Is Your
Corpus Cavernosum
causing your
Peyronies Disease?

corpus cavernosum, peyronies disease, bent penis

Your corpus cavernosum is where you will usually find the cause of and answer to your Peyronies disease problem.

Why Is It Causing The Problem?

The easiest way to understand what is happening when you go to the doctor and are told you have Peyronies disease, is to take a look inside your penis and see what your corpus cavernosum is doing and what is going on in there.

However, that’s not easy to do.

So, let’s take a look at a diagram of what we have in there.

corpus cavernosum #1
corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum

You can see those two large balloon like chamber marked as your corpus cavernosum. There is also a third, much smaller “balloon” chamber you can see called your corpus spongiosum.

And, that is exactly what they are. Balloons. But, instead of filling up with air, they fill up with blood.

This is how you get an erection.

How Your Corpus Cavernosum
 Your Bent Penis

Now, here is what happens to the corpus cavernosum when a man gets a bent penis labeled as Peyronies disease.

corpus cavernosum causing peyronies disease

Any of the 3 erectile chambers will develop a section (or more than one section) of hardening. And, this hardening is usually a scar and/or plaque formation.

We get an injury inside our shaft somewhere along the line. Usually from rough sex. But, other things may cause it.

A slight tear inside. We usually never even realize it happened. That’s why “they” say the cause is unknown. Nonsense!

Everything has a cause. And, so does your bent penis.

It’s No Mystery

I really hate when “they” tell you this condition (and remember, it’s not a disease as the name implies) is a mystery.

This whole awful ugly bending that happens to so many of us is no mystery. And, now you know why.

But, all our lives nobody ever told us what Peyronies was. We never learn about it in school. It’s never a topic of social conversation.

So, it comes as a huge horrible surprise to those of us who develop it.

That’s correct. It is developed.

It’s no big deal... Because, you’ll soon learn how easy it is to fix.

I Want You To Try:
The Balloon Test

Get a pack of those long skinny balloons that you see the people make balloon toys out of when you go to an amusement park.

 1)  Blow one up.

Nice and straight. Right. Firm and hard.

Just like your erection when everything is normal!

 2)  Now, let about 3/4 of the air out of the balloon. Let it stay just barely inflated.

 3)  Next, put a 1/2 inch piece of duct tape on a portion of the balloon right about in the middle. Stick it on there real hard. Squeeze it tightly on the balloon.

 4)  Then blow the balloon up again the rest of the way.

What Happened???

The balloon bent and was pulled in the direction of the tape. Right?

Is it all making sense now?

That’s the exact same thing
that is happening inside your shaft
on your
corpus cavernosum
on your corpus spongiosum.

But, instead of duct tape, inside your shaft it is a bit of hardened tissue that is not stretching sufficiently when you get an erection.

That’s all there is to Peyronies disease.

Nothing more.

It’s really that simple!

Can you now understand why this is not a “disease”?

You don’t catch this from someone. It’s not a virus. It’s a simple hardening on the wall of one both of your corpus cavernosum or spongiosum (erectile chambers).

Why Is It Happening Now?

This is a great question. And, the most common question once a man understands what’s going on in there.

This condition almost always happens to men 40 years old or older.


Simply because some of us (either by genetics, or, some dietary malnutrition) will have scars that thicken, harden, and grow fibrous with age. It doesn’t happen to everyone.

Just like your hair changes to gray and your skin gets wrinkled later in life: If you are prone to scar hardening, your penis may bend long after the scar(s) formed.

This is why your bending can happen 20 or 30 years after the actual injury.

Does it make sense to you now?

Your scar(s) on your erectile chambers were soft enough for a long time. But, as they hardened you noticed you erections becoming more and more bent.

Fixing Your
Corpus Cavernosum Problem
Safely And Easily

It’s a great relief to know that with this condition there is nothing seriously wrong with you. Right?

I mean for me it was a tremendous relief!

But, the question now is, “OK. So how do I fix it?” Right?


99.99% of the time
you can fix a bent penis

Safely and Easily.

Without surgery, injections or drugs
of any kind.

Wow! Nice. Huh?

Safely, easily (no matter how horrible it looks right now), and without surgery.

So let’s get to it.

The Fix!



Most Effective

Clinically Proven

Medically Endorsed and Recommended Method

for straightening penis curvature is called correct penis traction.

With correct traction you have none of the hideous possible surgical side effects and you can get guaranteed results.

Yes, the devices I found best, actually give you a 100% money back guarantee.

I write extensively about correct penis traction on this website because it has been clinically proven to be the safest most effective method for stretching out those hardened tissue areas on your corpus cavernosum.

Safety was most important in my own personal search. I heard too many horror stories about other methods. There are just too many things out there that can actually cause you a lot of harm. And, even possible permanent injury.

So, I can not stress the importance of getting the safest equipment in the world.

The nice thing is, the safest and best devices don’t really cost much more than the dangerous cheaply made junk.

So never try for a “bargain” here.


So, now you have learned what your corpus cavernosum is, and, how almost every bent penis develops because of an injury to the corpus cavernosum or the corpus spongiosum.

Also, you have learned that all you need to do to straighten your erection is stretch that tight tissue out enough.

You won’t do it in a week. It takes a little time. Usually 6 - 12 months.

However, if a bent penis is your problem, you now know the world’s clinically proven #1 way to safely straighten it.

Be Well.....

~ William

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