Why Do I Have
A Bent Erection?

“Why do I have a bent erection?

My limp penis looks perfectly straight and normal?

My erections used to be straight.

What happened??”

How many times have I heard that!?


A Bent Erection
Is More Common Than You Think

Even though this is all too common a problem (about 5-10% of the male population), it is really scary to the guy it is happening to. Because it seems to have come out of nowhere for no reason.


And, nobody ever talks about a bent a bent erection.

Am I right?

So you think there is something really terribly wrong with you.

bent erection

You Probably Developed Peyronies Disease

I mean, one day you notice a little curve in your  and then it seems like it is suddenly bending at a strong right angle.

You tried to bend it straight with your hands. Right?.. We all did.

Then the panic sets in. Because it was hard and inflexible and did not want to straighten at all when you tried.

And, you want to know: "What Happened To Me???"

You probably just developed Peyronies Disease.

And, I say "developed" because a bent erection from Peyronies is not actually a disease at all. It is a simple, though personally horrifying condition, that is the result of some hardened internal tissue.

And, a bent erection is very easy to correct (straighten) 99.99% of the time. Even if it looks absolutely horrible to you right now.

No Surgery Required!

“99.99% of the time:
 Straightening a bent erection
 does not require a surgery to correct it.

 Even if it is one
 of the really extreme cases.”

 -  The fact is:  Surgery, for a bent erection, can be the worst possible choice if you are one of the one who it leaves impotent. (Unable to get or maintain a decent erection.)

 -  Surgery will also shorten you shaft by about 1/2 - 1 inch. An unnecessary ego deflator.

 -  Surgery may possibly cause future bending that is even worse than the bending you have now due to the scarring it creates.

It's Really So Easy

It's easy???

You bet.

And, if you, like me and tens of thousands of other men who had a bent erection, and, just went through that whole scenario, you’re going to love what I have to tell you now:

99.99% of the time
you can straighten a bent erection yourself.

 Safely, and Easily.

And, you can do it for under $400.

That’s right. No rip offs here.

 -  The process is simple.

 -  The equipment is simple.

 -  The results are guaranteed.

Now, compare that to a $16,000 bent erection surgery. One that may totally destroy your sex life with impotence.

Or, $30,000 (yes thirty thousand dollars!) for a set of the newest FDA approved injections for a bent erection that proved only about 30% effective at best. AND, only worked that 30% for certain men.

The $400 Method
Clinically Proven
to be

The Safest and Most Effective

"You're kidding me. Right William?"

No. It's the truth.

The "do it yourself ", correct penis traction method has been

Clinically Proven

to be the Safest and Most Effective method

available in the world today

for straightening a bent erection.

The method is called correct penis traction.

The Original Ancient Method
Penis Traction

Penis traction has been around for thousands of years.

Originally, men used to hang stones from their shafts to make them bigger. That was the original penis traction method.

It really works. This method can also straighten a bent erection. IF you can sit around for 4 to 8 hours a day with your pants down and stones hanging from your dick.

Doesn’t that just paint an image in your mind. Especially at the office?

OK. That was a bit of comic relief. But, the method really does work.

It’s just not practical for our times. We are busy. We have things to do. Active lives.

So, how can we use traction now to straighten a bent erection?

The Easy, Safer, More Effective
Modern Method

Today there is a small compact unit called the penis traction device.

It’s like a gift from heaven for men with Peyronies Disease.

It was invented in 1994 by a penis surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

He originally invented the device to keep a penis straight during the healing process after a penile surgery.

Well, he did a little experimentation and soon found:

This device alone
 can straighten a bent penis

 with no surgery at all!

And, then with continued use, it could even enlarge a penis in both length and width.

The enlargement being permanent!

The Best Part: You wear it under your clothes while you are at work and no one even knows you’re doing it.

What About Penis Enlargement?

If you are just trying to straighten your erections, you’re not going to grow a bigger dick right away.

The reason is, your shaft will normalize before it can become bigger.

Correct traction will only be pulling the short tissue in the beginning.

It pulls it evenly and safely when used as directed.

So, if all you want to do is straighten your bent erection, that will happen first.

If you want to make you shaft bigger, just keep going with the process.

It’s So Good
That It Is
Guaranteed To Work For You

The method is so good that your results are Guaranteed!

Yes. Guaranteed.

Do you think you will get any kind of guarantee with any other process?
Go ahead. Call around. Ask what the guarantee is. Then come back and read this again.

Or, spend $16,000 on a surgery. Or, $30,000 for a minimally effective set of injections.

Then come back here and do it right.

Why do I say those things?

Because correct penis traction has been:

Clinically Proven
 to be Safest and Most Effective Method of All.

 It is Guaranteed!

 For a total cost of only $400.

Does it take a genius to figure this out?

One Caution

This is a big one. Do not take it lightly.

There is just one caution I always give my readers:

Don’t buy a piece of junk.

Because this method of straightening is also so effective for “enhancing” (enlarging) a penis, how many men do you think try it?

And, how many companies do you think make cheaper knock off items with inferior materials that they sell for less than anyone else?


To make a buck on men’s sexual insecurities.

HOWEVER: And, this is the most important issue: There are many inferior products that can easily damage your penis.

They can break and puncture your shaft.

They can cause damage to your shaft that will cost thousands of dollars to surgically fix.

They can cause blood vessel strangulation and damage that makes the tip of you penis purple and lacking sensation (no orgasm).

Only Buy The Best

So, you want to be sure to get the best unit possible.

One made of the highest quality and with medical grade components.

Now, at my last count there are 23 different units available.

How do you know
 what’s good and what’s bad 

when they all look pretty much alike?

I’ll tell you what I found:

Only two of the manufacturers meet all of my own personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness. Only two.

These are the units made by Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

Here’s what they look like:

fix a bent erectionPro Extender

straighten a bent erectionQuick Extender Pro

These are both great companies that make the top of the line units, and, both will guarantee your success.

You don’t need both.

One is as good as the other. Although the Size Genetics has a higher spring tension and will give results a bit faster.

Click on both of those links.

Read everything about each.

And, then you decide which you think is best for you.

Just please, don’t buy an inferior unit and then write me about your disaster. I will not reply.

These two manufacturers make the best units I have found available anywhere in the world. And, both will Guarantee your results.

Be Well.....

~ William

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