Don’t Let
A Hideous Degloving Injury
Destroy Your Sex Life

A degloving injury?




degloving injury

It’s A Super Risky Procedure

Yes, a disaster here is not only possible. It is common. Practically unavoidable. OK, actually unavoidable.

You will have serious nerve damage.

The question is:

How serious will your injury be?

Why You’re Definitely Going To Have A Problem

It’s unavoidable. No matter what you hear, you’re going to have some kind of “side effect”.


Simple. And, obvious:

You are cutting a HUGE amount of nerves in the skin of you shaft. From top to bottom.

A degloving injury (nerve damage) in impossible to avoid.

Take a look at these Degloving Pictures.

Take a good look at ALL those pictures. A real good look.

Is what I’m saying sounding very realistic now?

Now, do you think when they sew that skin back up all the nerves just plug themselves right back together just like when to plug a lamp into the wall?

No, they do not.

Neither do nerves reconnect as blood vessels do. Blood vessels come together and reform rather quickly. In a matter of weeks.

Nerves on the other hand are known to take five or more years to begin to normalize. Yes, begin to normalize. A 10 year recovery is not uncommon. A never real recovery is not uncommon. Years of numbness is common.

What does that mean for your sexual ability? It means you lose it. If you are lucky, it is just severely compromised.

Are you willing to risk that kind of degloving injury when it’s totally unnecessary to do so?

Why Is Degloving Still Done?

First of all, this huge cutting of your penile skin creates it's own injury.

Why is this done? It is done so the surgeon can get a first hand look at everything inside. And/or to make his job easier.

The good news is: Most modern surgeons these days understand degloving injury and will make just a one inch cut over the affected area. This greatly reduces the hideous possible risks and increases healing time. But, the risks remain.

“Is any surgery necessary
 as a peyronies disease treatment
 straightening a bent penis?

99.999% of the time: Absolutely NOT!

So why choose a surgery when it is not even necessary 99.99% of the time??

Don’t let anyone talk you into that. It’s pure stupidity.

I’m not against all surgery. Sometimes, at a critical moment, they can save a life. But, here we are talking about a situation where surgery, and the horror of degloving injury, has been replaced by a much safer method. A much safer medically approved method.

I personally think surgeries should be saved for when they are absolutely necessary. 99.99% of the time, they are totally unnecessary for straightening a bent penis.

99% of the Time:
Surgery Is The Worst Possible Choice
Fix A Bent Penis

99.99% of the time, surgery just is not necessary for straightening any bent penis. No matter how severe it looks.

Prior to 1994, surgery was the only available medical method that worked. But, that was more than 20 years ago.

Then here is what happened:

In 1994 the penis traction device was invented.

It was invented by a penile surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

He developed the device for the single purpose of keeping a man’s cock straight while it was recovering from surgery. That was the original intent.

What he found soon after was:

The device could straighten a bent penis all by itself.

No surgery needed.

Wow!! And, that is from a penis surgeon!

 -  No need to cut all those penile nerves

 -  No loss of penile sensation

 -  No surgical risks or complications or massive costs

 -  No major expense or hospital stay

 -  No risk of infection

 -  No new inability to orgasm

 -  No erectile dysfunction

Wow! Again.

Why would anyone choose a penile surgery today? Especially one with the risk of a degloving injury? With all of the above risks? When ALL of those possible risks are avoidable with a far superior medically endorsed and recommended method that is 1/30 the cost? Yes. $350 for correct traction or $16,000 for penile straightening surgery.

Lets Use Common Sense

Let’s just do some plain simple common sense thinking here. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out.

When surgery, with the accompanying degloving injury risks, was the only medical way to straighten a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease, or anything else, a man had to make a choice of having a bent penis or risk having one that maybe didn’t function properly. Or, maybe didn’t function at all.

That was a very serious decision to make. Degloving injury is no small matter.

But, when we are desperate, we often do desperate things. Even stupid things.

The Penis Straightening Method That Has Been:
Clinically Proven
Safest And Most Effective

Today, men are no longer forced to face that single alternative. Or, the consequences of a degloving injury.

Today every man has correct penis traction available to him.

For 99.99% of men,a penis surgery to straighten his bent penis is obsolete. Unnecessary.”

There are a few rare instances that may require this type of surgery. But, in my eight years of research on this topic, I have not come across one. That’s how rare they are.

“The clinically proven Safest and Most Effective

penis straightening method in the world today

is correct traction.”

Correct traction is so good that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

The cost? Under $350. Yes, that is not a typo. Under three hundred and fifty US dollars. And, that is for one of the best traction devices in the entire world.

Risking A Degloving Injury Has Become Unnecessary

Most men with a small bend or a serious severe painful bend can benefit from correct traction and avoid all the possible surgical complications and any kind of degloving injury.

And, let me ask you this:  Doesn’t it make sense to try a medically approved, clinically proven, inexpensive method that is guaranteed to work, before you jump into an unnecessary surgery that could leave you with a possibly very serious injury?

A Few Words About Male Enhancement

Male enhancement is the new way of saying “penis enlargement”.

I know that right now you have no interest in penile enlargement. Of course not. You want to straighten your bent penis.

But, I must include the following information with this degloving information:

What Dr. Siana found out next about his traction device was: His device could actually increase the length and width of a man’s cock if used after the straightening was accomplished.

Why do I tell you this here?

Because there are about 10 times more men who want to have a bigger cock than there are men trying to straighten a bent one.

Get The Best Penis Straightening Results
in the
Safest Possible Way

That is why most of the ads you will see for traction devices are stressing “Male Enhancement” (penis enlargement) in their ads.

But, make no mistake. A high quality traction device is the absolute clinically proven safest and most effective way to straighten penile bending.

The poorly made cheap units, designed to prey on young men’s enlargement desires, can injure you seriously and permanently.

So, don’t take the risk.

The difference in cost between the very best and the most dangerous junk is only about $150. So be smart when you get yours. Don’t risk your sexual health for just over $100.

Be sure to only get one of the highest quality.

Buy only the best you can get.

Then you can forget about risking any kind of degloving injury forever.

avoiding a degloving injury
no degloving injury
successful penis straightening without risking a degloving injury

Be Well.....

~ William

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