,000. Not $3,000. Under $400 for the Safest AND Most Effective method in the world.

Compare that to the $16,000 surgery that may leave you impotent. Permanently.

Why Is The Very Best Method So Inexpensive?

Because all that a bent penis requires for straightening, 99.99% of the time, is some correctly applied penis traction.

Some stretching out of the shorter tissues.

And, the very best medically approved devices are available for under $400.

Save the surgeries for when they are really needed. They are not needed here.

One Important Caution:

Just be sure to buy the best possible device you can.

The only two companies that meet all of my personal requirement for Safety AND Effectiveness are Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

There are a large number of other devices out there. And, there are many cheaply made less expensive knock-off devices out there.


Because these device can not only straighten a penile curvature remarkably well. They can also enlarge a penis. Yes make it longer and wider. Permanently.

So, how many young men do you think are trying them out to make their cock bigger? Right? A lot!!

And, there are always companies that are willing to compromise quality to make a cheaper product in order to make a fast buck.

Don’t fall for the advertising!

If one of these inferior device breaks while you wear it and punctures your shaft, was the $100 savings really worth it??

Or, if one of those poorly made devices causes penile strangulation and you look down one night and see the tip of your shaft has turned purple. And, that purple never goes away, was it worth the small savings?

Of course not.

You’ll Never Regret Making The Right Decision

So be smart. You have only one penis. Treat it with care. Only use the best and safest method possible. Get the results you are looking for. Safely.

And, a penis surgery, with or without degloving? Why take such a stupid possible horrible risk?

don't risk unnecessary degloving
safe effective successful penis straightening

Be Well.....

~ William

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