The #1 Bent Penis Cure
The One You Never Heard About

the best bent penis cure

"A true natural bent penis cure
is readily available these days.

And, it is so highly effective.

Still, most men with a bending condition
do not even know it exists."

When We Talk About A Bent Penis Cure:
What is
The Definition of “Cure” ?

Well, it should just be: "Straightening a bent penis." Right? Isn't that what you want?

"Safely and Easily" should go along with it.

That describes the perfect bent penis cure.

However, using the word “cure” these days can get a person into a whole lot of trouble.


Because the word “cure” has commonly  come to mean  “a medical treatment” in a lot of common conversation.

But, that is only one definition of the word. And, that definition doesn't fit here.

And, it is not the definition we will be using when we use the word “cure” in this article concerning an effective and safe bent penis cure.

A true highly effective “Cure” for something can have absolutely nothing to do with medicine, a medical condition, a disease, or a medical treatment of any kind.

That is the case with the best bent penis cure known.

What The Dictionaries Say

Even the dictionaries agree. 

Let’s look in Miriam-Webster for example. We all know them.

This is what you get for the first definition of “cure”: “something (such as a drug or medical treatment) that stops a disease and makes someone healthy again”

But, the second definition there is “something that ends a problem or improves a bad situation”

Now, that’s a good one for us when talking about a bent penis cure!

Or, take a look at the Macmillan Dictionary: first definition: “a medicine or treatment that makes a sick person healthy”

Not Necessarily.

Take a look at the second definition: “a solution to a problem”

Now that second definition should be the primary definition when it comes to a bent penis cure.

For us the word “cure”, in this entire context, will mean: “fixing it to our satisfaction”. OK?

Is that really possible?

You bet it is! 99% of the time.



 “99.99% of the time,
 a bent penis
 has nothing to do with any kind of disease.”

That’s right. And that is true for the best bent penis cure also. Because penis curvature is not a disease 99.99% of the time.

It is a simple (though sometimes very upsetting, bothersome, and often personally devastatingly horrifying) condition that a man can almost always correct by himself.

Yes, all by yourself!

It’s Not A “Disease”

First, you need to know and understand why this bending condition is almost never a disease.

Penile curvature is almost never the result of a disease either. Almost never.

And, that is why I have specifically chosen our definition of bent penis cure.

In nine years of research,
 I have yet to find one man whose erection
is bending
due to a “disease”.

Yes, I know there are some. I’ve heard of them.

But, my pages are read over 2 million times a year and I have never had a single letter from even one man who said his erections bend because he has this or that disease.

Now, medical treatments are for disease. Or handling an immediate injury or life threatening problem. This bending is none of those.

But, isn’t this kind of a penile curvature called Peyronies Disease?

Good question. Yes, you are correct.

It most often is called that if you consult a medical doctor and ask what’s wrong.

However, if you ask your wife or your friend, they’ll tell you have a bent penis.

Both are correct answers.

Here’s The Problem With That:

Peyronies is not a “disease”. That’s correct. It’s NOT a disease.

That’s the problem with the name. The name is what is freaking everybody out. And, that name is what is making a lot of men use a bent penis cure that can be very risky. And/or, very ineffective.

It’s a total a misnomer (incorrect naming). Peyronies is a condition. Like a scar on you face. Like crooked teeth.

“Peyronies is a simple condition
 that is the result of hardened scar/plaque tissue inside the shaft
 that does not stretch enough during erection
 causes your shaft to bend.

That is ALL it is.

Where The Name Came From

This scar(s) inside your shaft is no more a “disease” than the scar you get on your face, your hand, your arm, your leg,... or anywhere else when you cut yourself or are torn.

the best bent penis cure I have ever found
the bent penis cureFrancois de la Peyronie

But, back in the year 1740, the man who discovered what was causing this penile bending, was named Francois de le Peyronie.
So, the doctoring community back then named the condition after his discovery and called it: Peyronie’s Disease.

That’s how it got the name. And, the name stuck. Later it was shortened to Peyronies Disease. You see?

A simple misnomer that now causes panic in the hearts of tens of thousands of men.

Why It Scares Us So Much

a bent penis cure clinically proven safe and effective

Because the bending can look so terrible (especially to you, if you are the man it is happening to!) a man often (OK, usually) panics in every way when their doctor tells them they have “Peyronies Disease”.

To make matters worse, we are usually told: “ It is of unknown origin”. Totally untrue. Nonsense. But, doesn’t that make it even scarier?

I mean, “Holly crap! Your dick is bending at a 90 degree angle, it hurts to get an erection, and even those erections are weak. You can’t use the thing for intercourse anymore. It’s too painful for you and/or your partner. And, nobody knows what caused it!!”

Sound familiar?

No wonder it scares us so much when we first see it and hear about it. Only a man on strong psychiatric drugs would not be scared by that.

The Real Story
The Real Cause

Now would you like to hear the real story about what is happening?

Even if you said: “No. I prefer being mentally traumatized.”, I’m going to tell you anyway.


So you will easily understand why a true bent penis cure can be so easy and effective.

Here we go:

Somewhere in your past you had an internal penile trauma. That means you injured you penis inside the shaft.

But, most likely you weren’t even aware of the injury.

You may never have even seen a bruise or felt anything other than a sudden sharp pain while having sex.

This type of trauma usually happens when you are trying to re-enter a vagina too forcefully after you slip out, and, in the heat of the moment, you missed going back in.

Ever do that?? You’re not alone. Most of us have.

It hurt! Didn’t it? Then you just kept on with what you were doing. It is usually that simple!

And, that’s probably what started it all.

The No Mystery,

But, that could have been 20 or even 30 years back. Yes, that long ago.

That is why it is considered a “mystery”.

Because there is no recent trauma.

But, it’s no mystery at all.

That injury healed with a small scar inside that you never saw. You were young, the scar was soft and supple and elastic, you saw no difference in your erections.

You most likely forgot about the whole thing.

Why Is It Bending Now?

I will explain:

Here’s what happens to about 5% - 10% of the male population.

As we age, some of us develop fibrous plaque in our scar tissue, and/or our tissues “dry” or harden a bit. For some of us, this happens severely.

The cause is primarily genetic, but can also be a result of a long term diet deficient in certain nutrients.

So, if you’re one of us, that little soft scar you got 20 or 30 years ago has begun to thicken and harden more and more. And, now it will not stretch like the rest of the tissue.

When You Get An Erection
Everything Changes

Almost anywhere else on your body, this hardening has no real noticeable effect.

But, when you get an erection, this hardening, thickening scar, will not stretch as much as the rest of the inner shaft.

So, your cock bends in the direction of the un-stretching tissue.

bent penis cure for scar or plaque

If you have multiple scars, it can bend in multiple directions.



There is no such thing as a “bent penis disease”.

No such thing exists.

 99.99% of the time,
this is just
a simple scar hardening condition.

Do you understand now? Does it seems less tragic now? Does it seem easier to fix?

I hope so. Because it scared the daylights out of me and hundreds of thousands of other men before you.

Just Remember:

This is a very easy condition to correct

 99.99% of the time.

The Porn Star Penis

curved porn star penis

If your bend is upward or sideways and not too bad, you could even have the distinction of having what is sometimes called a “porn star penis”.

With all their acrobatics, penile bending is fairly common in the porn movie industry. There are a lot of penile injuries that cause some immediate bending as they heal.

Some women even find the slight bend a huge turn on.

So, if that’s your case, feel special!

But, if you have developed a severe bend, don’t worry. The best bent penis cure is effective here also.

When Your Bending Becomes
A Problem

looking for a bent penis cure

The only time penile bending is a problem is when it interferes with sexual intercourse.

It may cause your partner, and/or yourself, considerable pain during intercourse.

Those are severe bends. They can be 90 degree bends. And, they can be painful during erection also.

Is the #1 bent penis cure for those extreme bends also?

Yes! Definitely. And, it is equally effective for them.

If you want to fix any kind of penile bending, the #1 bent penis cure can be very safe and easy 99.99% of the time.

The Simple, Safe, Effective
 Clinically Proven
Bent Penis Cure

Here’s all you need to do 99% of the time

for the clinically proven Safest and Most Effective bent penis cure:

Stretch out that hardened tissue until it can elongate as much as the normal tissue.

That’s it.

That’s ALL you have to do for a true lasting bent penis cure.

You don’t need any drugs or injections for a bent penis cure..

You don’t need surgery 99.99% of the time for a bent penis cure.

You just need to stretch out the part or parts that are not stretching enough.


So obvious.

Why do so many people not get it?

But, how do you do that stretching without hurting yourself? Or, causing more damage?

That’s where the clinically proven #1 bent penis cure comes in.

It’s called: correct penile traction.

Correct Penile Traction
Clinically Proven
to be
The Safest AND Most Effective
Bent Penis Cure

The penile traction device has only been around since 1994.

It was invented by a penile surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

Since then:

Correct traction
 has been clinically proven
 to be
 the Safest and Most Effective method
 for penile straightening.

That doesn’t say it’s kind of OK.... It says “the Safest and Most Effective”  bent penis cure there is.

And, it comes with NONE of the possible surgical side effects.

“The use of a traction device
to reduce plaque/wound contracture (cause of bending), enhance plaque elasticity, and reduce plaque size
is appealing,
given its low cost and
general freedom from adverse effects.

reference: Dr.Anthony J. Bella, MD et al.
“2018 Canadian Urological Association guideline for Peyronie’s disease and congenital penile curvature”

The Bent Penis Cure
Doctor Endorsed And Recommended
29 Countries Worldwide

This bent penis cure is so good that it is currently medically endorsed and recommended by doctors in 29 countries worldwide. It is also used in 60 hospitals in Spain alone.

Now, I keep telling you this is not a disease or medical condition.

But, who do you go to when you see this horrible bending happening to your sexual equipment? Your doctor. Right?

Now, doctors in 29 countries around the world are endorsing and recommending correct traction as your bent penis cure because it works so well and does not come with hideous possible consequences of a surgery.

The problem is, so many doctors are unaware of it that they try to help you with methods that have proven almost useless, or surgery, which is extremely risky. Not to mention extremely expensive.

The Comparisons

For under $400 you can use one of the very best penile traction units in the world.

That’s it. Less than $400. For the best bent penis cure in the world. And, you get a full  money back guarantee of success.

bent penis cure, medically endorsed and doctor recommendedPro Extender

For about $180 you can even get a very decent one.

Want to compare that to a $16,000 surgery that may leave you impotent? And, gives you no guarantee of any kind?

the most dangerous bent penis curebent penis surgery

Or, $26,000 for the latest FDA approve injections that have only about a 30% success rate at best?

And, that’s not 30% of men straighten out. That means the bending is improved about 30% in the best cases.

So you will still be bending considerably when you you finish all those expensive injections.

Can I Do The Stretching
By Hand?

Can you stretch out these scars by hand and without a traction device?

Yes. If you have unending patience.

It will take you about 4 to 5 times longer.

However, if you pull incorrectly, or, if you pull too hard, you can cause more bending and damage than you started with.

A high quality traction device, on the other hand, will pull the scars:

  • Gently
  • Effectively
  • Safely
  • Easily

when used correctly.

They give proven results.

And, the cost for the very best traction devices in the world is minimal. Why take unnecessary risks for very slow results?

Please Use
Common Sense

Now it’s time to be smart.

Let me ask you a question:

“If correct traction has been clinically proven Safest and Most Effective bent penis cure there is, wouldn’t it just plain make sense to try it first?”

Why waste a load of money on minimally effective bent penis cure treatments or a penile surgery that may leave you unable to get a decent erection? Or, any erection at all?

Correct traction, on the other hand, is so effective, in fact, that the units I have found best will give you a full money back guarantee of success.

That’s correct. Use it for up to a year. If you are not getting results, send it back and you get a full refund.

Do any of the other bent penis cures out there come with any guarantee at all? Any of them? NO.

Shouldn’t we ask why??

Is there any question left in your mind on what you think needs to be done?

Well, there are actually two questions that I can think of that you should have answers to:

  1)  “Which units are best?”

  2)  “Are they all safe?”

Getting The Best and Safest Device Available

There are only two manufacturers that meet all of my personal requirements for Effectiveness AND Safety.

Those were the two most important factors to me. And, I know, keep stressing these two points: Safety and Effectiveness. But, that is what mattered most to me for my own bent penis cure.

So, after researching every unit I could find,  here are the two companies that I found, that meet ALL my personal requirements for safety and effectiveness:

 Pro Extender


 Quick Extender Pro.

After researching 23 different ones, these are the very best units I have found.

No other company out there, from all of my research, compares to these two. And, there are a lot of others.

They all look pretty much alike. So you want to choose wisely.

You only have one penis. It’s not replaceable.

 So, don’t damage it or mess it up
 with an inferior
 cheaply made traction device.

Click on those two links just above and read all they both have to say. Then you decide which unit you think is best.

You don’t need both. Just one will do the job.

And, like I said, if you don’t see results with this bent penis cure in 6 - 12 months, you can get your money back.

Now it’s up to you!

Now it’s time to get your sex life back!

successful bent penis cure

Be Well.....

~ William

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