Curvature of The Penis
Becomes A Problem

Curvature of the penis is not uncommon. And, most often, it’s not a big deal.

curvature of the penis

I know, a major curve can look terrible, hideous, and worry you like crazy. Especially if it only began recently.

But, did you know that more than half of all men have an erection that curves?

That’s right. Half of us.

For about 5% of us, a severe bend can form later in life. That’s almost always something called Peyronies Disease.

And, the truth is: Peyronies is not really a “disease” at all. It’s just a simple condition. No more serious than an average tooth ache or bruise.

Is It Peyronies Disease?

If your erection has only started bending in the past year or so, and now it is getting really bent badly, that’s personally horrifying.

Most of us never heard of this condition until after it happened to us. So, we don’t know what’s going on. And, then we’re told we have a “disease” that no on knows the cause of. Right?

That’s scary!

Is that what happened to you?

However, as you just learned:  Peyronies is not really even a “disease”.

The good news is: Peyronies is easy to correct 99.99% of the time without drugs or surgery.

So let’s see what is important and what is unimportant when it comes to curvature of the penis, and, to penile straightening.

Is Curvature Of The Penis A Problem?

Curvature of the penis is not always a problem.

First Case:  If your bending is causing you no problems with sexual intercourse, there’s no reason to worry about it. And, there’s no need to correct the curve.

Second Case:  If the bending is making you self conscious and uncomfortable, you may want to straighten it out.

Third Case:  If you have severe curvature of the penis and it is causing pain to you or your partner, or preventing you from getting a decently hard erection, then you most probably want to straighten it and get back to a normal sex life. Am I right?

Only Two Straightening Methods
Have Proven To Really Work

OK. So, for the minor bends, there’s nothing you really need to do. Unless you simply want to make it straighter for your own personal satisfaction.

For the men that really need (or really want) to do some serious straightening, you need to know:

 “There are only two methods
straightening curvature of the penis

that actually work effectively.”

Yes, just two. These are:

 -  Surgery
 -  Correct Traction

penis surgery for curvature of the penisStraightening Surgery

penis traction therapy for curvaturePenis Traction Therapy

Nothing else has proven to really work. Nothing else.

Yes, there are about 15 other methods being used right now. But, the best results you are going to get from any of those others, according to the clinical tests, is only about 30% straightening.

That’s terrible! Especially when you consider that these treatments can run between $3,000 to $30,000 for a set. And, they don’t work for every man.

How does that sound?

Good? Or, crappy?

You spend $30,000 and your erection is only 30% straighter. IF you were one of the lucky ones.

Not good enough for me.

Which Method Is Best?

So let’s get back to the only two methods that really work.

First, we’ll talk briefly about penile surgery.

When it comes to

choosing a method for correcting
curvature of the penis,
Penile Surgery can be the biggest mistake
you’ll ever make.


Because with penile surgery of this type you risk a lot of possible horrible complication afterward. The worst being IMPOTENCE.

Yes, you spend upwards of $16,000 for your straightening surgery and then, if you are one of the unfortunate: You can’t get an erection.

Or, the erection you get is too soft for penetration.

Or, your erection won’t last.

And/or, you lose so much sensation in your shaft that you can’t orgasm.

Sound like a nightmare? It is!

And, it’s a totally unnecessary risk 99.99% of the time.

The Method
Clinically Proven
Safest AND Most Effective

Correct traction. It’s the king!

It has none of the possible surgical risky or complications.

It’s Easy to do.

And, the cost for the best equipment available in the world?   Just $400.

You Don’t Have To Be A Genius

You don’t have to be a genius to figure this problem out and correct it.

You also don’t need to take unnecessary risks.

You just need to be well informed. And, now you are!

So, let me direct you to an article I’ve written that will give you the specifics on: the clinically proven Safest and Most Effective method for straightening curvature of the penis.

Be Well.....

~ William

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